Most first-timers come to holiday in Paris with stars in their eyes, avid to experience the realization of their dreams of this legendary romantic city. Paris welcomes with them open arms, revealing her iconic sights such as the art treasures of the Louvre, the marvelous Eiffel Tower, the saucy streets of Pigalle, the elegant boutiquesmore
Global Icon Of France - Eiffel Tower - Susan Green. Date of travel: Jun 2009
I visited Paris many years ago. It was an amazing experience visiting there. I enjoyed visiting almost all the major attractions over there like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou, Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie etc. But the most unforgettable amongst these was the Eiffel Tower, which is one of the world’s most recognizable monuments. It’s really breathtaking when you reach the top of the tower. You can have the best view of the city from the top.
Great food and so easy - Andy Mckay. Date of travel: May 2009
Great food and so easy
Just come back from a short weekend holiday in Paris and cant believe I havent gone before. Travel to Paris is so easy on the Eurostar from London - now just over two hours with none of the hassle of plane travel and you arrive near the city centre. A good way to see Paris is to hire one of the "Velib" bikes from one of the many bike stations - its free for half an hour or only one Euro for a full day. You can print off a good paris travel guide at wordtravels.com.
Must visit Paris - Susan Green. Date of travel: Mar 2008
I have been to Paris many times, it’s really a place which one should visit at least once in a lifetime.
So lovely - Forget. Date of travel: Feb 2008
So lovely
I went to Paris a few weeks ago with some friends. We had so much fun, we did the Eiffel Tower, the sightseeing cruise on a Vedette de Paris boat and the Musée d'Orsay. I highly recommend the Velib' instead of the basic metro to navigate easily and faster in Paris.
I loved Paris - Jasper. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Paris is my favourite city of all! There are so many cultural things to do and it is very easy to get around.
Paris is lovely in the summer too - Amy Sudor. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Paris is beautiful all through the year. Don't let the summer heat disuade you from coming since missing the crowds of spring and fall is great.
Paris, A Romantic Destination - Susan Green. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Paris is such a beautiful place to travel to, especially for newly wedded couples. This place is simply awesome and the language spoken sounds so lovely. I hope you all enjoy this place to visit.
Paris is great for families - Zoe and Lauren. Date of travel: Oct 2006
I travelled on my own to Paris with my daughter who was 4. I was a little nervous as Paris is seen as a place for couples but I was happily suprised that children are just as welcome. We visited most of the tourist sites and she was charged half price on everything. I found most cafes/brassiere catered for children by having childrens menu's or they would let you share a meal. even the waiters would help to keep them entertained whilst the food was being prepared. It was easy getting around on the metro and buses, again paying half price for tickets. I will definatley be taking her back.
Roger and Lucy. Date of travel: Jul 2005
We had a fantastic long weekend in Paris which must be the most romantic capital city in the world. So much to see and do and easy to get around on the metro. Sacre Couer magnificient, Notre Dame great and the Arc de Triompe well worth queuing to get in. Eat in the Latin Quater: great choice of reasonably priced restaurants especially if you stick to the set menus, we will certainly be returning. Tour Operator: Alpha rooms
Paris Defines France - Susan Green. Date of travel: May 2005
Paris stands for all that France represents like art, elegance, beauty and refinement. Visiting the Eiffel Tower was an ecstatic experience to say the least. Standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris you see is a visual treat of a lifetime. The art and heritage of this city simply stand out for their uniqueness.
Wine Tasting in Paris - Jenn Myers. Date of travel: Feb 2004
My friends and I attented a Wine Tasting in Paris. It was simply AWESOME!! We had a great time. Our host was a French connoisseur. Really kind. He spoke very good English and introduced us (I don't know much about wine) to "the fine art of tasting wine". It was really entertaining and we learnt a bunch. We tasted seven wines. All of them really good. We even tasted outstanding Bordeaux Wines. I recommend it big time!! The company is called Ocirc Chateau and their website is www.o-chateau.com. Ask for Oliver! The guy (he's young, like 25 or so) was just launching the activity. You should take advantage of it while its not mainstream yet.
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5-Star Hotels
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Four Seasons George V Hotel | * * * * * |
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4-Star Hotels
Franklin Roosevelt Hotel | * * * * * |
Hotel Astra Opera | * * * * * |
Hotel Chateau Frontenac | * * * * * |
K + K Hotel Cayre | * * * * * |
Mercure Paris Tour Eiffel | * * * * * |
Residence Unic St Germain Hotel | * * * * * |
Rochester Champs Elysees Hotel | * * * * * |
Splendid Etoile Hotel | * * * * * |
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3-Star Hotels
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Moderne St Germain | * * * * * |
Hotel Regina Opera | * * * * * |
Mercure Paris La Defense Parc | * * * * * |
Aberotel Montparnasse | * * * * * |
Hotel Louvre Saint Honore | * * * * * |
Husa Grand Hotel Montmartre | * * * * * |
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2-Star Hotels
Grand Hotel De Turin | * * * * * |
Altona Hotel | * * * * * |
Armstrong Hotel | * * * * * |
Comfort Inn Montparnasse | * * * * * |
Comfort Inn Saint Pierre | * * * * * |
Damremont Hotel | * * * * * |
Gilden Magenta | * * * * * |
Hotel Comprador | * * * * * |
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