Krakow, Poland’s Royal city in the Middle Ages, is simply splendid. The central old town is a mix of cobbled streets, majestic buildings, cosy pubs and trendy outdoor cafes, reflecting a lively spirit and enclosed in a belt of parkland. Krakow is Poland’s most popular holiday city, overlooked by a magnificent castle and crammed withmore
I love Krakow - Mohamed . Date of travel: Dec 2009
I was really happy with my stay in Krakow and I have visited more than 10 countries, and one of the best was Krakow.
We loved it! - Andy & Julie. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Krakow is a beautiful city!
Krakow - Graham and Connie. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Krakow is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. I would advise a visit to to Europyska Bar restaurant on the square at the corner of Slawkowska Street, the ambiance and staff attentiveness is second to none, meals are great and the puddings are awesome! If you are looking for things to do, well the Wawel Castle is wonderful. the Kazimerz district is full of rich history, some of which is sad and very thought-provoking. Auschwitz-Birkenau (Osviecim), well what can I say? The scale of the place will astound you, sadden your heart and I guarantee you will be unable to describe your feelings afterwards. Having said that you will not regret seeing it for yourself, go on a proper tour via tourist info. You find out so much more. The Wieliczka salt mine was beautiful and after a long walk down steps you enter an amazing awe-inspiring place, go on a proper tour as you have a guide in the mine. This is a mist do. one word describes it - astonishing. The Jewish Cemetery in Kazimierz is sad but worth seeing. It is not a big place but you can see a wall made of grave stones destroyed by the Nazis and rebuilt in rememberance. Another can be seen at the Remuh Cemetery on Miodowa Street which is close by. One word of advice, don't get a golf buggy tour. buy some books and read up before you go. Almost all of the main sites in Krakow are within easy reach if you like a 30 minute walk or so. And although much of the history and sites are of a sad nature, the warmth of the people we met kept us cheery! hope you enjoy your time here as much as we did!
Unforgettable, unbelivabble, unordinary - Ian. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Krakow is one of the most amazing cities I had a possibility to visit. When you walk through its old streets you get an impression that you are touching the history itself.
We loved Krakow - Andy. Date of travel: May 2008
We loved Krakow
My lovely wife and I just returned from a spring getaway to the hidden Eastern European gem of Krakow. What a lovely time we had, walking around the main square, dining out in Kazimierz the old Jewish quarter and relaxing in the knowledge that we had wonderful home to return to at the end of a long day being idle.
I loved it!!!!! - Anne. Date of travel: May 2008
Krakow is a beautiful town in the middle of the Eastern Europe!I wasn't expecting it to be so stunning and full of attractions. I strongly recommend the place. It's full of history, astonishing monuments and fantastic, friendly people. What I haven't mentioned is a myriad of pubs and bars around the old city. If you are looking for a place to have fun, meet interesting people and love the history and art don't hesitate - come to Krakow!!!!
Krakow should translate 'will return'- I did - John McEvoy. Date of travel: Feb 2008
Krakow is special, different and unique. A must for the explorer who likes different and a passing interest in history because it simply cries out to you from its beautiful buildings and friendly people.
Great location and starting point for trips to the mountains - Eric Goodyer. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Krakow is a great location for seeing surrounding sites and then on to Slovakia, Europe's hidden and low cost gem.
Visit Krakow - Helen Black. Date of travel: Apr 2007
I have only just returned from Krakow and I already miss it. As a matter of fact I have already booked another week at the same apartment for the autumn half-term! Krakow is a fantastic holiday destination. I just love this city. There is something for everyone. Eating-out is absolutely brilliant. There are lots of concerts, music clubs, etc. And the most important: Polish people are fantastically friendly. Just one more thing: make sure you have comfortable shoes. Since most of the main sights are concentrated around the historic centre, the best way to explore Krakow is on foot!
Krakow - Ruth Chambers. Date of travel: Oct 2006
We have just got back from a holiday in Krakow. Unfortunately on our first night we decided to dine in a restaurant (there are three of these particular restaurants in Krakow and they serve mainly chicken). We got food poisoning which took hold the following morning. We were unable to do three prebooked and prepaid tours. Our entire stay was spent going from our bed to the toilet, I have never felt so ill. I have lost 4 kilos in weight. We spent a considerable amount of money for our week long holiday which was completely ruined by the inadequacies of the restaurant. Please beware, I would hate it to ruin someone elses holiday like it did ours.
Krakow - William Read. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Krakow itself is a very well preserved historic city, well worth a visit. The vast city quare is one of the highlights, as is the royal castle and many beautiful churches. For the shopper, a new shopping mall next to the railway station is far superior to its equivalents in the UK such as Merry Hill and the Trafford Centre.
Krakow - Roger Yorky. Date of travel: May 2006
My wife, two friends and myself visited Krakow in May 2006. A very interesting weekend away, we visited Auschwitz of course and the salt mines at Wieliczka. We did both trips by private taxi and this worked out cheaper and more flexible than the alternative of taking these trips with one of the normal tour operators. Unfortunately there was a MAJOR downside to our trip, as it coincided with a visit from the Pope. Hence the city was not only crowded, with many roads closed for security purposes, but worst of all was the 'utter madness' in a decision (presumably by the city elders) to enforce an alcohol ban within 50 kilometers of Krakow for 2 days. We could not buy any alcohol whatsoever during this time - not even an 'Irish Coffee'. We are not heavy drinkers, but do like wine with our meals, and would have loved to have experienced an occasional beer whilst watching the 'world go by' in one the squares pavement cafe's. How must the numerous stag and hen party visitors have felt !!!!!!!! Having visited Rome with the Pope there and still being able to have a drink, made the decision by 'Krakow' to have a TOTAL ban on alcohol a bit silly. Tour Operator: Expedia
Michele Smith. Date of travel: Dec 2005
We returned last night following a really wonderful 5 days in Krakow. We booked flight and hotel ourselves and everything went like clockwork - the hotel arranged for a taxi to pick us up from the airport - and yes, it was there - always a good start! Our hotel was excellent value and perfectly situated- I would certainly recommend Hotel Polski to anyone visiting Krakow. The market was magical, and the hot wine was not only delicious but did an excellent job of providing that 'inner glow' needed when the temperature is -2. Only one complaint: we took a tour organised by Krakow Tours which we felt was poor value- it was rushed and lacked any enthusiasm. We were even dropped off at a different location to the one we had been picked up with no clear directions. Some other guests staying in our Hotel had a similar experience the day before involving 'Krakow Tours' so not recommended. Apart from that. lovely people and lots to take in, brilliant restaurants and bars too. Tour Operator: Arranged ourselves
Clasra Pienaar and Mariet Swanepoel. Date of travel: Feb 2005
After 14 years of wishing, our wish came true and we had the pleasure of visiting Krakow. This was the most wonderful experience for me and my sister. The beauty of Krakow can't be explained. You do not have to visit as a sight of interest you walk live and breath it, in Krakow. The friendly people, the lovely history and the wonderful accommodation made it every minute worth while. How can you say you travelled if you did not visit Krakow. Our visit to Auschwitz made us beter persons and I can recomend it to every one. Tomasz Cebulski our Tour guide was a plus in our experience; do visit Auschwitz with him.
Julie Van Veen. Date of travel: Sep 2003
Krakow is wonderful, a really happening place and so beautiful too with the architecture and the giant square. My friend and I wanted to go to visit the death camps at Auschwitz, but were a bit nervous about what we will find, however we found them so very interesting even though they are very depressing and horrifying. It is part of history that everyone should visit in Poland.
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