A city still in the making, Abuja has been deliberately designed to serve as the capital of Nigeria, conceived as recently as 1975, becoming the seat of Government in 1992. A holiday in Abuja is worthwhile simply to marvel at its context as a totally contrived city with leafy avenues, high-rise office and apartment buildingsmore
Abuja - John Snow. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Having been to Lagos several times I was pleased to get the chance for a visit to Abuja courtesy of the UK company I work for. I was also pleased to be leaving hectic Lagos for a short time. Abuja is amazing, the road from the airport to the city is immaculate, all the roads are immaculate and smooth - hardly suprising I guess as everything is so new. The buildings are pretty amazing too, a lot of the major banks/ oil companies are relocating their head offices to Abuja as it is less stressful and chaotic than Lagos. There is a giant church one side of the city which faces a giant mosque the other side. I guess this represents some sort of harmony between the religions. It seems alot less humid and a lot hotter in Abuja. I couldn't but feel although initially I was happy to be out of Lagos and somewhere seemingly more civilised I did miss the noise, hussle and bussle of Lagos life but it's good for a little breather!
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