The largest of the Greek islands, Crete has all the attributes for a great holiday experience with the added attraction of some of the worlds most famous and intriguing archaeological sites. The remnants of the ancient Minoan culture draw sight-seers to the awesome ruins of Knossos and Phaistos. Those who are not history buffs canmore
Beautiful western Crete - Nick H. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Beautiful western Crete
We flew into the tiny airport of Chania (or Hania or Xania) and were through customs, baggage reclaim etcetera within fifteen minutes. There's a lot to be said for smaller airports. I began to relax after getting used to the hire car and confirming that my Sat Nav identified even the smallest roads; now we could start the holiday proper. We were staying high up in the hills, away from the tourist towns, and found all the local people astonishingly friendly and charming. Despite speaking no Greek - and them no English - we got along famously. Crete is brown and rugged, but remarkably fertile and every villager has their own veg patch producing everything from artichokes to zucchini. The food is delicious, and it's relatively inexpensive to eat out. We found supermarket shopping quite expensive though, and even the wine was in the 4 - 7 Euro per bottle range. But then I realised that the local wine is sold in clear plastic bottles, unmarked and unlabelled and at 2 Euros a litre - much better! Petrol is expensive (1.68 per litre in August 2010), but you tend to be going slowly on the winding up-and-down country roads, so it's not such a big deal. The scenery is astonishing of course, with mountains and gorges around every (hairpin) bend. We simply walked for miles up and down the hills, marvelling at the sights around us. When we *did* go down to the coast at Chania (see pic), Paleochora or Kisamos, we were surprised at how few visitors there seemed to be. And yes, we would definitely go back.
Crete. We wanted a relaxed holiday after the English winter. - Richard and Mary . Date of travel: May 2010
We saw very little of Crete other than a boat trip to Spinalonga Island. This was most interesting as it was a leper colony until comparatively recently. Many of the inmates stayed on the Island even after medical science removed the fear of the disease. Some of the children born and raised on the Island are still alive.Our resort was Hersonissos, Our Hotel was down on the Beach away from shops and bars. It is a resort hotel and there was no need to leave the campus.Excellent buffet in main restaurant plus separate gourmet restaurants.
Kalives, a beautiful resort in Crete - Rita Charrles. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Crete is a beautiful island with a lot of things to do and see. Be careful of the taxi drivers, they take as much as they want - better to let hotel arrange it.
Crete - Arnold. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Recent visit to Crete, on the whole a great experience but had bad points. We used the local bus service and found the driver and conductor very offensive and unhelpful. On the back roads rubbish was very evident. The airport was very poor especially the toilet facilities. The amount of money gained from tourism does not seem to be invested to benefit the tourist.
Wonderful Kriti - Shirley and Alex McLennan. Date of travel: May 2008
Wonderful Kriti
We have been 4 times to Crete and about to go again. First 2 times to Stalis which we really enjoyed but the last couple of times to Agia Pelagia, west of Heraklion. A small place but plenty of tavernas etc. and wonderful people. Go to Alkion Restaurant if you are there, Piazza cafe bar, Mythos Restaurant - they are all good! Only problem is not a very good bus service from the village and it is a BIG hill! We were there for 6 weeks in May/June and hopefully there for 4 or 5 weeks possibly in October.
Be aware - Just Me. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Crete is a lovely island, lovely people, great food.
Bali in Crete is very noisy - Roger Judd. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Bali is gearing up to become a teenage hotspot. If you're 18-30 you will love all the nightclubs and bars that play loud club music until 3.30 in the morning. Do not go to Bali if you want a quiet relaxing holiday.
I cannot fault the location - take Budget holidays out of the equation and the Lyda Horizons and you have a lovely holiday location with nice restaurants, beaches and places to visit which I would return to - D. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Crete and its people are generally very friendly especially in the restaurants. Malia has turned into a war zone, drove in one day and left at speed fifteen minutes later, the streets are littered with vomit, drink and broken bottles this is a true war zone.
Gouves is quiet but the roads are deadly! - Tony. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Gouves is quiet but the roads are deadly!
The food in the local restaurants was good but go in the wrong ones and you will get ripped off. Sunset is nice but dont do it from the beach bars. The bus service is good but beware the local gangs of boys will buzz you on their scooters and the gypsies are all over you. Views are great, get out to see Crete. Knossoss was ok.
