Cape Town
Dominated by its landmark, Table Mountain, Cape Town, on the southern-most tip of Africa, is not a town at all, but a vibrant multi-cultural city where beggars and street hawkers rub shoulders with millionaires. Those who holiday in Cape Town can experience the poverty of the townships, bask on beautiful beaches, visit fascinating historic sites,more
Best icecream in the city - Franc. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Go for a walk along the lovely Seapoint promenade for a slice of Cape Town life in all its glory. Great views out to sea, lots of people watching, very safe. And the far end of the walk (Waterfront side) is Lecce Gelataria which has Cape Town's best ice-cream. Grab a cone and walk the walk!
Pringle Bay is fantastic - Dave. Date of travel: Jan 2010
Pringle Bay is fantastic
We spent a week in Pringle Bay in January and had an amazing time. We caught lobsters direct from the ocean every day, swam in a warm lagoon and just relaxed on the beach enjoying the awesome views. Pringle bay is 1/5 hours from Cape town along one of the most beautiful roads i have ever driven along.
Beautiful, luxury in the heart of Cape Town - Samira Patel. Date of travel: Dec 2009
The best city in the world!
wow, what a city! - Jane McLaren. Date of travel: Feb 2009
wow, what a city!
The city of Cape Town is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery - you have the option of exploring the ocean (shark cage diving, sunset cruises, Robben Island trips, diving, swimming...) and the glorious mountains (the famous Table Mountain, Lion's Head at full moon, Signal Hill and the beautiful Devil's Peak where you can walk all the way to Rhodes Memorial...) - Incredible city! The night life is awesome. Camps Bay is spectacular at night - we spent most of our time hopping from one gorgeous restaurant/club to the next! No one has lived until they step foot on African soil.
Cape Town - Paradise in Africa - J.M.Paraskiva. Date of travel: Feb 2009
Being the first time I travelled to Cape Town, I considered it one of the most beautiful places in the world. For 12 days I had the opportunity to visit some places e.g. the Waterfront, Table Mountain, Cape Agulhas and some beautiful beaches on the way. I need to mention that I travelled all the way from Maputo to Cape Town and it was a pleasant trip.
Walk up Lions Head - Dave. Date of travel: Jan 2009
Get a great view of the city by walking up Lions Head in Cape Town. You can see 360 degrees and get a real sense of perspective where everything is. Go at sunset for amazing views. The walk up takes 1 hour. Bring water. Avoid the chains if you are not into heights. It pretty safe over the summer season as there are plenty of guards and lots of other walkers. You can do a tandem paraglide from the half way point.. just ask the jumpers for details.
Backpacking Cape Town - Chad. Date of travel: Nov 2008
I dig Cape Town. I stayed on Long Street, the big party street. Lots to do there besides party though. Museums, parks, tours, shark diving, sky diving... One can also take dance, boxing, martial arts... I ended up staying there a while and got mixed up in all sorts of things that don't really apply to the usual visitors. Oh and Sandy Bay is a nude beach. I was there in the winter and got to gaze upon local fat men looking out for the women that never came.
Helicopter flight - Chris Perfect. Date of travel: Nov 2008
You have to do the one hour helicopter flight. It takes you from Cape Town down to and around the cape of Good Hope back up the other coastline over Simons Town. Absolutely breath taking. Costs R6000.
World of Birds is cool - DaveF. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Took a trip to World of Birds in Hout Bay on the weekend and was really impressed. There are over 400 different species there, and a wide variety of monkeys and other animals too. There is a great play area for kids and a decent little cafe for tea and cakes. The owner is fighting a battle with property developers and his awesome park needs all the visitors it can get! It's an ideal excursion if you have little kids as they pretty much go crazy for this kind of stuff.
Art and Craft in Cape Town - Lucie. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Hi everybody! During my 6-months stay in Cape Town, I discovered a wonderful fair trade company: Streetwires. They create and market hand-made wire & beaded products in providing sustainable employment for more than hundred formerly unemployed people. You could learn more about this enterprise. Find it on the Internet or in their shop at 77 Shortmarket St in Cape Town!
