A huge amount of history is packed onto the three islands of the Maltese archipelago, which lie close to north Africa in the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily. The islands have seen civilisations and occupiers come and go, from pre-history through the Roman Empire and the crusading medieval Knights of St John. All left theirmore
Malta is as Malta is - A L J Hall. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Having spent many holidays in Malta in a range of accommodation all I can say is - what you pay for is what you get. The 'pig out' Brits on AI are generally seen for what they are.Do they really think that they can drink without end- and I've seen them spend ten hours at a time in the bar for the money? They neither reap nor do they sow. In about ten years I've only had one disappointing holiday- one out of ten ain't bad. The food is what you pay for. The entertainment ditto. There is plenty of both nearby in most places. Don't do AI Do B&B or HB. Why no mention of the regular and very cheap bus service and the relatively cheap car hire? Travel about Malta in either and be prepared to be surprised at the variety in such a small Island. Go to Gozo. Once again cheap if you take the bus. and do a tour of the coastal villages. The Malese archipelago is almost a continent in miniature. Visit the Palaces and theatres of Valletta - some of the oldest and interesting iin the Med. Visit the stone age henges - some of the oldest in the world. Malta is not just about moaning Brits you know.
Travel to Malta - Chris Summers. Date of travel: Mar 2009
My friends and I went to Malta last summer and it was a pleasant surprise. The nightlife and beaches were tops... We went at an open air nightclub called numero uno on sundays and it was packed. We also went to a couple of sandy beaches like ghadira and paradise bay. I'm sure I'll visit again. Make sure you visit this site www.holidaysmalta.info it had all the places to visit, beaches and nightclubs listed. There's also the official malta tourist website www.visitmalta.com.
Mixed feelings - M Quinn. Date of travel: Sep 2008
I have just returned from Malta from having spent 2 weeks there with my wife, 6yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. We booked into the Sunseeker apartments in Bugibba. I would like to say that the Maltese people in general are very nice people and very child friendly. The restaurants are quite good and very reasonable. The atmosphere is very relaxed when walking around the towns like Bugibba and having a nice meal with a bottle of red or two. The beach at Meliah bay is extremely nice and the water is luke warm. Having said this I will not return to Malta for a vacation, period. I felt that Malta cannot compete with other countries and falls way behind on decent attractions that can actually justify charging what they do. For instance, it cost us approx €35 entrance fee for Popeye village. I feel that Popeye village would have justified a €2 price tag. The park can be done in 30 mins and quite frankly what is there I wouldn't describe as entertaining. They have exaggerated beyond belief the fun you can have there and seem to justify the price tag accordingly. The village I'm afraid lives up to the success of the film, a flop. The so-called amusement park next door needs bulldozing and starting again with modern rides as it looks like something that was built in the 70s and neglected since. I felt cheated out of my money, and a complete waste of time. The splash and fun water park near Bugibba was entertaining, but absolutely disgusting. All the foot pools prior to the chutes were filled with black filthy water which is what is running down the chutes. They have carpet on the floor nearby which I believe was moving of it's own accord. A microbiologist would have had a field day there. There were empty beer cans strewn around that had obviously been there months, if not years in corners. Having been there for several hours my wife ended up in St James hospital - Slimea due to the fact she went deaf in both ears due to a major infection of the eardrum, middle ear and ear canal due to dirty water. Having spoken with Thomson holidays they are no longer selling the water park as an attraction due to the amount of hospital admissions they are having with ear infections. AVOID IT AT ALL COST!! Also avoid the Playmobil factory. It looks great from the outside, and unfortunately that's where the attraction ends. Believe it or not, you actually pay to get into their toy shop to buy Playmobil. They have a few items that would interest a 3 month old for 5 minutes such as colouring in, and 2 static plastic horses. I thought that Valleta was filthy and rubbish was littered everywhere. I cannot believe in this day and age and with the level of tourism that Malta somehow attracts that they haven't switched on to the fact that they are in danger of losing a lot of the faithful and new visitors. The road system is appalling,the standard of Maltese drivers is a disgrace, as is their road signs. Believe it or not I did enjoy a number of things in Malta but I feel that there is too much against it to warrant going back, and far too much in other countries such as Greece and Turkey. The inland looks far too run down and depressing and it has a general couldn't care less look about it. It's a real shame because the people are lovely, but their country doesn't match.
Planning to revisit Malta - Harmonie Bloom. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Last year I went to Malta for a short time to attend the Isle of MTV. Malta was paradise. I wished I could stay longer. So, this year I am planning to revisit Malta for a longer stay and apart from attending the Isle of MTV, I will be visiting its attractions, Gozo and also taste some of their traditional food. While doing my research on the internet on attractions in Malta I found a very useful website which I can browse on my mobile phone. Thinking you might find it useful if you plan to visit or revisit Malta, the address is called 'pocketmalta'. Enjoy it!
Malta is a great destination for family holidays - Edward Guzman. Date of travel: Aug 2006
I've travelled to Malta many times and keep coming back. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's exactly what I need to unwind with my family. Excellent weather in summer, beautiful beaches and friendly people. Public transport will take you anywhere but car rental is widely available at a decent cost.
