Tourists vie with religious pilgrims to soak up the atmosphere in the walled Old City of Israelís capital, Jerusalem, where a lively souvenir trade is carried on in the bazaars and along the cobbled alleyways beneath the ancient Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount. Religious or not, anyone on holiday in Jerusalem cannot helpmore
Jerusalem - Jeremy Benthan. Date of travel: Apr 2010
Great historic city, interesting people. sometimes the Israelis are too direct, and the transportation on Saturday is terrible
Mina De Bijn. Date of travel: Jan 2004
Despite all the tensions and high security levels Israel a fascinating country to visit, and in particular Jerusalem. Stayed in the Old City - very busy, interesting part of the city, always full of action. Lots of alleyways and great things to buy from souvenirs to food. You must visit the Tower of David Museum - very very interesting. Also pay a visit to the Jewish Orthodox ghetto - although the residents are very anti-attention a walk around the neighbourhood shows a very different part of the city - very conservative orthodox lifestyle but try not to gawk too much and dress so as not to offend them - women can only get in if wearing a long skirt.
Jerusalem is AMAZING!!! - steven . Date of travel: Jan 1970
I have spent 3 spectacular nights in Jerusalem touring its cultural and historical sites. My favorite part was definitely the old city which is fascinating. I have chosen to stay at the Grand Court Hotel as it is walking distance from the hotel and the price was fair. That was a good choice. My main recommendation is if you get to Jerusalem make sure you have about 5 days at least to enjoy this magnificent city.
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