Famously the “mile high city”, Denver, capital of Colorado, spreads out below the towering Rocky Mountains, a mile above sea level and a gateway to the glories of the great outdoors. Those who come to holiday in the modern, lively city use it as a base for all sorts of adventurous outdoor excursions into themore
Denver - Chad. Date of travel: May 2008
The town with the Brown Cloud. Surrounded by mountains is great for excursions but also traps the smog. Hense the notorious Brown Cloud. Not the most culturally diverse city either, but fun. A city center with music and fun pubs. Another one of those western cities whose main draw for me is the wilderness right next door.
Denver is Gorgeous - Valerie Mellema. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Denver is Gorgeous
I don't live far from Denver, but I never had the opportunity to visit it until this past October. We stopped in Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek on the way. Both cities are beautiful, but the drive to Denver is absolutely gorgeous. You can see for miles and better yet, the speed limit is 75 mph. So not only is it beautiful, but it's a fun drive as well. While in Denver we ate at Landry's Seafood House. They have the most delicious clam chowder. In fact, that's what my husband and I had with a delicious bruschetta bread appetizer with cheese dip. For desert, the banana foster is where it is at. It's two huge crepes filled with vanilla ice cream, two bananas on each side, covered in whipped cream and drizzled in caramel. It is so, so good. Landry's is rather expensive, two bowls of soup, an appetizer and a dessert with Cokes was about $50 plus tip. But every bite is well worth it. However, it was in a strange spot off the highway so you would exit, back track and then drive a bit to figure out how to actually get to the restaurant. After Landry's we hit the Denver Aquarium. It actually has a Landry's in it, but it's not advertised as such. The restaurant is owned and operated by Landry's though. This was an awesome aquarium and they had a spot where kids could pan for gold, the sea otters were adorable and the aquariums were spectacular. At the end you could feed the stingrays in a big touch tank. The gift shop was overpriced like most gift shops. Our last stop of the day was for a Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs game. We were there as Cubs fans and they unfortunately lost, but the stadium is beautiful and the game was great. No matter what you do in Denver, it's beautiful there and you'll love it. The weather was a little warm, but overall we had a great experience in this city and I can't wait to head back. Tour Operator: Hotelscombined.com
Denver - a city on the rise - Laura Grace. Date of travel: Apr 2005
First things first: Denver International Airport is a total joy and pleasure to arrive into. The layout is intuitive and simple, the signage clear, the trains quiet and frequent, and the mountain-peak-cum-gypsy-tent terminal design is airy and lovely. Next, the city itself teems with friendly residents, their moods elevated, no doubt, by the 300+ days of sunshine per year! I'm always impressed with how new things look in the city. Denver is on the rise in the American economy, and it shows. Best to stay in the Downtown area, within walking or short cab distance of all the major attractions like the 16th Street Mall, a charming promenade of trendy shops especially nice by night, the Buell Theatre complex which puts on award-winning independent productions next door to major Broadway tours, and sport events enough to satisfy the most avid fan. Besides all this, it's pretty tough to match the views of the amazing Rocky Mountains from Denver. Don't forget, Denver itself isn't a ski destination, just the gateway to the many, many ski resorts all along the Rockies. In my opinion, the best time to visit isn't in the winter at all, but in the early summer or, if you can, in the month of September, my favourite time to visit, when the Aspen begin to turn gold and rust and when the sky is so blue that it practically glows. September weather typically ranges from pleasant to spectacular, with warm, sunny days, and cool, clear nights. Denver is a great city -- funky, growing, unique, down-to-earth -- and the perfect introduction to a truly American way of life for those who want to avoid the cliches of coastal cities.
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