A holiday in Romania gives plenty of food for thought because visitors are confronted with a European country which was victimised by a ruthless dictator, now left rather bewildered, trying to establish its place in the modern world. Romania is best known for its Dracula legend, evoking images of dark forests and gothic castles. Thesemore
I loved it so much I've made it my second home - Arabella McIntyre-Brown. Date of travel: May 2007
After one week in August 2003, I'd fallen in love with Transylvania so much I came back and found a house in a village 4,500ft up in the Piatra Craiului National Park. The people are delightful, friendly and intrigued by the first foreigner to buy a place in the village. The Romanian language is fantastic – such a shame it's not more widely used. This year Sibiu is European Capital of Culture, so I hope the title makes the beautiful medieval city better known in western Europe and around the world.
I love Romania - Sunny Goodyear. Date of travel: Apr 2007
Between the history of the cities and the beauty of the countryside, Romania has become one of my favourite places to travel. The hospitality is unlike anywhere else and the food is amazing. I feel like I am stepping back in time each time I visit...to a simpler life, a slower pace. Eating concord grapes off of the vine, snacking on tomatoes as if they were apples and strolling down the street eating fresh baked croissants....this is the life!
Southern Bucovina - Monica Z. Date of travel: Dec 2006
Great landcape, rural life for real, great people, friendly and hospitable, gorgeaous food, interesting things to see, what else can you wish for more?
Wonderful medieval trip to Transylvania - Ana Jorjao. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Wonderful medieval trip to Transylvania
We had a very special weekend in Transylvania. Sorin, from Transylvania Live was really kind and told us many histories about the places and country that made the trip even more special. He was the perfect guide. The festival from Sighisoara was a surprise and I will never forget it. For sure we have now so many beautifull pictures to show our friends and family in Brazil. It was a wonderfull trip in Romania and expect to come back again to enjoy even more. Ana
Bruno Gaddi. Date of travel: Jul 2005
I recently went with colleagues on an infotrip to Romania, and we were hosted by Mrs Elena Ganea of Ultramarine Travel, Bucharest. Ultramarine has the Ana Aslan Health Spa in Eforie Nord and on a 14-night Forever Young anti-aging package you can enjoy the well-known Ana Aslan Therapy, based on Gerovital and Aslavital, offered with various kinds of procedures using sapropelic mud and salty water from Techirghiol Lake. The trip starts in Bucharest, then guests are transferred by coach to Eforie Nord on the Black Sea Coast, accommodated at the Riu Europa Hotel (four stars). The anti-aging programme starts next day with the Ana Aslan treatment, clinical examinations, physiotherapy and sunbathing on the beach and at the pool. At the weekend guests are taken to Constanta for sightseeing at the fascinating archaeology and National History Museum, the Romanian Marine Museum, the Roman mosaics, and many other museums, as well as the Aquarium, planetarium and to see some architectural treasures like the Byzantine mosque. This wonderful trip ends with the rejuvenated guests taken to the airport at Bucharest. The inclusive price is 1.576 Euro per person. It’s a wonderful way to pamper your body and have a great luxury holiday at the same time. Tour Operator: Ultramarine Travel
Roberto Sanfilippo. Date of travel: Apr 2005
I was there and I have enjoyed a lot. Both hotel is located in POIANA BRASOV which is one of the most beautiful places in Romania and where is located as well COLIBA HAIDUCILOR the BEST Romanian Restaurant The Poiana Brasov Resort lies in the middle of Romanian Carpathian Mountains. Natural landscapes and heavenly tranquility, it is the proper location for leisure or business travelers. Situated at 13 km from Brasov and 186 km from Bucharest, all seasons sought Poiana Brasov is a famous international ski and snowboard resort. Centrally, there is a lake surrounded by luxurious hotels. Entertainment and good mood are its main features: season sports practicing (tennis, football, basketball or miniature golf, swimming with sauna, ice skating, riding, climbing, mountaineering). Poiana Brasov has 14 runs and 11 lifts (2 cable-cars, one gondollas and 8 ski-lifts). The Ski School (courses, trainings, practice) is one of the best in Europe, with very friendly experienced instructors, English/German/French speakers. The nightlife is great, clubbing and hanging out being the common activity for the evening: diverse shows, loudy discos and posh nightclubs. For those who want more, Brasov, 15 minutes away, offers everything that a true European city can, so as you to enjoy pleasant time. Your precious memories guarantee you'll be back next time, too. You can visit :PELES CASTEL located in Sinaia ,Black Church in Brasov,Bran Castle ( well known as Dracula Castle in Bran-Moeciu area). Tariff 250 euro/per person (transport & full board included),from Friday - Sunday Tour Operator: Ultramarine travel
Steve. Date of travel: Feb 2005
Reading previous comments, all are true, excepting the one who found nothing exciting in Bucharest???? Its a buzzing city and much friendlier than London, for instance. OK, taxi drivers do make a bit more cos you're a tourist, but where in the world does this not happen? I have visited the whole country and have done business and pleasure trips, the last one being skiing in a small village just outside Caransebes, Muntel a Mic, a secret location reserved for locals. You can go to Brasov with all the other tourists, but I highly recommend this place if you have a spirit of adventure and discovery. You can check it out, there is loads of info now on the web, just do it. Cheap Friendly and Organic Safe Food, just drink bottled water if you have a iffy tummy, take toilet paper and medicines to stop this effect. Euros and sterling are best to take and if venturing into the country take local Lei, no more than £100 is required for a few days: it will probably last a week. Try to learn a few basic words of the language, it helps. Most young people speak very good english. Beer local= 0.23p meal for 2 inc wine =£10.00 hotel in Bucharest from $40 to over $500 outside less than 20 euros room/night, b&b in small villages 7 euros, 5 days skiing and full board getting fed 3 meals and sloshed every night 2 people £100 total (not including travel). What are you waiting for? Word of warning: never give money to the beggars unless they have limbs missing and are obviously crippled, then only coins, never notes over 2000 lei. Tour Operator: My own steam
Pauline Davis. Date of travel: Nov 2004
I travelled from Stansted my local airport, using Malev airlines into Budapest and then onto Bucharest, This was about my 10th trip to Romania in as many years. It is gradually getting more westernised, but generally things run at a much slower pace. The people are always very welcoming - but you do need to be sensible, the majority of people do not have a large income (especially in areas outside Bucharest). Most families want you to live with them or to eat with them and are pleased to welcome you to their country. Food can be a problem - so can finding a decent toilet in remote areas. But definitely a good place for tourists looking for 'old world charm'. Everyone and everywhere are open to negotiation from taxi drivers, to hotel prices so dont be afraid to ask them for a reduction. Tour Operator: Independant - via Budapest
Bridget Fuller. Date of travel: Aug 2003
Romania was my favourite country in Eastern Europe - the least developed and full of character and characters. On trains no-one is a stranger and there was always a happy buzz of conversation and asking for directions I was aways taken, not just shown. Transylvania was full of quaint little towns - Sighisoara was absolutely delightful.
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