Amazing city! - Jemima Ruben. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Cape Town rocks!! We managed to find a cheap deal for July/August and have been blessed with great weather. It gets cold at night, but the days have been crisp and sunny. The cable car, lions head, scenic coastal road, long street and the CBD are definite highlights. We found this charming alleyway off long street...think it's called Church Street. Great restaurant there called Cafe Mozart. You can sit there for hours and watch people browse the antique stalls and all Cape Town's characters walk by. Great coffee and breakfasts and the owner Tom is really cool, he made us feel very welcome and he's a pommie too!!
Table Mountain - Marc. Date of travel: Jul 2008
I recently visited Cape Town with some friends and want to share with you the wonderful service I received from a company called TableMountainGuides.com. They source certified mountain guides to take visitors up Table Mountain. To be honest when I first heard of them I thought to myself "Why do I need a guide?" but we felt that it was probably the safer thing to do as we really didn't know the mountain at all. And I am so glad we did - our guide was absolutely phenomenal - he knew the mountain backwards and was able to take us on a route far away from the crowds of people going up the touristy routes. He tells me there are 365 ways of ascending Table Mountain (one for each day of the year!) and that their business can take you up each and every one of them. Not only that but our trip was immeasurably improved by our guides knowledge of the flora and fauna - there are over 10000 species of fynbos and getting to know many of them was actually really interesting. I highly recommend their services and wish them all the best with their business. They have a website which has all their contact details on it. Do a search in Google for "tablemountainguides" (all one word) and you'll find their site. Next time I'm back in CT I'm definitely going back up the mountain with them - only another 364 routes to go!!! ;-)
Why go Blue if you can go Meyl? - Suzie Jones. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Why go Blue if you can go Meyl?
While the Shosholoza Meyl does not have anything approaching the decadence of the Blue Train it makes up for it in rock solid service and comfort. The 26 hours between Cape Town and Johannesburg is spent in secure and cozy repose. There is no entertainment on the train - so it is the perfect way to travel if you want to catch up or some reading or computer work (two pin plugs are available in every compartment). The restaurant car is perfectly lovely with a simple menu available throughout the day and the showers are shared but clean and hot. There is no better value for money and safety is not a problem. It is possible to drive your car onto the platform in Johannesburg and porters are available at both stations. Tour Operator: HotelsCombined.com
Fantastic family holiday - WHP. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Fantastic family holiday
Returned recently from a fantastic holiday in Cape Town with my wife and four boys. We stayed in Camps Bay which is central and has spectacular views and is near some great beaches. The main Camps Bay beach gets busy over this busy season, particularly on Boxing Day and New Years day when half the townships seem to appear. But there are always quieter options, particularly Llandudno. Clifton is a great option when its windy. There is lots for kids to do around Cape Town, we particularly like Muizenberg where the boys went surfing and down the waterslides. There are some good little cafes here for lunch including the Olive Station and Empire Cafť. Boulders Beach and the penguins are further on beyond Simons Town, you must do this but get there before 9.30 if possible as there's limited space. Book the Black Marlin for lunch, 10 minutes beyond Boulders. We didnít bother going to Cape Point as were told its overrated. A walk up Lions head is lovely in the early evening, itís a fairly easy climb (no more than an hour each way) and good for photo opportunities. Our elder boys (8 and 9) did it no problem. We made the mistake of going to Hermanus one day. It is a minimum of two hours drive with Christmas traffic and is packed and very overrated! We didnít explore the Winelands as we had kids in tow, but I gather Franchoek is definitely worth visiting to enjoy a leisurely lunch and wander around a couple of wine farms. Cape Town also has excellent restaurants, which are very reasonably priced by international standards. Try Paranga in Camps Bay and Wakami for sushi and seafood in Greenpoint. Both have great settings. Book restaurants well in advance. Look at wordtravels.com for restaurant reviews.
