The capital city of Peru, Lima is the gateway to the country for tourists, unfortunately not giving a very good first impression of this intriguing South American country. When you holiday in Lima be prepared for chaotic streets, rather drab, rundown buildings, choking smog and a sea of people everywhere. Most visitors stay in themore
Lima is fantastic - Vicky. Date of travel: Apr 2009
Lima is fantastic
Lima is such a magical city, with different districts, each one having a different atmosphere. I'd say Lima is a city of contrasts of all kinds, a vibrant city in which poverty and wealth co-exist on the same pavement, where modernity contrasts with history. Only in Lima you will find beautiful archaeological sites in the middle of a modern district surrounded by huge buildings! Lima is worth it for its various museums, including the famous Larco Museum for example that is definitely worth a few hours there. Lima is vibrant, sometimes noisy, but away from it you will miss all its aspects...
One day in Lima - advices to travellers - Rocío. Date of travel: Mar 2009
One day in Lima - advices to travellers
Like in every major city in the world, it can be quite stressful to plan a trip in Lima. But it shouldn’t be that daunting since Lima is a wonderful city which is definitely worth a few days there. I have noticed that some people don’t have high expectations from Lima, which is definitely a shame because being well-organized; Lima could be an unforgettable experience and a fascinating city. Lima center is a very charming and authentic colonial place characterized by an eclectic architecture. As in all the capitals of the world with a huge cultural legacy, Lima has wonderful museums. I am not scared to say that The Larco Museum for example is one of the best museums in the world and I have actually seen quite a lot. It is the only city where Pre-Columbian pyramids coexist with modern buildings. Lima is diverse and full of opportunities, of different places, each one of them having its own particular charm, each one of them providing its own particular atmosphere. There are two constants though…food and music. There you will eat like nowhere in the world.
Lima - Culture - An´So. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Lima - Culture
Lima is definitely a vibrant place, full of positive energy. Al Lima is a huge party, limeños are really welcoming and keen to make you learn about their culture, food, language... The highlight for me in Lima was the Larco Museum, which provides an important collection of pre-Columbian art and has an erotic gallery (with curious pots, called huacos, with moralistic or just humouristic purposes...!) Also, the Larco museum is one of the few museums in the world in which you can visit the storage area. Definitely a must seen in Lima!!!
Tequla Rock - Ron Witt. Date of travel: Oct 2008
For the past two Octobers I visited Lima, Peru. I had the supreme experece to party at the Teqilia Rock. The staff is out of this world they make a person feel right at home. The women are top quality. If you love beautiful women this is this only place to party in Lima.
Miraflores, the turistic district of Lima - Sharon Williams. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Lima is a very intringuing city, a mix of ancient and modern places. I loved the churches with colonial details and an art that is almost forgotten. Also the night life in Miraflores with the elegant casinos and discos... Usually the tours do not rescue the richness of this city. You need to be there to understand... The gastronomy in Lima is amazing. It joins all the flavours and the styles, from peruvian-creole, to peruvian-chinese, peruvian-italian and so forth
Peru a Fabulous Country - Jhon Heffernan. Date of travel: Mar 2006
Peru a Fabulous Country
Lima was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535, who chose it as the capital city because of its strategic location and its main port, Callao, which was a focal point on the Peruvian and South American coast. During colonial times the city was considered the most important metropolis in Latin America. Nowadays, Lima is the economic and political center of the country and houses almost 30% of the total population of Peru. Its surviving pre-Columbian constructions and colonial temples and houses give the city a magnificent architectural mixture. The downtown area is where you can appreciate this mixture by visiting the Cathedral, the Torre Tagle Palace, San Francisco, Santo Domingo, San Pedro and Las Nazarenas churches, as well as the beautiful nineteenth century houses that have stunning balconies. A little further ahead, on the way to Miraflores, another important area of the city, you can find the Pucllana Indian Tomb, an impressive pre-Columbian ceremonial complex, which many assure is a very good starting point of the tour. Intense cultural and entertaining activities have characterized this city since the sixteenth century, and now it offers you a number of museums and art galleries as well as modern shopping centers and exciting night life. If you get to Lima during the bullfighting season, you must visit Acho: the oldest bullfighting ring in America, and the third oldest in the world. Another interesting aspect of the city is its rich ethnic fusion that can be seen in its ingenious and playful people, in the tradition of The Lord of the Miracles (El Señor de los Milagros), and also in the wide array of culinary options. In 1991 UNESCO declared Lima mankind’s historical monument, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fabulous city.
Lima nightlife - Terry Henry. Date of travel: Feb 2005
If you are a single guy and have a night to spare in Lima then I just have two words for you. Tequila Rocks. It's in Miraflores, can't remember the exact name of the street, I think it might be Porta, but I'm not sure. It's just full of beautiful women. I worked in Peru for a while and went to a few places but this was easily the best for meeting women. They are friendly and attractive and some speak English, but if you can speak Spanish you'll have more fun. The etiquette in Lima is that a guy always buys a girl drinks. It's such a wonderful place to meet friendly women from Lima, I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fulfilling cross cultural experience and get to know the country Limeñas better.
Franklin Schutz. Date of travel: Aug 2004
I lived in Lima 2 years. The slums areas, 'barriados', and the affluent rich areas sit next to each other: the adobe roofless huts in the slums house up to 8 people per hut sleeping often in shifts due to lack of space, while rich folk think nothing of having a weekend shopping spree in Paris or London. Peru suffers of constant corruption.
Sasha Kirkwood. Date of travel: Nov 2003
If you can only go to one museum in Lima then make it the National Museum - you can't beat this for an excellent introduction to the country and its culture. I was amazed at how archeologically rich Peru is. The museum also helps to sort out all the different civilisations and who did what in history - very useful especially if it comes at the beginning of your travels in the country. When you get to see all the various sights in Peru you will be grateful to have been to this museum beforehand!
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