A small, flat country on the Baltic Sea, sandwiched between Lithuania and Estonia, Latvia is rated as a tourist destination mainly because of its beautiful capital city, Riga, which provides a great base for exploring the rest of the country. On holiday in Latvia do not miss out on the numerous daytrips that can bemore
Riga, Latvia - Agrita. Date of travel: Sep 2011
Hi! I'm from Riga. I read alot of bad things about my country and city. I won't say WHY YOU WRITE THIS BULLSH*T?, because there's is alot of true. I have traveled in Lithuania and got bad experience, because people don't speak russian and don't know english and journal, after wich I make my journy was full with uncorrect information. But I spent really wounderfull time in Lithuania.

I have been in London, Stochkolm, Rome, Oslo etc.and I have fantastic experience. And do you know why? I spent holidays there with people who lives there, not with friends from my country. Recently my swedish help one couple from America by info, how to get to their hotel and latvian money, to buy buss ticket to the centre of Riga. Maybe I can help you with info and advises. If you wish, you can wright: agritasmilga@inbox.lv
Latvian the parasites of Europe - A UK Tourist well traveled. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Having been to Latvia many times I can say with all honesty it is the worst place I have had the miss fortune to go to. I speak Russian and Latvian and have had to listen to there arrogant rude and nasty comments about the British people, although most are happy to come to the UK and squeeze as much as they can in tax credit etc. Save your self time and money and stay clear of this place and its people they really do not like you or visitors which is stupid considering its like a third world country. Yes one or two pretty parts but the rest is a dump, and I mean a run down dump. Best thing for this place is take it out of Europe send all its people back there and build a wall around it and leave its scum people to it. Travelled all over the world and never had such a welcome only went back because had to but now never go back not even for free.
Latvians are indeed rude - Sooty and Sweep. Date of travel: Jun 2010
As has already been stated, Latvians are rude to the extreme, especially in a dirt poor country where they should be glad to have tourists - don't dare to ask for directions and please don't ask for ketchup in the restaurant or you'll be charged 1 LAT for the privilege! Also don't attempt any humour or joking with them - they are miserable Soviets
Mixed Bag but overall good - Dave. Date of travel: Feb 2010
I love Latvia but as some people say the people can be very rude. I just had to forcefully remove a man from the queue (which he acted as if it wasn't there) for jumping it. On the other hand I've met loads of lovely Latvians who for example took us to their local for all night drinks when all we wanted to do was make a quick phone call from the street phone box. The women are very beautiful :) Everyone under 30 speaks amazing English and are usually all too happy to have a chance to use it. The country has been shat on for the past century and is trying it's best to move on but it is understandable that some people (especially the old) struggle to be happy when they can't even feed and clothe themselves.
To latvian girl - Mr.informed. Date of travel: May 2009
"Latvia is beautiful country and people are good". Well, nothing can be as wrong as that. I am familiar with the country very well, actually it was my home country for a long time but I thank God every day I got out of there. The nature and architecture are ok, although it is nothing special, you can find more interesting places in the northern Europe. The people however are extremely rude, unfriendly and arrogant, you can't find something like this in the whole world. The reason why they ignore tourists is NOT because they "come to Riga for stag parties" but because it belongs to their nature, they do behave like this also among themselves. To be short: I dont really have reasons to advice somebody to go to this country.
Latvian girl - Anna. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Latvia is beautiful country and people are good. The reason why they ignore tourists is because coming to Riga for stag parties, lots of drinking, looking dirty to girls and pi**ing on monuments.
Latvians are rude and unfriendly! - Christina. Date of travel: Jul 2008
After spending a week in Riga with my family I totaly agree that Latvins are the most ignorant, rude and unfriendly people I have ever come across. And I have travelled a lot worldwide. They seemed to still be very influenced by the russian attitude = No Service. The porter in the frontdesk at the hotel don't even bother to look at the guests and say "hello". All over unfriendly and rude. Got lots of examples - but now I only look foreward to getting out of Riga.....