Trendy Cosmopolitan City - Aischa and Roland. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Cape Town is amazing!! We just got back from South Africa after travelling there for three weeks but we only got to spend one week in Cape Town, we could have stayed forever! The city is not big like we are used to in Europe but the people, the beaches, restaurants and all the activities you can do all add up to make it a very special city. We climbed Lions Head the one evening to watch the sun set and that was just the cherry on top! I think it is the mountain and the sea that make this city so special, the view from Lions Head was just something we have never seen before and we will never forget it. We loved having coffee in the morning at one of the many coffee shops and then heading out to see some shops, flea markets and museums and then just spending the rest of the day on one of the best beaches in the world! We liked Clifton but the water is so cold! A tip for travellers to Cape Town and South Africa, it is good to hire a car so that you can really see a lot, the local transport does not always take you to the places that you would like to go and itís good have a car for the evenings. We will definitely be back to Cape Town, probably to support Germany in the World Cup!
My favorite City - Laura W.. Date of travel: Dec 2007
My favorite City
Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Gorgeous Oceans, mountains. Friendly people and inexpensive. Good night life and parties all the time. The wine farms there (about 30-45 minutes outside Cape Town) make the ones in California look ugly. Recommend going to Spier... best wine farm and amazing dinner with the local cuisines.
Beautiful seaside city - US Traveller. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Cape Town has a wealth of things to do - Cape Point, wine tours, whale watching, crafting - be sure to spend at least 3 nights. Food is also excellent. Only caveat, if you're planning a trip to South Africa, avoid using Go2Africa. They were the only downside of an otherwise fantastic Africa experience.
Cape Town: World of Birds - Susan Green. Date of travel: May 2007
The World of Birds in Hout Bay is magnificent. the place boasts of a rich biodiversity in the form of hundreds of bird species along with an exotic variety of wildlife. It is amazing!!!
The ultimate safaris if you love the ocean - Gregory Hutton-Squire. Date of travel: Nov 2006
I have always loved marine biology and all things to do with the ocean and when I saw the brochure for marine safaris around Cape Town I jumped at the chance. I have never learnt so much extraordinary information about the life beneath our seas. My guide was a qualified marine biologist and her knowledge and ability to share that with the group was amazing. Did you know limpets can change sex at will? This is a very different tour and it is amazing. I highly recommend this company, Strandloper Safaris I think was their name, for treating me like a jewel and increasing my love of the ocean.
Pretty awesome! - Dori Jordan. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Just spent two weeks in Cape Town where it is supposed to be spring ... but more like high summer! Wow, never seen such blue sea or lived in such high style for so little (exchange rate is kind to Brits!). We stayed at Llandudno on the Peninsula, right on the beach, but spent days out at the Waterfront and in the winelands. There is so much to do and see. My favourite place was Hout Bay, just a quick drive from where we stayed. It is a fishing harbour with lots of interesting shops and some amazing restaurants. Don't miss the seafood at Mariner's Wharf! Will definitely be returning. The picture shows the view from where we stayed at Villa Hargreaves.
A remarkable city - Sarah Darrens. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Cape Town is an extraordinary city that is well worth visiting! There is so much to see and do and experience. There are brilliant restaurants such as Madame Zingaras and Royale, there is Table Mountain to climb (or take the cable car), the Waterfront and Robben Island are a must, the National Gallery and the South African National Museum and the Jewish Museum are all worth a visit, township tours are a must, and visit the Bo-Kaap, the beautiful beaches, browse plenty of shops and enjoy a lovely contrast of architectures. there is also a fascinating divide between the haves and the have nots and this is evident when one enters the city from the airport. It is an interesting aspect to the city and certainly makes one pause for thought as one potters around as a tourist!! One definitely needs to give oneself time to be able to absorb everything and see all there is to see! There are plenty of day trips to make, too, and we loved seeing the African Penguins at Boulders in Simonstown. Hout Bay is also beautiful and a treat is a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The people are friendly, the scenery is unbelievable and you won't be bored for a second!
Awesome city to travel - Susan Green. Date of travel: May 2006
Cape Town lies at the southernmost tip of Africa and surrounded by beautiful scenic places. You can enjoy the different water activities in some of the gorgeous beaches of Cape Town and also spend your evening in some happening club or restaurant.