Fantatic island - Sarah Meyers. Date of travel: Sep 2006
First visit to Crete and people make the difference as so friendly, this resort is beautiful and it has great beaches, also some peaceful ones. Not had one bad meal and so you're spoilt for choice, however you will find cheaper restaurants nearer to the hotel than in main town. Not many bars really and you get more in Elounda which is only a cheap bus ride and so have a night or day out there. We hired a bike and so saw most of the island, as comments say be careful on the roads as they can go quite high up, but worth going to see Malia, Stalis, Hersonossis. Hence within two days of returning I have booked to go to Stalis as it's best of both worlds. Argios nic is definitley the picturesque side to the island but seems a little more to do in Stalis, etc for evening time.
The Island of Crete - Glen McArdle. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Stalis Beach The main beach of Stalis is about a 10-15min walk from the Lyda Horizon complex. When you reach it, don't settle at the beginning of the beach, walk another 2mins up the beach to where it gets a bit wider. Water sports and sun beds are also much cheaper further on up the beach. My wife and I went out on a jet ski for €35/20mins and it was excellent fun, totally recommend it. The beach is lined with plenty of snack bars and restaurants that are all very reasonably priced. Stalis Beach Restaurants and Bars Many of the restaurants we visited along the beach road served really nice food and each of them were very reasonably priced. I would recommend the Carpricciosa restaurant for their delicious pizzas and steaks, the staff are also extremely welcoming. The 9 Muses restaurant is also another great place for an evening meal with a menu to suit everyone – who knows the staff may even invite you to smash some plates. If you prefer a lighter snack then Akti Bar is a great place to visit, they also do great cocktails for €5 each. Edem restaurant serves up a great full English breakfast for only €3.90. One of our holiday highlights was Dwyer's Irish Bar. Most of our nights were spent their as the craic and banter was mighty, with nightly live music from Brian (the human duke box) and other various singers. Shout up any request to lads on stage and they'll be sure to do your song request justice. They have various themed nights here like Paddy's Day and Christmas, dress up, join in the craic and you'll be sure to get yourself a free shot. Tour Operator: Budget Travel
We loved Crete - Shaz Parker. Date of travel: May 2006
Found it welcoming. Strange that they leave things unfinished for years. Not many paths so be careful when on roads as can get a bit nerve wracking. Beautiful weather in May o6 was around 102 on some days, average about 90. Great. Didnt do any trips but was told worth Spinalonga trip, will do next time. Tour Operator: thomas cook
John Capplis. Date of travel: Jul 2005
Do you really need a Quad Bike in Malia, Crete? If you feel you do then please consider it seriously and before hiring the bikes, especially in the Beach Road area, seek advice from Travel Reps. In some cases what will appear to be a cheap deal will be bumped up with high insurance costs, which you may be forced to take up, only after you have signed a contract. Even if you change your mind you may not be given a choice!. Another local practice seems to be to charge you for damage or theft of the vehicle should this occur. Given that you have have taken out insurance this local practice may seem unusual. It can involve visits to you hotel by the hire company staff asking to be paid for the damage or loss of the bike. The facilities for you to phone home to parents is also provided by the hire company so they can assist in payment. If you find that the practice is not for you, the hire firm also operate a side line of interpreting in the local police station should you wish to make a statement regarding the practice. If you refuse to pay you may be left with no alternative but to leave the island as the hire company can be very persuasive. Tour Operator: Kosmar
Charmagne. Date of travel: Jun 2005
This was the first time I'd visited Crete as a holiday. Malia my destination has the bustling nightlife and happy people. There's plenty of different types of bars in Malia and new chill out bars and foam parties happening all the time; this is truly the place to be. With its fantastic golden sandy beaches and deep blue seas its a legendary destination for sun worshippers and party seekers. Tour Operator: Olympic
John Evans. Date of travel: Sep 2004
This is was our third visit to Crete and we explored the south of the island. We stayed in small places like Kalamaki, Agia Galini, Agios Pavlos and Plakias. We were lucky to find the beach guide of www.explorecrete.com, a complete guide about 99% of the beaches on Crete, so we tried to visit as many as possible. Our highlights were the beach of Komos and the beach close to Agios Pavlos. Next year we hope we will be able to explore the south-eastern part of Crete.
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Aldemar Knossos Royal Village | * * * * * |
Aldemar Knossos Royal Village | * * * * * |
Aldemar Royal Mare Village | * * * * * |
Aldemar Royal Mare Village | * * * * * |
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