Costa Rica
No artificial ingredients boasts the official Costa Rica tourism website, and those who have been fortunate to holiday in Costa Rica will agree that this spectacular country is one of the worlds top eco-destinations. The country has gone out of its way to protect its natural heritage, more than a quarter of it given overmore
Costa Rica wooooow!!! - Michael Thompson, Maria Thompson. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Costa Rica is an incredible destination for any traveler! My wife and I went on an 8 days/7nights trip to Costa Rica a few weeks ago and we loved every detail of it. We went to see the rain forest and I must say it has been the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen! We also visited several beaches in the Pacific coast and they were just beautiful (Manuel Antonio is a must-see beach!) We are so thankful to our travel agency for finding this great deal for us!
Conchal Hotel: Great place in Brasilito - KC & Buzz. Date of travel: Mar 2009
Don't miss the Conchal Hotel for a great place to stay close to Conchal Beach in Brasilito. We stayed for about a week in March 2009 and had a wonderful experience.
Costa Rica - Fantastic Place - Susan Green. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I went on very amazing trip last vacations to Costa Rica. It was a trip full of adventure. I along with one of my friends explored the city completely. We discovered the idyllic landscapes there and had great fun over there. We also enjoyed surfing the waves of the Pacific Coast and much more.
I love Costa Rica! - naturelover. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Costa Rica is an amazing country! It has beaches, rainforests, cities and tiny towns. I think it has something for everyone. Personally, I am less interested in crazy tourist areas like Jaco and San Jose... in fact, my favourite place was in the middle of the rainforest near Rincon de la Vieja Volcano! I had the best time at La Anita Rainforest Ranch - it was so immersed in nature and we didn't see another tourist even when we did the canopy tour and volcano hike! If you are a nature lover looking to escape the crowds, this is definitely the place for you.
Loved Costa Rica - Stay Away from Jaco - Michelle. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Costa Rica is beautiful! Stay away from Jaco, it is a criminal town. Do not even stop. Our luggage was stolen by a ring of thieves, there are a lot of them there. The police are of no help. The police station was filled with tourists who had stuff stolen. Locals call even call Jaco a criminal place. Osa Peninsula is gorgeous if you are looking for an adventure. Punta Morenco is great!
Amazing Costa Rica! - Kiah Duncan. Date of travel: Dec 2006
Spent over two weeks in Costa Rica with a program at my university and it was absolutely awesome. The Pacific coast area of Guanacaste is great if you like the beach. There are still untouched areas if you are more into the ecotourism thing. Playa Grande was nice, also not too grandose. Rafting down the Pucaure river is a must and I would highly recomend Rio Tropicales because the they really know how to show you a good time. If you are a Geo-Bio dork this is also a paradise for you. Be careful about drinking the water or eating lettace or tomatoes outside of San Jose. Also be sure you get correct change for things that you buy with Colones.
Amazing Costa Rica - Ana Brown. Date of travel: Dec 2006
Costa Rica was so amazing! I have never been to a foreign country before, so I really didnt know what to expect before I went on this trip. I was pretty nervous too. You know how you always hear dont drink the water before you go to a foreign country? I was really afraid of getting sick or something, but they gave us bottled water while we were on the bus and there was always fresh water to drink so that made me feel a lot better. You wouldnt believe all of the animals we saw on the sides of the road! That about made my heart jump out of my chest. I didnt expect to be so close to so many wild animals like that! It was awesome seeing them up close and stuff, though. And, our driver was awesome! He was this really big guy and he really seemed to know what he was doing on those twisty and turny roads. So, I never felt like I was in danger or anything. It was crazy! (But in a good way). Probably one of the best things about this trip was actually the tour director. I know, that probably sounds crazy, right? I mean, I go all the way to Costa Rica and I come back talking about the tour director! But, this guy was really funny! And, those long bus rides could get a bit boring if there wasnt someone there to lighten the mood and bring a little fun. So, even those bus rides were a good time. Not only that, the guy really went out of his way to make sure we all had fun and he knew so much stuff! I mean, how does one person know so many little things about a country! Anyway, not only that, the trip was so cheap! I thought it was too good to be true. But its not! It is true! I would recommend this Caravan Tour trip to anyone who is interested in seeing Costa Rica. It really is quite beautiful and I had a lot of fun!
WE LOVED IT, AND WE'LL BE BACK FOR MORE - Mike and Sandy. Date of travel: May 2006
Costa Rica to us and to the whole group was simply fantastic. It is a fact that some roads are in bad shape, that rush hours to get to the airport are frustrating, but since we paid for private transfers we did not face any problems, the only bad road was Monteverde's road to connect with the main road, approx. an hour ride; but it gave us the opportunity to explore the zone due to the slow ride. Other than that the people are wonderful, friendly, helpful and make you feel more than welcome. We did not even face any long lines during departure at the airport because our agency managed to pre-pay our departure taxes and we arrived with enough time at the airport. We recommend this country, it's more expensive than its neighbors, but it it is worth it. Tour Operator: info@costaricasnaturetours.com
I loved Costa Rica - George Schnedler. Date of travel: Jan 2006
Costa Rica is everything I heard it was. An incredible amount of diversity in a small country makes it a great place for a vacation. The people are very warm and friendly (except for one traffic cop who actually asked us for money). It was sunny the whole time we were there and never went above the mid-8o's. San José is not worth the visit, but every where else is top notch beautiful. Tour Operator: Aventuras Naturales
Lisabeth Ramsdell. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Oh My! So Little space and so much to tell - flew in to SJO, rented a 4x4, and travelled to Limon to PV and Panama. Back to San Jose for a day, the up to Arenal, over to visit friends in Monteverde - don't miss a horseback riding tour of the country -it's really great!, then a week in San Luis. Another day or so in San Jose and then out of town. 2 weeks of bliss and so much to tell, contact me for details. This was our second trip and by the time you read this, our third! We totally love Costa Rica and you will, too!!!
Scott Braden. Date of travel: Jan 2005
Just wanted to let all of you planning a trip to Costa Rica that you are in for the trip of your life! My wife and I just returned from a 9 day trip that was far and away the best trip we’ve ever taken. We spoke to many folks on the flight down there who were planning on spending their entire trip holed up in some resort by the beach – a plan that I think is a real mistake. The country is meant to be explored – there is so much diversity down there that I think it’s best to visit as many different places as time (and your budget) will allow. We flew into San Jose and only stayed one night there. We didn’t really get a chance to explore the city – but I’ve heard mixed reviews and stories about crime, etc. – so I don’t think we missed too much. From there it was off to the Lake Arenal area… quite possibly the most beautiful place we’ve ever been. Thankfully, I found a tour company in Costa Rica who handled everything – from private transportation to hotels to day trips. Our vacation was jammed with cool excursions like a canopy tour (zip lining over the rainforest), private guided tours of the Carrara Nature Preserve and the Monteverde Cloud Forest, a full day white water rafting trip, horseback trip to Fortuna Falls, etc, etc, etc. Most of the day trips included a meal or two. Everything went without a hitch! The excursions were great, hotels were great, drivers / cars were great! We ended the trip with a few days on the pacific coast in the area of Jaco Beach. Fun little town and a short drive to the Manuel Antonio area. We just had the greatest time ever. We’re actually considering moving to this beautiful country full time in the near future! If anyone reading this has any specific questions or if you’d just like some contact info on the fabulous tour company that handled our entire trip – just drop me an email at my work (aplusornamental@hotmail.com) and I’ll be glad to do all I can for you. I’ve gotten tons of advice from fellow travelers on this site and would love to return the favor! Take care and PURA VIDA! Tour Operator: CostaNicaTours
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