The seething metropolis of Manila, capital of the Philippines, is not for the faint-hearted. Situated on the east coast of Luzon, the largest island in the archipelago, this sprawling city started out as a humble village, and is now home to more than six million. A holiday in Manila is worthwhile though to explore themore
No place to be for fun, unless you like girlie bars - Jayshway. Date of travel: Dec 2008
Manila is crowded and dirty, and basically everyone has their hand out or is looking to trick you in some way. I like the Philippines a lot, I'm engaged to a Filipina, but the only reason to be in Manila is passing through or doing business with the government. The less time I spend in Manila the better I like it.
Let's set the record straight ... - Kano Bill. Date of travel: Sep 2008
First, Manila is not only a city in it geographic boundries, but also a location in general. What have been lacking in prevous reports are what specific parts or areas to visit or stay away from. One of the newest shopping malls, Mall of ASIA, located Manila harbor in Pasig City is immense and would take the average person at least 3-4 days to visit every shop, and include a movie and even a few hours at the indoor ice skating rink. My one question... Where does one buy ice skates? Better bring yours from home! For the kids, They would like to spend a full day at either Manila Zoo, Star City amusement park, or even Manila Childrens Museum where they can see many displays of the past history and up to interactive science and learning discovery. (Entrance fee is like $3.00 for non-residents) Travel in and about the metropolitan areas of Manila is best by either Taxi or the light rail system (MRT & LRT) where end to end fare is less than $0.50. The bus and jeepney (mini van) routes are unpublished and difficult to understand for the NEWBIE tourist, not to mention slow and often crowded at rush hour times of the day. First time tourist will find reasonable Hotel rates in Mabini, Manila and some of the best night life too. This is the area most frequented by the 20's and 30's age group. Personally, I enjoy the "foreigner" owned establishments for that out of the ordinary cuisine. Overall, if I was wanting the best vacation I can have, I would not stay in Manila, but go to some of the more popular tourist locations that others have mentioned. one of my Favorite is just south of Manila in Laguna, Cavite. 24hrs Open Hot springs swimming pools with available hotel rooms for up to 6 persons each.. Just $5 a head , room charge is extra, Beer and Food allowed of course.
Manila - Ghost Rider. Date of travel: May 2008
I have been to Manila twice now. Once for 10 days in October 2007 and for a few days in May 2008. I meet my Philippian girlfriend there. Went to Mall of Asia, Mega Mall, Makati Business District, Manila Ocean Park. If you go to Manila you have to spend the time and take a day trip to the Taa Volcano. If you don't have a local friend to take you around, I think itís best to hire a driver. If you want new experiences, then ride a Jeepney or Tricycle at least once. The money exchange rate was 44 to 1 and 42 to 1, so most things are real cheap like food, lodging and transportation. Name brand imported stuff is expensive. You can have a great cheap vacation in the Philippines and have the experience of a lifetime, especially how people in different areas of the world live. The Philippine people are nice people and they make you feel special. I hope to go back in October.
Manila is underrated - JA. Date of travel: Dec 2006
I cannot believe how a lot of write-ups about Manila are sprawling with such unpleasant remarks. Obviously, these writers HAVE NOT done their homework. Had they researched better, they would know that most petty crimes in the Philippines are rooted in the country's poverty. There are next to no native psychos out here. Most commit crimes only in order to feed their families. If one would only scratch beneath the surface (created by poverty and years of political instability), you will find surprises lurking in every corner of this often-ignored archipelago. This place is full of natural resources and a most wondrous asset--its gracious and helpful people. There are hidden gems in this part of the world--if only one would overlook the slight inaccessibility of some areas (if one is looking for comfort, private group bus/van transfers can be negotiated for a minimal cost.) But backpacking is way cheaper, and the experiences on the road are sure to be priceless. It's the best way to meet vibrant characters & friendly citizens. Must-see places--El Nido, Bohol, Boracay, Pagudpud, Baguio, Tagaytay, Intramuros, etc...
Manila - Luke Warm. Date of travel: Oct 2006
I think Manila could quite possibly be the best city in the world, its in alot of places 24 hours and even if you go to the more affluent areas still quite cheap compared to the west, the people genrally are quite westernised, but there are two "big" minuses, the bad polution mainly caused by all those smoke belching jeeps, etc , so clean air it has not and get the rubbish cleaned away from alot of the more run down areas. The fresh fish is superb and I highly recommend Parangue near the airport to buy your fish from the market and let the nearby restaurants cook it and serve it for you.
Pete Malvicini. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Misperceptions about Manila: Nice website. Crime is not rife in Manila compared with any large city in North America. In fact, violent personal crime is rare, especially for foreigners and strangers. I have lived here as an expat for 5 years. Far more terrorism in NY and DC than Manila. There are danger spots in the far south, but that is a 2hr. plane ride. I would walk in the worst Manila neighborhood at night before the best ones in NY, DC, or Chicago. The Philippines has been beaten up economically; please don\'t perpetuate distorted views based on paranoid State Department advisories. Ask people who know. Thanks. Tour Operator: n/a
Jamie Anne Viray. Date of travel: Jun 2005
You have to be Filipino to go around. If not you lose the beauty of the place. Foreigners are just blind to the charm of Manila. You just have to know how to get around is all.
A Great Place - Chris Davis. Date of travel: Mar 2004
Write ups are far different from reality. Manila is one of the best places in Asia and on Earth. It is not that bad as written on your report. Yes there are poor people and pollution is somehow a bit out of hand but that's because of the economic and political instability of the area. Politics is too much and for that I pity the Filipino people, but in general Filipinos are some of the best people in the world in all aspects. I love the place and the people.
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