Chic, trendy and sophisticated the island of Mykonos has become a hotspot for gay holiday-makers who revel in the nudist beaches, designer boutiques, decadent discos and risqué restaurants that characterize this extremely tourist-friendly piece of turf in the Aegean sea, landmarked by its five thatched windmills on a hill above the harbor. more
Stay away from OK Car Rental - ace42598. Date of travel: Aug 2011
I had a similar experience to what Sam mentions above three years earlier. If you read no further, my strong recommendation is that you NOT rent a car from OK Car Rental in Mykonos. If I had to do it again, I'd rent from Avis or Budget, both of which rent on the Island In August 2011, I rented a car from OK Car Rental in Mykonos. I used OK because it was listed on our hotel's (the San Marco) website. The car was delivered to the hotel at 4:00 PM. I used it the first night to drive my family into town for dinner. I tried cleaning the dirty windshield but the wipers were worn and simply streaked the windshield with dirty water making it more difficult to see. Driving on the windy, narrow and unlit roads in Mykonos is difficult enough so a dirty windshield makes driving there dangerous. The next morning, on the way to the beach I first dropped by OK to have them change the wipers. I was surprised to hear from the manager that they didn't stock wipers. He told me he'd order them and that I could come by later in the day to have them changed. He then told me the car is new. I responded that it might be
München and Dias Car rental in Mykonos - Ruslan. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Have been recently in Mykonos. We loved it! The island is so beautiful and we definitely will go there next year! The only thing that spoiled our holidays was renting a car from München/Dias Car Rental. BEWARE!!! Madame Evgenia Asimomiti and her staff are dishonourable people. Mrs. Evgenia is very friendly when you see her the first time and take a car for rent, but if there are any problems or something - she turns to a rude and impolite person and there is no way to deal with her. We would never rent a car from this company ever again.
Not just for the rich - but it helps! - Mykonos Convert. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Mykonos, for me, was full of surprises! Did I find that world-famous warm Greek welcome everywhere I turned? Not everywhere. But, did I feel intimidated and poverty-stricken amongst all that Prada and Chanel? No (there really wasn't that much of it at all!) GETTING AROUND Most people rent quads or scooters. If you can't drive, don't worry: we walked and caught busses for two weeks without any problems. I actually wouldn't feel safe riding a scooter around Mykonos anyway - people do drive like absolute maniacs, including the bus drivers! Once you're safely on a bus (instead of vulnerably out on the road!) journeys are only 10-30 minutes depending on where you are heading and the tickets were only 1.40 euro each way. It's next to impossible to get a taxi in the summer; so don't rely on that option! SHOPPING Whilst there are designer shops, there are many 'typical' tourist shops where you can pick up some jewellery or souvenirs for under 10 euro. Almost every mini market or stall sells cigarettes (around 3.80 euro for a pack of 20). Note - In England I am asked for proof of age everywhere - but I was never asked in Mykonos once. So if your only form of ID is your passport, you're probably fine to leave it in the hotel! SELF CATERING There is a supermarket just outside of Mykonos town that sells everything you would need. There is a smaller one closer to Platys Gialos, but they do not sell fresh meat or fish. There are lots of mini-markets, but it can be hard to get hold of fresh fruit in the town. You need to catch a bus to Platys Gialos and ask them to stop at the fruit market. The fruit is very cheap! MONEY Some areas (i.e. Platys Gialos) have no ATM machines and most shops do not accept cards . In Mykonos Town there are plenty of cashpoints, although most shops also only accept cash. Most restaurants, in town or outside of town, accept card. If you're not staying in Mykonos Town, make sure you take a few hundred euro in cash to get you through the first few days while you get your bearings, then head into town to visit a cashpoint. If you're on any sort of budget (like I was) you will need an absolute minimum of 50-70 euro per day each. 100 would be much better. Lunch at a bar or restaurant can cost 30+ euro for 2, with drinks. Dinner the same, at the very least. You CAN find reasonably priced meals-out easily, but drinks are very, very expensive because they serve double/triple measures as standard. Expect spirits to cost at least 8 euro, cocktails 10 euro and beer at least 4-6 euro. You can burn 100 euro on a night out very, very easily. You can get a bottle of wine in a restaurant for around 15 euro. At restaurants, it is normal to be given bread. If you eat the bread, you will be charged anywhere from 3-8 euro. If you don't want it, just say so - or just don't eat it. It's not a scam - it's a choice! The same goes for water, because you cannot drink the tap water in Greece. If self-catering, bear in mind that groceries are not cheap either. We spent 100 euro on basics for 2 people for one week and could have spent more. You can buy bottles of liquor for around 13-18 euro from mini markets and supermarkets. NIGHTLIFE The music in Mykonos is predominantly Euro-beat remixes of old and new chart. Some RnB is played early in the night, but not a lot. Very few places play 'cheese' - it's not really that kind of destination. That being said, Mykonos is not all Moet et Chandon. Skandinavia bar is a very famous and quite cheap night out in Mykonos and also tends to be one of the busier places to go. Definitely worth a visit if you are more of a 'Cava' visitor! LOCAL CUSTOMS Straight men can be a pain in Mykonos, despite it being famed for its number of gay visitors (it really isn't that 'gay' at all, to be honest). They will talk and talk and talk and offer to buy you drinks and stare at you from across the bar until you ask them to stop. Most of them will then leave you alone. It borders on harassment - but it's actually quite good-natured. Mykonos men are not at all intimidating in the same way that I have found Tunisian men to be. They are just persistent! Try not to let that ruin your holiday! Overall, I would definitely recommend Mykonos to anyone - wealthy or not! If you do like very cheap, bargain, package holidays then it isn't the place - worrying about money over there is stressful. But if you're able to allow around 70-100 euro per day for yourself, you'll get along just fine in Mykonos.
