It may be grubby with a reputation for decadence and violent crime, but Kingston, the cosmopolitan capital of Jamaica, moves to its own irresistible beat. Tourists do not usually holiday in Kingston, preferring the islandís beach resorts, but the city has to be experienced with its several historical and cultural attractions and a very livelymore
Jamaica Man, No problem..... - Andrew Boddu. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Jamaica really is the place to be. I have just spent 4 weeks in Jamaica, staying with my wife's family in Spanish Town which is about 10 miles outside of Kingston. Spanish town was the old coloniel capital of Jamaica and has a lot of old English style architecture and buildings. A trip to Spanish town must include a tour of the Arawak (Indigenous Jamaica Indians) museum, and a tour of the Old Govenor Generals house. Enterance is normally a few hundred Jamaican dollars. Spanish Town is a vibrant little town, with friendly people and a nice little outdoor market selling everything from bananas to sneakers, and a small shopping mall. Kingston is only a few minutes away, as with any international city Kingston has various different bars, foods and cuisines to offer. Try a chinese meal in Jamaica. These people don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese they speak Patois!! Grab a Pattie and a bottle of Bigga (flavourd soda) from Juci Patties and make sure you try some Jamaican ice cream and a couple of patties mmmm. Make sure you go to Emancipation Park in Kingston, located near the American Embassy, it was built to comemerate the emancipation of the African slaves from chatel slavery. A short drive down the palasidnoes past Norman Manley Airport, takes you to a little town called Port Royal. This is where a lot of the pirate activity took place in the early 18th century, much of the town was destroyed by an earthquake a few hundred years ago, however there is an old British fort there which is a definite must see. If you want to go further afield then Dunns River located in Ochio Rios is where you want to be, blue sea, blue sky and white beaches, climb the falls and look out to sea while you drink a cheeky rum cocktail. You have to stop at a little town called Boston which is near the falls, that is the home of Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork. The food is fantasic, we went to the Ochio Rios Jerk Centre and boy the food was delicious. Also why dont you check out a little private beach called Frenchmans Cove .... but ssssshhhhh keep it a secret. It's a private beach in a cove and a few US dollars will get you entry. I won't say anymore but you will be speechless when you see it for yourself. Jamaica is a very poor country, but the people are so friendly. The current exchange rate is JM$ 145 = GBP £1. So about US$ 2 is JM$ 145. So expect to pay about JM$50 for a pepsi. The food is reall good, fresh and tasty, the sunshines everyday and Jamaica has a similar climate to Miami, although a few degress warmer. All you can hear is soothing reggae beats and smell jerk chicken in the air. So sit back, cool out, grab a rum and relax yourself. Jamaica really is the best and as they say in Jamaica, No problem man.
Breuer, Carina. Date of travel: Mar 2005
Hi everybody, The destination was quite interesting, but I've missed the Jamaican atmosphere at the airport in Mobay. No way getting out of the stinking atmosphere ! Why ? For 4 hours - quite a long time !! And the sun just outside !! Please think about an outdoor-area, like they already have it in south-america :-) Tour Operator: AIDA
Sophis Skeen. Date of travel: May 2004
I am horrified to think that people still think of Trench Town as a violent ghetto to be avoided. Trench Town has become a developed community with schools, churches, businessplaces, parks and most importantly the Trench Town Cutlure Yard - which has been renovated by the Tourism Product Dev. Company to meet Jamaica Tourist Board standards- the Culture Yard is where Bob Marley learnt his trade, its where he was given music lessons by other singers before him like Joe Higgs, Its where he gathered inspiration for his songs, its the place he sings about in his songs. In this day and age I can\'t believe tha people are not keeping up with the change in times and events because very soon Trench Town will have abustling tourist product and we are already getting visitors who want to see where Bob Marley came from (where he was made into who he was for the world to love). I strongly think that travel writers should make sure what they write in the future is factual in all aspects. We also host a one week festival in honour of Bob\'s birthday each year across from the Culture Yard. Thank you.
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