In a dramatic setting beneath the Pichincha Volcano in central Ecuador lies the vivid, vivacious capital city, Quito, a mix of traditional Andean culture and modern commerce thriving in a Spanish colonial atmosphere. Modern hotels and shopping malls catering to the tourists who holiday in Quito fill the New Town, while in the old quartermore
I left my heart in Quito - Maria. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Quito is a amazing destination for families looking for adventure and something out of the ordinary, as well as for singles looking to enjoy the fresh landscape. The sights are breathtaking! The awesome power of nature hits you as you stare at mountains thousands and thousands of feet tall around you. Smaller suburbs sprawl around the bustling city and it's only a short drive to the country where you can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. The downside was the pollution I noticed coming from cars, from the apartment we stayed at. The positives include an out-of-this-world adventure with one of the best parts being the delicious foods, yogurts, and desserts and all the fresh cheeses and breads.
Guayaquil - John Griggtz. Date of travel: Dec 2005
When I heard about Guayaquil, I thought I was hearing about an small town on the Ecuadorean Coast, I couldn't be far off from the truth, right after we landed I started discovering that Guayaquil was not only the biggest city in Ecuador, but also was a financial center of the Ecuadorean economy, throught this Port Ecuador export hundred of millions of bananas, shrimp and local manufacture everyday. This vibrating city host the new design of the Pier 2000 well known as Malecon 2000, on this beautiful place anyone can see places to shop, eat and be delightful by it surrounding areas. An hour away from Guayaquil, is a beautiful town name "Salinas" is a great beach with all the water sports available, in Salinas anyone can enjoy a whale watching tour "Awesome" go for it...!! Tour Operator: Ecuadorean touring
Jeug. Date of travel: Oct 2003
I found the best place to stay in Quito - Hotel del Hoja. The husband and wife owners were soon my family! Maria makes a very good breakfast. Everyone sits at the table and eats together and the rooms are very comfortable and clean. It is a bit away from the centre,but that was not a bad thing. I did journeys to Otovalo and Galapagos and always came back to del Hoja to tell them about my holidays just like my old family. There was always a special welcome for me. They looked after me when I was a bit sick too!
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