Malta is not what you hear - Edward Davidson. Date of travel: Jul 2006
There might be a few annoyances around that one would rather avoid on a holiday, but there's so much more that makes your stay very much worthwhile. The weather is simply great, the sandy beaches - ask for directions - are beatiful and there are plenty of reasonably priced tours to a huge amount of heritage sites. If you travel to Malta in summer don't forget to take a day trip to Comino and its Blue Lagoon. Simply spectacular. This is where I found most helpful info, might be worth having a look: http://www.guidetomalta.net
Qawra - Gwen Wragg etc. Date of travel: May 2006
It is a lovely Island Tour Operator: Airtours
Malta & Gozo - Clare Harrison. Date of travel: Apr 2006
After just returning from 4 nights in Malta & Gozo I was pleasantly surprised. The weather was fab considering it was the start of April. Malta has really got something to offer everyone: it is very lively in the area's of St Julians and St Georges and the nightlife goes on until the early hours. In fact it doesn't get started until after mid night, especially "Fuego's" which is a salsa bar that is very popular. The other areas such as Golden Bay, Qwara and Bugibba are suitable for families and couples. But Malta is really historic and anyone interested in the World War II would find it very interesting. Gozo was amazing: lovely scenery, quaint villages and beautiful hotels. We stayed at the Ta Cenc resort which was just devine, really tranquil and relaxing and great to just chill and relax. I would definitely reccommend a twin center, so easy to do between the islands. Tour Operator: Belleair
Malta for the young - Louise. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Have just returned from Malta, having stayed in St Julians and the night life is as good as Ibiza or Canaries. Plenty of bars and nightclubs open until the early hours. Visted most of the other major resorts and was pleasantly surprised. Malta has something for everyone from the young to the elderly. You can swim with dolphins, take a jeep safari or just chill in one of the spa resorts. Tour Operator: Bellair
Malta - Lisa. Date of travel: Apr 2006
I visited Malta in April and was pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer. There is so much to see and its only a small island so you can get around easily by car or bus. From small quaint resorts with lovely harbours to lively resorts such as St Julians with many bars and restaurants there is something to suit everyone. The weather was really good in April and I had a very enjoyable stay. Tour Operator: Belleair
Malta & Gozo - Stacey Skidmore. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Brilliant! Would definately reccommend it as there is something for everyone! St Julians and St Georges Bay is definately for the younger with lots of bars, clubs and restaurants open untill the early hours. Sliema and Buggiba are ideal for families with lovely promenades and plenty going on. Gozo is quieter, very historic, and is perfect for a relaxing, peaceful holiday. Gozo and Malta are full of lovely hotels with spas if you wanted to treat yourself, and most hotels have three pin plugs!
Malta and Gozo - Gail B owen. Date of travel: Apr 2006
I have just returned from 4 nights in Malta, which opened my eyes as to what these two lovely islands have on offer. During our stay we stayed in the lively resort of St.Georges bay and travelled around to see most resorts. Malta has something for everyone to enjoy from the young to the older generation, from history and culture to swimming with the dolphins. Beautiful Gozo is such a relaxing island that you can relax and enjoy a getaway from it all type of holiday and use the island as part of a twin centre holiday. Having sampled the islands I would now recommend the islands to anyone who is looking for value for money and beauty too. Tour Operator: Belleair
Malta - Zoe. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Just come back from few days in malta and gozo. had a fab time. St Julian is lively even in April which suprised me. Not too far from Valletta the capital. Very built up in this area. Further north is less built up and more scenic. Gozo is beautiful. Very scenic and great place to relax.
Malta - Zoe. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Just come back from a few days in Malta. Where we stayed in St Julians was very busy and built up. Great if you want a lively resort. The futher north you go to Mellieha and St Pauls bay it does get more picturesque. We also travelled to Gozo for and overnight which was beautiful. Great for relaxation.
Dawn Cross. Date of travel: Oct 2005
Malta has some lovely places to visit. The weather is glorious and most people very friendly. We first went to St. Pauls Bay & had a lovely time. Sadly, we made the mistake of going to Sliema. Its streets were filthy, rubbish was there at the end of the week that had been there when we arrived. Dog poo everywhere. Not a great choice of eateries unless you go to St. Julians. Tour Operator: Mercury direct
A Hanley. Date of travel: Jul 2005
I have been to this county so many times with my parents and just feel like giving a little message to you all. MALTA is lovely most of the locals are friendly and will try to make your stay in their country plesent and one to remember. There is something for everyone, old and young. Most young people have not been there and they should. St Julians has some of the best night life in Europe! The gold is amazing with great designs for everyone's taste; I always spend a mint. Go on give it ago!! (although be sure to stay in no less than a 3* hotel) Tour Operator: myself
Mark Bristow. Date of travel: Mar 2004
My wife and I had never considered Malta before when planning our annual holiday, but trolling through the Wordtravels guide for ideas to do something different (we usually go to Spain and once to Italy) we thought this island sounded like it gives something more than just the usual seaside stuff. I am glad we gave it a try, because now I have a whole new hobby! Since going to Malta I am fascinated by the Grand Order of the Knights of St John, and am reading up on the history so when we return I will make even more of the trip. Malta is good value for visitors from the UK so you can afford to take excursions and have a few luxuries. The weather is of course wonderful, and even in early March we had temperatures above 20C which was just right as far as we are concerned. In Valetta there are some interesting things like the magnificent cathedral and museum with its medieval books. I enjoyed the fort and city walls that you can walk around and imagine you are a knight of old. We travelled around the island by bus which was cheap and efficient. You can even get to the best beaches by bus, including our favourite Ghajn Tuffieha. We also took the ferry to Gozo. Malta has something for everyone for a relaxing, easy and interesting holiday and we will definitely be going back as soon as possible.
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St Patrick's Hotel | * * * * * |
Topaz | * * * * * |
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Bugibba Holiday Complex - AT | * * * * * |
Bugibba Holiday Complex Apts - AT | * * * * * |
Concorde | * * * * * |
San Pawl - AT | * * * * * |
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Ta Cenc Hotel | * * * * * |
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