From the long, palm-lined beachfront promenade of this rather shabby, but atmospheric, Moroccan city it is possible to see the coast of Spain across the strait of Gibraltar, but wandering the alleyways of the old Medina and the arcades of the Kasbah makes one realise this is a world away from Europe. Ancient mosques, grandmore
Tangier - Jack. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Do I love Tangier? No, but no intense dislike either. Many travelers have ill feelings about this city. It's the predators. They lurk around looking for the new comers. I was a new arrival and got scammed a bit but made off receiving some genuine hospitality as well. If you can, make any purchases elsewhere. If you can't, be watchful. Ask people for help but be wary of those who come to you. This was the town some of the Beat Generation got literary in. It's changed a lot since then but for fans it's worth showing up and giving a salute.
Tangier - Jame. Date of travel: May 2007
A city in a crossroad, Tangier is situated in the point where the African and European continent meet. It's distinguished by its history and its geographical position. I spent a very nice day with a guide of tourism, Mr.Cheebaa,who help me during my visit and gave me all the information about the city.
Tangier is awesome - Tina P.Staly. Date of travel: Nov 2006
Its easy to take a hydrofoil ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier for a day Trip- only 45 minutes. I think the ferry was about $45 each one way. Tangier is awesome. As a working adult I would definitely pay more and hire a guide and walk around Tangier to save time and Visit The City in convenience. Tangier’s 17th century fortified residential quarter, or Kasbah, is a place of arcades, winding alleys and hidden terraces, where it is possible to wander among the wealthy homes and sometimes manage a peep behind the unprepossessing facades, enjoying views of the medina and the bay. The Kasbah mosque features an interesting octagonal minaret, and stands in the mechovar (parade ground). Visitors are welcomed at the Sultan’s Gardens in the Rue Riad Sultan to the north of the mechovar, where they can watch local craftsmen at work and sit awhile on the terrace of the Moorish café Le Detroit. On a clear day it is possible to see the Spanish city of Tarifa about 18 miles (30km) away. While in Tangier, our guide arranged for us to have our own four piece band and entertainment in one of the lovely side rooms in the Restaurant. Have you ever dreamt of dancing on an inlaid marble floor, in a room with handcarved arches, plush velvet settees, handcarved brass tables, brass lanterns, a warm ocean breeze coming in off of the veranda? Well gang, we had it all. . . I lived my dream! Our guide even arranged for a male tray dancer to entertain us, and give us a lesson to boot! The food was luscious. . . tajine (a Moroccan stew), couscous, mint tea, and desserts that would knock your socks off! I never enjoyed fresh fruit like I did in Morocco. we were also served sliced oranges covered with cinnamon. . . a dream! Shopping at the local carpet store was another experience. You're seated on long benches and served mint tea while the proprietor unrolls everything from Berber to Arab/Persian carpets. Morocco was one of the most interesting and beautiful countries I've every visited. The Moorish history and architecture in cities like Tangier was amazing beyond words.
we Loved Morocco & Tangier was great! - Nancy P. Coon. Date of travel: Sep 2006
we Loved Morocco & Tangier was great!
A single visit to Tangier is enough to ensure that you never forget this fascinating city where history and legend are entwined. It is almost impossible not to get lost in the steep alleyways that tumble over the hillsides. A colourful crowd of foreign and Moroccan tourists likes to get out and about in Tangier - the gateway of Africa. Our journey continues southwards to Tarifa, where we board the ferry and cross the Straits of Gibraltar. On arrival in Tangier we have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach before transferring to our hotel for one night, the Movenpick, situated close to the City. We enjoy a sightseeing tour of this historic Moroccan port, which includes a visit to the Souk. Discover the food and culture of Morocco [MAGHRIB] Join your local guide in a Non-touristy experience so you feel like a Native Peerson. David, our Personal guid/Tour Director In Morocco, was comprehensive & fabulous. The driver was great to free things to see and places to visit throughout Morocco! A customized guided tour by private Car, gives you complete freedom to explore Morocco at your pace, with an itinerary that suits your interests. From a few hours in Tangier, a day trip to either Assilah or Tetouan/Chefchaouen, enjoy the ideal combination of an experienced licensed Tourist guide and his Private A.C Minivan. Explore the Kasbah Neighborhood with an off the beaten path route and historical walking tour. Blend with the locals at a Medival old food market in the heart of Cities Such as Tangier, Marrakesh Fes....Smell, taste, buy and take home the locally Made handicrafts! Savor a typical Fassia Salad accompanied by an authentic Moroccan dish for lunch at a family owned restaurant next to the Djemaà Fena Plaza. The heart of Tangier is the great socco or great souk. This square has a permanent market which attracts both the mountain people and their wives in traditional dress, and tourists from all over the world. To the south the great souk is dominated by a high minaret decorated with polycrome earthenware tiles. The senses are constantly aroused by colours, aromas and sounds that are at first surprising but which rapidly become normal. Very close to the great souk is the small souk: a cramped, continually lively square, a meeting place where you can chat peacefully in the cafes or restaurants which exude the aromas of mint tea and a range of Moroccan specialities. The tiny streets surrounding the small souk are full of stalls packed with the most varied objects. If you feel like it, you are sure to find among this delightful bric-a-brac the item that will remind you of Tangier years later.
Spain, Portugal, Morocco - Larry White. Date of travel: Feb 2005
Spain, Portugal, Morocco
In feb of 2005, I did my first trip. I went with 14 other people- mostly from the US and Australia - to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. In Spain, we went to Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Costa del Sol, Seville, and Salamanca. In Morocco, we went to Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier. In Portugal, we went to Lisbon, Estoril, Cascais, and Sintra. I loved the amount of information we were given from the guide in Morocco, [Charif] I liked the amount we saw in such a short time, I liked the price of the tour, I didn't like not having control of anything (hotels, destinations, schedule), I didn't like not being able to see any one thing at length, you cant see ANYTHING like Tangier in Europe. you just cant. I'm glad I went.
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