A city of contrasts, the Kenyan capital of Nairobi is paradoxically resplendent with beautiful homes in pretty suburbs and a maelstrom of shantytown squalor where thousands live in poverty. The vibrant city centre buzzes with business, subject to the onslaught of thieves, touts, hawkers, and beggars. It all adds up to an African capital withmore
Kibera, a part of Nairobi unseen by most tourists - Esther B. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Kibera, a part of Nairobi unseen by most tourists
I've been living in Nairobi for a few months now and I really love the place. Of course there is a lot of wildlife to be seen here, like in the rest of Kenya. But you can also go to Kibera and experience a part of Kenya unseen by most tourists. Kibera is the biggest slum in East Africa, but also the most friendly slum!
Nairobi - POLLMANS GOLD MEDAL SAFARI - AVOID, TERRIBLE, AWFUL - uso. Date of travel: Jul 2009
If you are looking whether to book or not a Safari in Kenya with Gold Medal, Pollmans, DON'T. Here is my story with them: In July me and my partner went to Kenya on a trip organized by a UK company. Once we arrived at the airport nobody was there waiting for us (although the company is now arguing they were) and we were approached by a stranger who said he was a Pollmans' employee. He took us into an office at the airport (a proper office) and he asked us to anticipate $50 towards the transfer fare and he said we would be reimbursed at the reception at the hotel. I asked for a receipt and gave him $50. He was a fake taxi of course and we never got the $50 back from the reception. We paid in advance for the whole trip but if somebody asks "are you waiting for Pollmans?" and takes you to an office you sort of believe that it's ok and you go along. On the way back to the airport we fortunately found the same person at the desk of the office (woman, not the taxi driver) and we got the money back shouting at her that we had been conned. Pollmans' involvement was that 1) they didn't show up, 2) they didn't want to refund us for the service they didn't provide 3) their customer service is awful as they have failed to give me a reasonable explanation on why they couldn't pay me back. If I hadn't asked for the receipt at the beginning I wouldn't even have got the $50 back, an older couple got $150 stolen from them, this is what POLLMANS proudly told us! saying that we were smart to get a receipt! The older couple didn't even get a dollar back. How did the fake taxi driver know that we were waiting for POLLMANS? Why didn't POLLMANS pay us back? It would have been only about $35, I work and earn enough, my argument was only for the principle. Anyway, if you are going to Kenya, avoid anything to do with POLLMANS , GOLD MEDAL , because if anything happens to you they don't recognize you as their customer. Regards Marco
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Grand Regency | * * * * * |
Hilton | * * * * * |
Inter-Continental | * * * * * |
New Stanley | * * * * * |
Norfolk | * * * * * |
Safari Park | * * * * * |
Serena | * * * * * |
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Holiday Inn Nairobi | * * * * * |
Safari Club | * * * * * |
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Nairobi Youth Hostel | * * * * * |
Holiday Inn Mayfair Court | * * * * * |
Jacaranda | * * * * * |
Macushla House | * * * * * |
Panafric | * * * * * |
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Giraffe Manor | * * * * * |
Giraffe Manor | * * * * * |
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