Car rental in Mykonos - Sam Bas. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Renting a Car in Mykonos...be careful! Just visited Turkey and Greece this past Sept. While in Mykonos, went into OK Car Rental near the port for a vehicle. BAD EXPERIENCE. I asked some routine questions and was asked to leave. I have never been asked to leave an establishment. My wife is from France, the other two in our party are French Canadian, my sense it was due to my ethnicity. I'll never know but can warn fellow travellers. He could have been the one guy there having a bad day but very very sour taste. Cheers. Sam.
Mykonos - Pete and Jean Taylor. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Have just come back from a two week holiday on the island of Mykonos. A very beautiful island, but a rich island only for the rich. So unless you are happy to pay double the prices than other Greek Islands for example small bottle of Mythos €6/€7. Average meal for two in a nice garden restaurant €80/€120. Don't go!! Either stay at home or go to one of the other islands, or the mainland.
Mykonos is too expensive - Monya. Date of travel: Jun 2008
We went there and ended up nick naming it rip-us-off its so so expensive for even the simplest thing. A newspaper for example is €4-€5 and a book is around €14 even if it says £5.00 on the back. Although the weather was lovely a combination of very hot with a refreshing breeze, I would only recommend you go there for 5 to 7 days max. I remember there was a lady selling beaded bracelets on the beach, nothing special just the usual sort of thing, and they were €40. It was difficult to relax when out as you were constantly thinking of the price of everything.
Mykonos the third time - Grant / Lynn. Date of travel: May 2006
Mykonos the third time
Mykonos, I love it. My wife and I have been there three times now usually going around the end of May early June for the best weather. The island has something for everyone, beaches to suit all tastes. We normally stay at the resort of Ornos as we find it has good accommodation yet is not too far away from the night life of Mykonos Town. Hire of a car or scooter is recommended to see the more remote parts of the island but do be aware that the road conditions in Mykonos can been hazardous and accidents have been known to happen.The nightlife kicks off around 11pm onwards until the morning but taxis are available through the night as the bus service normally finishes just before midnight. Prices for taxis range between 5 and 7 euros depending on your location. As we were in Aghios Ioannis instead of Ornos this time I was glad to discover a nice restaraunt which I can recommend. Bellissimos, good food, good atmosphere and great times. The manager there is Teo Charitopoulos and if you want to know anything about Mykonos then he is the man. Tour Operator: Kosmar
Mykonos - Vanessa. Date of travel: Apr 2006
You should only be going to Mykonos or any of the Greek islands after their Easter - which is in the second last weekend in April, so safely - maybe the last week in April. If you go at the beginning of April or before then - u're wasting your money. Restaurants and shops are still refurbishing and are not open. And considering spending a fortune on getting there - u want to experience that island life, the nightlife etc. While I enjoyed my time spent on the island, I have to go back to see what it's like when everything is operational. Also, they don't run tours in April, they only start in May. Most restaurants in Greece charge cover - like 1.50 euro to 2.50 euro just to eat in the restaurant, long drinks are between 6 and 8 euro, and ouzo is about 3 euro. Also, Olympic Airlines never run on time, so note that for connecting flights. Tour Operator: Club Travel
Rugged beauty - Lisa Winstanley. Date of travel: Jul 2005
I holidayed to Mykonos in July '05 with my husband and we just loved it. The island has a certain rugged beauty about it that made it special. We stayed in the resort of Ornos which was just perfect for couples and families. Ornos beach was great for hopping on a water taxi to about 5 or 6 different beaches, which we used to do every other day to see the island more. Ornos itself is a very low key resort with just 2 supermarkets and a handful of shops and a dozen or so restaurants, but there is a bus which runs all night in to Mykonos Town and it only takes 10 minutes to reach. Now Mykonos town is just something else. It is spectacular, made up of lots of small winding streets all in the Greek white wash and blue style; it was designed like that years ago on purpose to confuse any invading pirates. Eventually you reach the harbour which is great to sit down at with a glass of wine and watch the different styles of people go by. The harbour takes in cruise ships from as far afield as America and there are great to see coming and going. The town is lively and has lots of shops, some designer clothes shops too. Mykonos is 30% more expensive that most other Greek Islands, but that only really brings it on line or just under the UK prices. What I couldn't get over was how clean the toilets were kept in all the restaurants and beach tavernas; they were all immaculate which proves that you get what you pay for. There has been a few celebrities to take holidays on Mykonos: only last year Madonna and Elton John were resident on the Island. Also it is where Shirley Valentine was filmed 15 years ago and the taverna she worked in is still there and still running as a taverna in a resort called Agios Iionnis: again a beautiful resort and beach worth visiting. My Husband and I will most definitely go back for future holidays. The weather was fantastic and has a nice breeze 24/7 and this keeps mosquitoes away, so it is perfect for those who do suffer from bites like my husband. I am proud to say he never got bitten once in the whole 2 weeks. I hope I have inspired you all to visit this little gem of an island. It's so worth it especially if you are a beach bum like me. Lisa and Robert Winstanley of Widnes Cheshire. Tour Operator: Kosmar
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