Most beautiful city - Patrick Murphy. Date of travel: Apr 2006
We visited Cape Town after an absence of 3 years and were impressed with a lot of the changes made. The nightlife along Long Street was great, the food in the smaller restaurants was exceptional, parking facilities everywhere except Clifton have been upgraded and the amount of shopping malls increasing everyday. Security never seemed a problem and development is happening every day. Canal Walk is a entertainment complex that is out of this world. If I could advise you to stay away from the Waterfront, albeit beautiful, it is now just a tourist trap. There are loads more affordable and less congested spots along the coastline. Hope the above is of help and enjoy the most beautiful city in the world.
Cape Town's trendy restaurants - Hunter Hogan. Date of travel: Feb 2006
Don't eat at these hyped up trendy restaurants...cold food, over blown egos, patrinising, under-trained wait persons.
So much to see - Kristina. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Cape Town must be amongst the best travel destinations in the world. This city has so much to offer, so much to see, and all at very reasonable prices. Tour Operator: BA
Delicious seafood - Ulrich Dannecker. Date of travel: Mar 2005
Having lived in Cape Town for many years, it was nice to visit this superb city again. I could not believe the changes I saw. The 'Waterfront' had grown from 300 restaurants & pubs to nearly 400, nearly all of them with quayside seating, outdoor terraces, and food from all over the world. However, this was not the highlight of my holiday. In the town of Fish Hoek, some 20kms outside of Cape Town, I found a restaurant called the Fishhoek Galley. Situated on a lovely beach, this restaurant offers a vast menu of fresh seafood, prepared to perfection. Something for everybodys taste, and at very reasonable prices. For around R150/£12 you can enjoy South African cuisine at its best. The service was slick, the wine list extensive, and the views to die for.
Mary Steere. Date of travel: Jan 2005
Just got back from a great holiday in Cape Town. We stayed in Camps Bay and had a lovely time. Our only gripe is the sevice in the Camps Bay restaurants, which was generally terrible. The exception was the Codfather which was excellent. Please DON'T go the Summerville restaurant. The food is fairly average and the waiters are hopeless and rude. We know a number of people who have gone there and they have all had a bad experience. Five Flies in town was the best restaurant we went to in Cape Town. Tour Operator: independent
Mark. Date of travel: Aug 2004
We did a day trip to the Postberg Nature Reserve near Langebaan to see the spring flowers and they were all out there in their brightest colours - but it is a good idea to get there fairly early as the reserve is small and every little road gets crammed with cars. But some of the flowers tend to open only later in the morning and start to close mid-afternoon so lunch time is the peak period - on sunny days the crowds can't be avoided, but the flowers are really magnificent and worth the maddening crowds.
Sabina. Date of travel: Aug 2004
The Whale Trail in De Hoop Nature Reserve (5 days) is a fantastic hiking experience, but booking is a year in advance. The scenery is spectacular - first through the mountain fynbos and then along the coast - and the accomodation is superb with excellently placed huts with hot water showers, flush toilets, braai areas and lights! And if the lights don't work (they didn't at 3 of the huts) there are plenty of candles to use instead. We saw hundreds of whales all along the coastline with perfect views from the clifftops and lots of marine-rich rock pools to explore from the beaches below. And the bonus is that there is an option to have your bags transported between the huts so all you need to carry is a daypack with camera, binoculars, birdbook, costume and lunch!
Claire Myburg. Date of travel: Aug 2004
Although very similar to the Otter Trail up the east coast, the Whale Trail caters for a wider spectrum of people, as the walking is far easier, the days shorter and there is the option for an extra R200 to have your bag transported between the huts. And its only 3 hours drive from Cape Town. The scenery is spectacular and the huts are like no other ‚Äď hot water, lights and stunning locations with indoor and outdoor braai places! I would recommend having your bags carried as it allows you to take things that you would never normally carry on a hike in a daypack like bird and flower guides and binoculars. And the whale viewing was really as spectacular as every one says ‚Äď hundreds all along the coast, breaching, tail flapping etc. Fantastic!
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