Hong Kong
The territory known as Hong Kong occupies a region on the coast of mainland China that for decades was under the control of Britain but is now a “special administrative region” given over to the People’s Republic of China. The densely populated enclave covers hundreds of islands and mainland suburbs, connected by a top classmore
hong kong diverse compact - James. Date of travel: Jan 2009
hong kong diverse compact
i found Hongkong a very interesting city,you have to give yourself plenty of time to get the full feel of it. It is no good just to walk every where it's too much to take in,you have to plan your visit itinery and stick to it,it is like many cities,some areas are old and cultural, others are new very modern and very efficient. The people are very nice, but you must understand it is a very hard working enviroment not a holiday resort with beaches and palm trees everywhere, having said that if you plan and study the many travel books on H/K you will find it very absobing, It is not as expensive as some people say you just have to shop with a little common sense. And enjoy the experience.
Vertigo! - Geraldine and Ethan. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Hong Kong is a surreal city - it's a strange combination of everything you'd expect it to be, and nothing like you'd assume it could be! Skyscrapers in the true sense of the word (enough to give you vertigo or a stiff neck!), windy, hilly roads and hole-in-the-wall shops, crazy markets and taxis everywhere... distinctly Chinese and yet somehow retaining its British/colonial influence. There is building going on everywhere - 'old' buildings are torn down and new ones spring up and there is not much in the sense of older culture, but if you are into shopping, marvelling and bargaining, then Hong Kong is a great place to visit. It is a seriously expensive city, but the markets are incredible (flower market, fish market, ladies market for clothes) and you can find a bargain for sure (and plenty of fake designer items too!). Stanley is great for a day visit; take the tram up to Victoria Peak for a spectacular view (if the constant fog clears)... The food is mainly fusion - we went to Aqua and had sushi starters and Italian for entrees! Hong Kong Park is lovely too, though the aviary was closed due to bird flu... and the city by night is great, especially the 8pm crazy lazer show from the buildings downtown. Another way to get a true sense of the city is to take a boat trip as you get to admire the mind boggling buildings (some with holes in the middle so the mountain dragon can fly through), lush green surrounds and the small islands that dot the coast. Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit; an intriguing and exciting city for sure.
Hong Kong was amazing - Amy-Jane Brown. Date of travel: Feb 2007
Hong Kong was amazing
Me & my mom went to Hong Kong in Feb of this year! It was totally amazing! I am going back next year in Feb too, purely because of the new year. Most amazing experience. Hotel was fab. Stayed in the Miramar which was great service and always there to help. I can't say any bad points about Hong Kong!!
Hong Kong was the worst holiday of my life... A rotting corpse would smell better! - Miss M Henderson. Date of travel: Mar 2005
For me, Hong Kong is by no means a relaxing holiday. The weather was humid, but dull and the pollution was horrible. The daily putrid smells on every street turned my stomach. Also the cruelty to livestock and fish made my blood run cold. Hong Kong is busy and bustling, if you are into lots of tube travel (Octapus System), endless walking and shopping till you drop, then this is the place for you. Hong Kong is not a place for beach lovers or those, like myself, who enjoy a carefree relaxing holiday, not one where I am far too exhausted to enjoy it. I also found, Hong Kong to be very expensive, for drinks, nights out, etc and I ended up spending a fortune. If I wanted to walk for miles, jump from tube to tube and be skint into the bargain, I could have done that all at home. Hong Kong is very busy, with crowds of people making everyday trips a nightmare. Also, be careful of local food outlets and street vendors. I got food poisoning while trying local food!! Stick to food that you know, and places like KFC. Although, while I was there, I felt little like eating anyway. Every experience turned my stomach. Hong Kong Disneyland, was a day out, away from pollution, where I could relax and enjoy myself. However, take note... Alcohol is BANNED, so while the kids might have a ball, there's no bars for the grown-ups to have a cold beer, only soft drinks, ice creams, tea/coffee and food outlets. If you like a glass of wine with a meal or a cold lager with food or on its own, this Disneyland is NOT for you. Also don't expect Hong Kong Disneyland to be like the USA ones, or even Paris... it's very small and poor in comparison. Rides are at a minimum, few and far between. There's not even a Runaway Mine Train roller-coaster, in fact no roller-coasters at all, or thrill rides when I was there. The shows, however, were wonderful. Disney standard. This theme park, is mostly for kids. Not for thrill seekers or adults. But it did get me away from the pollution and busy streets for a day. Ocean Park, Hong Kong's only other Theme Park, is again a lovely day out away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Great day out, with something for everyone, and grown ups CAN have a cold beer here. Smokers, like myself, are not persecuted in Hong Kong, and there are very few places which ban smoking totally, this was one of the few things I did like about it. Although Disneyland you could only smoke in special OUTDOOR areas of the park... not good, if it rains on the day that you visit, which is what happened to me!! Nine out of ten locals DO smoke in Hong Kong, so if you are a staunch NON SMOKER and cannot handle passive smoke, then do reconsider a trip to Hong Kong.
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