Portland (Oregon)
Portland, Oregon, is the largest city on the Pacific Coast of America between San Francisco and Seattle, but is often overlooked on the US tourist trail. A holiday in Portland with its plethora of micro-breweries and laid-back atmosphere, is full of fun. The city has a great waterfront park, light rail system and classy downtownmore
Portland (Oregon): Great City - Maria B. Date of travel: Mar 2009
While you're in Portland, Oregon, check out Voodoo Doughnuts, Urban Farmer in the new Nine's Hotel--a great lounge, Hotel 50s, and Hotel Moderna for hip lodging.
Love, me, and Portland - Chad. Date of travel: Apr 2008
Yes I do love this town, and I don't use 'love' lightly. New York is my favorite big city and Portland is my favorite small city. 'My love I will list the ways'... I'm overwhelmed where do I start... ok I'll just start rambling...progressive, yes it is. The art, the music, the dance, yes more than anything the dance. Every night of the week tons of dance, flamenco, tango, Flemish, Scandinavian, Irish, blues, and then the usual assortment of rock, modern and hip hop. The feel of the town though, especially on the eastern side of the river, it's snapping. It is a very white city. Not that I have anything against whites, I am white. It just feels as if something is lacking in that kind of diversity. I can talk no more on Portland. I love it because it's a town experimenting.
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