United States Of America
The United States of America is a vast and vibrant country made up of 50 states, each offering individual and often unique attractions. The union was forged with blood, sweat and tears over the centuries since the “discovery” of the “new world” by Columbus in 1492, and today offers a democratic, tolerant and prosperous worldmore
Lake Tahoe - Richard. Date of travel: May 2007
Lake Tahoe was great and I plan on going there next year and for years to come. It's the perfect place for anything you want to do outdoors. I wish I could have stayed longer because it was such a great time and there are still things I want to do.
Poor service..HARD ROCK HOTEL..poor service - Barry Prater. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Great place to live and raise a family.
Scott Seaman. Date of travel: Mar 2005
My partner talked me into taking a sick day to get out of town and a much needed break from alot of recent stress. As the family work-a-holic, it was for my mental health, so it counts!. It was absolutely and utterly amazing. None of the traffic and crowds, no waiting at the restaurants or standing in lines at the attractions. I'm totally convinced that this is the way to travel from now on. And I'm not waiting till retirement to do it again. We got to the Inn at Meander Plantation in Orange VA on a Sunday night. Even though it was later in the evening, both the owners were there to meet & greet us. Since it was dark, I couldn't tell just how special this place was until the next morning. I grabbed a cup of early coffee and sat outside just taking in the countryside. It was so peaceful and quiet, I truly felt like lord of the manor. The hosts, Suzie and Suzanne were warm and friendly, treating us like old friends even though we'd just met them. They managed to come up with a fabulous dinner (a picnic basket with china!) and we were settled in like long lost friends within moments. How completely different from the stress and impersonal attitudes we have gotten while traveling to other places. Since we weren't there on a busy weekend, we got a personal tour of all the rooms and to really learn the history of this unbelievable estate - slave quarters, buildings that are almost 250 years old, rolling hills that were marched over by soldiers from out nation's past. The owners have done a fabulous job in keeping all of the sense of history, but making sure we had every modern creature comfort we could ask for. And the owner's willingly share the passion they have for their place in all that they do. Our suite, the Summer Kitchen, had fireplaces in both the sitting room and the bedroom (the one in the sitting room was a "walk-in" where they used to cook meals for the mansion). Soaking in that clawfoot tub was just what I needed to completely relax and finish leaving the world behind. I curled up in that bed, snuggled up in mounds of pillows and blankets and woke up feeling years younger as the tensions had just rolled away overnight. Breakfast was an absolute treat. I had forgotten just how satisfying something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee with someone who has just personally baked you warm muffins made from scratch could be. When we finally piled in the car to go touring Monticello and some of the area wineries, I hated to leave. I feel like I've made new friends and can't wait to get back. I've already told the boss I'd be taking some more sick time, even if I had to work some Saturdays to make it up. Who needs the crowds when you can have such an intimate place all to yourselves.
Frederick Hunter. Date of travel: Dec 2004
Went to New York and has a great time. Highly recommended! Tour Operator: Getaway Travel
Bryan J Pearn. Date of travel: Nov 2004
A brief encounter with 2 Americans in 2001 where an exchange of e-mails led us to communicate in this method for approx 5 times per year. Pennsylvania (Wescosville) was our stopover after arriving at Newark, NJ from the UK. Fantastic can be the only word to describe our visit, both by the immigration, our friends and the general American Public we met. We moved on to San Francisco to attend our daughters wedding arranged in Carmel on the 30-6-2004. Again, our reception and consequent stay was most enjoyable. Thanks, America. Tour Operator: Independent
Bill Farnsworth. Date of travel: Sep 2004
USA Aim. To spend twelve days touring the Four Corner area of the USA in an RV, then spend a further twelve days in Florida at a villa in Sarasota. Travelling with my wife, and daughter. All A.A. airlines and car for Florida, booked through Bridge the World. RV booked through Cruise America. Villa booked through Florida Bees, Yorkshire. Flew out of Manchester (UK) through Chicago to Phoenix. Overnight stay at Holiday Inn, Scottsdale where the temperature was 104 degrees. We picked up the RV from Cruise America in Phoenix, and drove through Arizona into New Mexico. After an overnight RV camp, and my first experience of hook up routines,we set off for Durango, Colorado, and was greeted by hundreds of bikers on Harley-Davisons, as this was, (unknown to us), a week-end convention for all enthusiasts. The following morning, and accompanied by several groups of bikers, we drove up the Molas pass where to our delight we found snow. The scene that greeted us as we stopped at the summit was stunning. With beautifuul clear deep blue sky, and still dressed in shorts, but with light coats over our T shirts, we stared in awe at the snow capped peaks in the distance, the green tree covered valleys below, and endulged in a brief snowball fight. Dropping down into Silverton, it was all I imagined in the past. With the temperature still in the high seventies, we strolled around the shops indulging in my wifes prime aim in life, which was to unload my wallet as fast as she could. As it was the yearly Harley-Davison gathering, I spent most of my time admiring the highly polished and chrome bikes that were lined up outside, and still wished that I had been given the opportunity to learn to ride one in my younger days. I cannot speak to highly of these bikers, They were the essence of good manners and it surprised me at the amount of people my age who were still enjoying the thrill of the wind in their faces. How they keep the bikes so clean is a mystery to me in view of the miles they eat up on the open road. However, time flies, and we needed to move on. From Silverton back to Durango, then on to the Four Corners, where four States meet, a few pictures, and then on to Mesa Verde. The drive alone was unbelievable. Up , and up we drove untill I thought we would meet the sky coming down. Climbing down over the rim of the canyon was the only way that you could see this amazing sight.The main area of ancient housing was beyond comprehension. How they ever dug out those cave dwellings was a feat in