The Greek capital, Athens, sprawls across a vast area and is home to nearly 4-million people. No need to be daunted, though, if you plan to holiday in Athens, because the area of interest to visitors is located around the landmark Acropolis, and can easily be enjoyed and experienced on foot. This bustling city ismore
Primitive city - Ell Vaels. Date of travel: Feb 2010
Iif you are planning to visit Greece or Athens in particular well think again. It is the noisiest,most polluted and pedestrian unfriendly city in Europe. Lawlessness prevails everywhere. Drivers drive through red,cars are parked on pedestrian ways blocking out all and mainly the disabled. Athens does not look or feel as Europe or western country at all. It resembles more the middle east. You see the locals sitting endlessly in the tables sipping turkish coffee and gossiping. there are lots of kebab places all over the city and the only deerts you can order in most places are the arabic/turkish baklava, kataif or boureq. i wonder do they ever work?no wonder why the country is presently the poorest on earth. what comes to make greece seems backwards and primitive are the many stray dogs wondering the city, most injured,hungry or sick. it breaks your heart. even the weather feels like you are in africa. during spring/summer the heat is unbearable for normal humans but even in the witer is about 15-20 degrees. greece and athens is a definite no go destination.
First time in Athens - Heidi. Date of travel: Dec 2009
I was in Athens for the first time of my life in December '09. I just could not get enough of museums and the history of ancient Greece. I need much more time there. I will especially advise women to go to Elefsina, where there is a museum of the cult lead by women throughout 2000 years. I took the bus from Athens, very cheap. As I study classical Greek language, I wonder if Greek universities have courses in old Greek for English speaking people??? If not, you should hurry up!!! I also think that Athenians have reasons to be extremely proud, the hills are nice for walking and the vegetables cheap, the climate good, and the gods protecting you are benevolent and mild. Your history of what you have given the world of culture is so unique, it is hard to imagine the importance of it!!!
Do not go to Athens or Greece - Jane. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I spent 6 days in Athens, it is dirty, people are rude, the men physically push women out of the way, this happened from the airport, throughout my stay, all over Athens. The people, the country are backward, rude and display unaccetable behaviour. The heat is intense, and the mosquitos are the most intense I have ever encountered. I would recommend that you change your holiday destination...
Athens - James & Angeline Smith. Date of travel: Jul 2008
We only stayed two days as we have been there many times before. We were on our way to Crete.
Wonderful Athens - Kelly Jackson. Date of travel: May 2008
Wonderful Athens
Athens is a great city, the Athenians are very helpful and friendly as all Greeks are. I was especially impressed with the antiquities, the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and the ancient neighbourhood of Plaka, Monastiraki and Thission. Furthermore, the food was excellent and the nightlife quite impressive, the bars and clubs stay open till morning. Athens is the ideal getaway because it combines many different aspects.
A week in Athens - M Pickering. Date of travel: Feb 2008
A week in Athens
We just returned from Athens. We were lucky with the weather because, a few days prior to our arrival, Greece had two earthquakes and Athens had half a metre of snow! Anyway, during our stay the temperature started at 16 degrees each morning and rose to the comfortable twenties each afternoon. Everything was arranged for us by Georgina at greek Tours. We had to arrange our own return flight but she met us at the airport and took us to the pre-paid hotel by train. She left us with tickets to travel around Athens for the whole week without paying another cent. With the help of her maps and information, we were able to find our way to the various museums and places of interest. The hotel she booked for us was lovely and, although it was in the centre, the triple glazing kept traffic noise to an absolute minimum. Georgina also took us on a tour of the Acropolis and the Plaka. Tour Operator: Greek tours
Enjoy your Christmas in Athens - Virginia. Date of travel: Dec 2007
I have visited Athens during Christas period and I truly enjoyed my stay. I have stayed with my sister in centre of Athens close to Syntagma square at the Esperia Palace hotel, a quite nice hotel in a very good location. During our stay we had also some tours: an Athens sightseeing tour, and a full day tour to Delphi. Tour Operator: www.athens-greece.us
Lovely city - Cathy. Date of travel: Sep 2007
I have enjoyed my stay in Athens, very nice city. I have taken a tour to see Acropolis and most of famous parts of Athens, also I took a full day tour to Delphi which is 3 hours from Athens. I highly recommend it because you will see, also expect from the archaeological sites of Delphi and mainland Greece.