Latvia is great! - Vicky. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Latvians are not rude. If you don't bother them and respect them they will be the frendliest people. Don't be smiling and greeting strangers on the street, they will simply think that you are wierd. Get it from me who lived in Riga for 2 years. Tourists come up to people on the street and ask to take pictures with them. Well, what are they - a tourist attraction? Take pictures of buildings, don't bother the girls! Other then that, they are friendly, fun and beer loving people. Go to bars and they love to talk to tourists and get feedback, hear about where we are from. Travel to old castles (Rundales castle, Sigulda, Diklu castle) they are great. Old Riga is fun too. Old buildings, streets, caffes. Food is always fresh and outstanding. And please don't go to tourist trap clubs, they are cheesy and give you a bad impression about Latvian nightlife. Talk to locals - ''Pulkvedis'' is great and other places like that. Good times.
Latvians are rude - Tasha. Date of travel: Mar 2008
I live with Latvians and they are the rudest most ignorant and vile people I have ever come across, both the Polish and Russians are much nicer. The Latvian housemates who live with me in England won't even speak to me because I speak English and if I try to ask them not to shout they slam doors in my face and shout at me in Latvian.
I loved Latvia - Stephen Guest. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I arrived in Latvia and I must say I was suprised by how clean the streets were- But that's where the posotive starts and ends for me- The people here are the most ignorant, vile, rude people I have ever come across. If you need directions - Don't bother. Just take a deep breath and find your own way. Unless you fancy being hissed at or barged out of the way. The big shocker for me was when asking for a pen at the Internet cafe and the rude women at the desk throw me a pen and swore at me in Latvian. So then I asked for a piece of paper and I though she might explode. So take it from me guys - Don't got to latvia! I would rather give my money to Hitler.
Latvia with a smile - BalticExpert. Date of travel: Jul 2007
There are miserable people in every city. Riga wouldn't have a reputation as a party city and weekend break destination if the city wasn't a fun, exciting place to be. Take it from me as an ex-pat who has lived here 10 years - Riga is a great place to live or visit. www.rigaoutthere.com are a great point of reference for first time visitors to the Baltics' most exciting city.
Nice place - James. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I went on holiday to Latvia just a week ago, well yes, I agree it is not as brilliant as many, still if you like good beer, and nice company it can give you a plenty of great moments. The alcohol is real bargain, the old city is full of people and is rather nice nevertheless small. Locations like Jurmala and Riga are worthy of visiting if you like architecture, beach life and all sorts of ancient things. So, generally - recommended. Just note that you gotta know good places to take it to the max.
Riga, Latvia - Julianne. Date of travel: May 2007
I have been to over 30 countries and have never met people so rude as those in Riga. Responses when very politely asking for diretions ranged from people screwing up their faces in irration to totally blanking us. People shouted at us, pushed past without an 'excuse me', tutted, threw their eyes up to heaven, stared, sighed or simply ignored us. Everything had to involve a performance. At first we would smile/greet people when entering a shop but after being completely ignored, we decided it was best not to do this anymore. There was no end to the rudeness. On a night out, a taxi driver nearly killed us in a collision. I went flying forwards in the back of the car but he never said sorry or even checked to see if I was okay. This is only one example of at least 20 over a period of three days. The taxi drivers rip you off and the Old Town is sleazy at night with gangs of drunken men on Stag weekends. There is nice architecture in the old town but because of peoples' rude behaviour, I didn't enjoy it. I was just glad to get home to happy friendly people who are polite. I would not recommend this place to anyone.
Latvia - Diana Wagner. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Respect Latvians & you'll be respected>do not call them Russians & do not talk to them in Russian.I liked the country. Latvians are friendly. Riga>fun city.
I loved Latvia. - Gabe. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Check out the main city. There is lots of fun things to do there. Good food. Friendly people.
Beautiful - Mr Jansons. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Don't talk to Latvians in Russian language and you won't have bad attitude (if you know a little bit of the history of Latvia, you will understand). Prices are good enough to have a good relax out there.
Svetlana Samuels. Date of travel: Feb 2005
Very friendly people (the russians). The Latvians are sorry to say, quite rude. I don't know how many conflicts we got into in Latvia. Otherwise it's a wonderful, obscure place to visit. I think we were the only people in the town (Valmiera) from North America at the time. Getting around is very cheap, one can get between any two points in the country by bus or train for the price of an inner city bus ticket in Canada. One has to watch for tourist pricing in the tourist areas (where the quality of food is also inferior to other areas of town), especially Old Riga where a coffee might set you back twice as much as the bus or train ticket I just mentioned. Tour Operator: Myself
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