itself. Allthough the caves lay undiscovered untill a rancher looking for stray cows stumbled across them in the early days, I find it hard to believe that the local Indian tribes were not aware of them! Ever onwards, we drove on to Monument Valley, to hook up at John Gouldings camp site. The early morning sun was just peeping over the horizon when I rose the following morning, and was very priveliged to snap a great sunrise picture. I can recommend the tour operated by the local Navahoe indians, and we spent many hours in the stunning backdrop to many western films of our times. We heard of the story about John Goulding and his influence in promoting the valley to the film moguls who eventually resuaded them to film there. Remember John Wayne in Stagecoach? Our daughter's day was complete when she climbed up on a horse at John Forde Point, to have her picture taken. I must say that, as she was wearing western clothes at the time, she looked every inch the part. Time rockets by in these times, and we set off for one of our other favourite parts of Arizona. Sedona beckoned, we obeyed, and with the red rocks as a backdrop we really felt at home, on this, our third visit. After twelve days, 1,400 miles,and with heavy heart, we set off back to Phoenix, and after a night at Apache Junction , we turned in the RV and took up a nights rest in the Holiday Inn at Mesa. The only black spot in the holiday so far was that somone reversed into the RV whilst we was parked in Durango and, as a result, it cost another 500 dollars in excess insurance charges. The following morning, and in view of the impending arrival of Hurricane Ivan, we telephoned Sky Harbour, to be told that Tampa was clear, and we could continue our tour. From Phoenix we flew to Dallas, and then on to Tampa. Picking up the Hire car we headed for our villa, arriving in the dark about 21-00 hrs. The villa was all we expected, and was soon settling in. As a surprise to my wife and daughter, I had booked places at Disney Cove to swim with the dolphins. The delight on my wifes face was a picture as she was towed across the lagoon by Scamp, our dolphin for the hour. This was surpassed by standing in another lagoon whilst giant stingrays, and fish of every colour swam passed your legs. Our visit to Sanibell Island was tinged with sadness as we drove through the Port Charlotte area. Mile after mile of devastation, with homes wecked, belongings piled up in fields, trees with the tops torn off, steel hordings, signs, and highway lighting bent in half, clearly displayed the terrible force of Hurricane Charley. It was a sobering thought that as we enjoyed our holiday, other people were still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives again. Sanibel Island had been virtually destroyed and will take many years to recover. We managed to get through to a beach between Sanibel and Coral Island to spend a few hours paddling through the very unusual surf to look for what few shells we could find. The rest of our holiday was idealic, and allthough we revisited John's Pass, we were disapointed with the new shops and layout. We preferred the old shanty shacks that had been converted into a tourist area. We could not possably have time to visit everywhere we wanted to, and after twenty four days of sightseeing, beachcombing and shopping, it was time to say "Adios" to the USA and head home to dear old Blighty. From blue sky, sun, 104 degrees,snow, and to the reality of the aftermath of a Hurricane, we will remember it all, and to the friendly people we have met, and to the families that we met, who had suffered, we salute you all, and will return as soon as possible to your magnificent country. Untill we meet again, Take care, have a good day, Bill Farnsworth, Doreen, and Julie. Tour Operator: Self organised
I loved America - Susan Mary Robertson. Date of travel: Jul 2003
Travelling by Amtrak trains or Greyhound Bus is a great way to see the beautiful scenery of North America such as Niagara Falls, Great Lakes, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Mississippi River, and the big cities. Camp America is a great way to work in America and experience the American way of life.
Geoff Macintyre. Date of travel: Jun 2003
I had always imagined America to be simply that which I had already seen in films and on TV - it is that, but there is so much more and you don't need to look hard to find it. I was staggered by the huge diversity of natural beauty and the magnificence and number of its national parks. All the ones I visited were absolutely top class and I would wholeheartedly recommend trying to see as many of them as you can while in the country - each state has something naturally spectacular to offer apart from plenty of brash American consumerism.
Sponsored accomodations - Jonathan Cruz. Date of travel: Mar 2003
I got to visit Williamsburg, VA and Washington DC. Williamsburg is a wonderful place. I was fortunate enough to stay there for three months. Colonial Williamsburg offered a taste of early American life and culinary delights! Several restaurants and shops are open and they have a variety of merchandise that visitors can buy at a reasonable price as souvenir. They also have a visitor's assistance center and they offered so much for a wary tourist like me. It was really a wonderful place to visit. I also got to enjoy Busch Gardens! It was thouroughly enjoyable! gigantic roller-coasters, culinary delights, spectacular shows and sights, and very friendly attendants! It really was a shame to leave the place. Getting around was no problem. Taxis are available but they do charge quite an amount. Buses run on schedule and they are the best way to go here and there. Money was no problem. I mean I can get a good lunch for no more than $10.00, and other stuff at almost 3/4 the price of other major cities! But what I appreciate most is the warm and hospitable character of the people. Washington DC was quite a shock as compared to Williamsburg. I got there via Amtrak but heaving my luggage when I got off the train at Union Station was a hassle of sorts. I couldn't find a porter and there weren't enough luggage carts. DC is very beautiful city, and they offer a lot more! Museums here and there, monuments, restaurants, and so many attractions! But people there were somewhat cold and uncaring, and it was really a challenge to find your way around. Putting that aside, it was still a great excursion. I got to visit practically every spot worth seeing; the White House, the US Capitol, Lincoln Monument, Jefferson Monument, Washington Monument, Embassy Row, Georgetown, etc. Leaving was the hardest thing to do, specially when you had such a great time so far away from home. I'd definitely visit Williamsburg and Washington DC again, and I'm saving whatever I could to do just that.
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