Fast living, fast cars, fast development and fast money are the characteristics of South Africa’s metropolis, Johannesburg, set on an inland plain in the province of Gauteng. Built atop its gold mines, Johannesburg’s African name is Egoli, “the place of Gold”, but for most of its inhabitants, particularly in the vast southern township of Soweto,more
Jozi - Silvia. Date of travel: Dec 2008
Johannesburg is quite a particular city, unique in her kind I may say. If everywhere in the world you would aim at getting an accommodation in the town centre this does not happen there, where the city centre becomes a ghost part of town after the sunset. It is important to enjoy your stay to find a safe bit of town where to sleep. I found this safe shall in the colorful Melville. Some of the nicest restaurants and bars of town are here and the area in densely populated of locals enjoying Melville's clubs. What I really enjoyed of the area is that is very mixed. People from every race can easily be found around drinking together, which unfortunately does not happen in some other areas in town.
Diversity at its best - Lebo Dimapo. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Johannesburg is a city rich with different cultures and intresting places to see. Soweto, one of the the largest townships, is a place one can visit to enjoy local township food and see how different cultures live together. Great shopping experiances at Maponya mall is the best, where you can shop around for popular brand to local designers, restaurants that cater for eveyone and a great place for night entertainment.
The Way to GO! - Suzie. Date of travel: Jun 2008
The Way to GO!
They say there is none so pure as the converted - and I have gone from being nervous about visiting South Africa to the biggest fan of this country with a lot of the praise for my conversion going to the sleeper train running between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Wonderful service, great food, awesome views... the list really simply keeps going on! The staff definitely gives five star attention to all the guests in their care - the facilities are basic but in perfect working order and the entire 26 hour journey passes in comfort. At no point was safety an issue and extra service is offered to ensure maximum ease. It is possible to drive your car onto the platform in Johannesburg and offload directly next to the train for instance and porters are available at each station. It is the most affordable way to cross the country... and it definitely gets my vote! Tour Operator: HotelsCombined.com
I hated Johannesburg - Sandra. Date of travel: Oct 2007
We arrived in Johannesburg and on collection of our securely locked cases the locks had been broken off after security and items stolen from our luggage, we now understand this is a very common. Airport staff are unhelpful and surly. The airport don't seem to care that this must mean they have a bad security problem. We thought Gold Reef City Amusement Park, a rip off, the day we were there they shut all the rides at around 11.30 a.m. and did not re-open, no refunds. The depiction of the apartheid regime was well explained at a number of locations. The city feels unsafe all the better housing has security guards and is protected by razor wire. I adored the Kruger National Park but if to get to it involves travel to Joburg we will never go again.
Jozi vibe - James Norton. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Jozi has a fantastic energy and is a melding of first and third world. As a tourist you won't get the best of it without a car because the public transport sucks. You must remember you are in Africa and be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. The restaurants are fantastic, and shopping in Sandton City is to die for! Come with lots of cash! It is a city of contrasts and I think very unique.
Interesting City - Eva and Erynn. Date of travel: Mar 2007
Luckily when we visited Johannesburg we stayed with friends. They lived in an area called Bruma Lake that was on a hill and had quite a beautiful view of the city in the distance and the surrounding hills. From her lookout point next to her house you could really see why they say Joburg is the largest man made forest in the world, there really are a lot of trees, interesting birds and beautiful gardens. The nightlife in Joburg is booming, there are some good live music venues and from the rest of the South African cities I’d seen I think Joburg was the most integrated. Newtown is well worth a look, the city has some beautiful old buildings and some beautifully maintained parks on the outskirts. I guess a visit to Joburg is really about who you know.
For business only - Mark Kennedy. Date of travel: Aug 2006
For business only
Johannesburg is by far and away the major business city of South Africa and the only city with a western-style business vibe. But it's not the place to visit on holiday; it's spread out, unattractive and feels unsafe. It is however the main gateway to Southern Africa and is near to many of the best private game farms and of course the Kruger National Park. It has plenty of good hotels and some excellent restaurants, the downside is that most are in shopping malls, unlike in Cape Town where they're mostly on the street. The climate in Johannesburg is fairly mild and pleasant year-round. Rainy season runs from October to April, but the showers are predicable at around 4pm and followed by lovely balmy evenings.
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