Athens - A wonderful city - Katherine . Date of travel: Sep 2006
I have travelled quite extensively in Europe and have to say that Athens was one of my favorite cities. Yes, it is crowded but it has so much to offer. The views are just amazing everywhere and the Plaka is great as well. I love the people, great looking men!
Nice city, shame about this hotel - Bryce Moller. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Athens was great, people were friendly and lots to see and do. Tour Operator: www.athens-greece.us
Athens - Suzie. Date of travel: Jan 2006
Athens is a very easy destination to reach. Many low cost airlines fly there, and short break packages abound. It is also very easy to arrange a short break without an agent as Athens is very user friendly. The airport is modern and clean and it is easy to reach the centre by regular bus service. If you are on holiday in Athens you will find some good shopping. The flea market area in Athens is famous for its wide selection of tourist shops contained in narrow streets from Monastiraki to Plaka. You can still barter with shopkeepers as they are desperate to make a sale. Athens also has cosmopolitan pedestrianised streets, where most of the well known brand name high street shops, present in most European cities, can be found. Athenian women are chic and boutique prices reflect this. Depending on the season, bargains can be had at the carpet and rug shops on the fringes of Monastiraki. The centre of Athens is mostly given over to shops selling the traditional tourist trappings of statues, tee-shirts and bric a brac. The area of Kolonaki offers the up market shopper a better selection. Restaurants in Athens reflect a wide and diverse culture. Cuisine from all over the world is represented. There are many traditional Greek tavernas, especially around the tourist hotspots, prepare to pay tourist prices here, around Plaka the waiters can be quite insistent that you sit at their tables. Most of these restaurants display identical menus at identical prices - your choice. Socrates Prison used to be a small, cheap culinary gem 20 years ago. It still is small and a gem but no longer cheap. Booking is advisable. For a very special treat the hotel Grand Bretagne has a roof top restaurant with spectacular views especially at night. If on a budget, you can still eat well from the many souvlaki stalls. Most drinks are European prices. Greek food can become quite repetative, almost causing an aversion to feta cheese if there too long! Athens is also a cultural delight there are monuments and ancient wonders around every corner. The most famous, the Acropolis, is packed every single day. There is now a wide and user friendly path to the top. A variety of tickets can be purchased to reduce the cost of visiting the tourist sites individually and entrance to most museums and parks are free on public holidays. If you go on holiday to Athens in Summer you'll find it very very hot and it is best to plan your sightseeing either first or last thing, thus avoiding both crowds and heat. The Agora, an ancient market place is just down from the Acropolis and with its shady paths very pleasant to stroll around, many restaurants abutt the park. There are many small parks and squares around the circumference of the main tourist area and all are well served by cafes and restaurants. Athenian beaches are a short bus ride away as is the large ferry port of Pireaus serving the very busy island traffic, at its height in Summer but with many services and routes tailing off at the end of September. There are musuems and galleries a plenty and all have been upgraded over recent years and offer a cool refuge from the heat. It would be impossible to single out a particular gallery or musuem as there are so many to choose from. Some monuments can be seen just by strolliong around, for example Hadrians Arch and the Olympian Temple of Zeus. Just a short walk away are the Parliament Buildings at Syntagma Square where the daily changing of the guard is not to be missed.
Jack Marchant. Date of travel: Jul 2004
I visited Athens city last year right before the olympics started and found it to be one of the most energetic, different and beautiful cities I have ever visited. I stayed in an area called Glyfada which was really atrractive and had all the main high street brand shops and fantastic trendy bars to visit in the evenings. I went with three friends and we always had something to do which is a bonus as a lot of other cities dont offer that. We would go to the beaches in the area of Vouliagmeni to swim and I have to say for a city which has a reputation for being stuffy, we couldnt of found more beautiful stunning beaches. We also visited the main attractions but I guess my point is so many tourists dont realize that Athens has so much more then just the Acropolis. On our second last day we went up to the northern surburbs of Athens to an area called Kiffissia. I have vowed to myself that one day I want to live their. It was nicer then Knightsbridge and such a surreal lovely neighbourhood untouched by tourists. Well that was my greek holiday last summer, I plan to go again this year and hopefully I will find a nice greek girl! Tour Operator: easy jet
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