Venezuelan Hippies, Yes! - K Friedman. Date of travel: Jan 2006
It's true that there are a lot of kids there hanging out. I went there with my family of 6 (kids 2 - 25) and we didn't feel out of place at all. Sano Banano Beach Hotel is great and there are a lot of nice places to eat. Isla Tortuga trip was excellent. We went to Cabo Blanco jungle on the day it was "closed" and only stayed for 4 days. We enjoyed it all.
Amanda Filler. Date of travel: Sep 2003
Although the surroundings of Montezuma are enchantingly beautiful with stretches of undisturbed beach, waterfalls and rivers, my husband and I felt a little old and out of place in this party scene geared up mostly for young backpackers or the young at heart! Young Costa Ricans refer to it as Montefuma ('fuma' meaning to smoke) and in season it gets totally packed with people coming to enjoy the laid back off-beat atmosphere - accommodation can be impossible to find.