Infamous or famous, depending on your age and inclination, the resort town of Kavos on the southern tip of the island of Corfu has developed its assets to ensure young British revellers have the holiday of a lifetime. The funsters come on holiday to Kavos seeking cheap accommodation and alcohol, wild party venues, beach sportsmore
i hated it. - Steven smith. Date of travel: Jul 2011
KAVOS stinks of sh** i got off the plane and vomited.. it smells almost as bad as my excuse of a wife.. she loved it felt right at home going out with underage half naked teens .. there was nothing too do through the day as the whole bluddy camp was sleeping.. rats were everywhere.. we had too find our own loo roll due too poor service .. the beach was actuall black as coal.. and the seaweed smells so rotten and well speechless.. we went for a meal at the so called main attraction.. we ate with plastic knifes and forks.. discusting.. in the hotel we slept in stained sheets , i would reccomend this holiday too low life scum who cant get any as its full of desperados or too people who generally love the smell of sh** !!!
my visit to Kavos - D.paxton. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Kavos is a lovely place to visit, excellent beach but mostly geared up for the younger visitor. Lots and lots of bars witch go all night.get off the main street some lovely scenery to see good views of the main land, for those who like to there are some excellent walks.
Kavos was ok, lively resort - Jack and christina. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Our holiday in Kavos was not what I expected but it was ok, the shopping wasnt that great so if you wanted some great shopping you had to take a trip out on an excursion which cost the earth. As for eating out we found th rose tree just round the corner from our complex, what a fantastic place for meals and so much variety too and what lovely people they all are too. Wouldnt return though.
Kavos rocks - James, John, Charlie. Date of travel: Aug 2010
I have been to kavos last summer, 2009, the place is definitely for young people who wanna have parties like me and my friends!!! Rolling Stones was a very good choice for going out clubbing, but the best place to eat, propably the best in Kavos was Terrys Taverna definitely worth a visit as they offer delicious food and amazing service at a low price, definitely value for money...
Kavos rocks - Brian Curtis. Date of travel: Aug 2010
If you don't take life too seriously you'll love Kavos, pretty much anything goes out there! everyone goes for a good time and its only the deceived and serious people that complain. groups of girls/lads should love it, not a place for the family/kids! So many bars, you cant go wrong.
Lively Kavos - Tony. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Well, if you like clubbing, karaoke, and all night partying and drinking, then this is the place for you. It has a good beach for sunbathing and sleeping of a hangover, the restaurants and bars were good value for money. On the whole a great place for the younger generation.
Kavos Aug 2010 - Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Two of us went to Kavos Aug 23rd for a week and best week of my life, didnt want to come home! Stayed at Quayside Village Annexe Apartments which were clean but we didnt stay in the room that long. There is air con but it costs 40 euros for a week and we preferred to spend that on cocktails :)Spent most of our nights at Rockys Bar, Edmond the barman is a legend, we tried every drink on the menu. Atlantis is good but I would give The Venue a miss, not that good. Penny's Kitchen has the best food ever, proper grub and you get loads for your money. We will defo be going back next year!
Incredible holiday in Kavos - Buckinghamshire ladies. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Incredible holiday in Kavos
Best week of my life, seriously amazing. Stayed at Stavros Beach appartments- Lovely place and brilliant food! In the night we would go Crash bar- Cocktail, fishbowl and a shot Ŗ5, Rolling Stones - Headf*cker- Ŗ6, and from then on you don't really need anything your so pissed!! So carry on by going to Buzz, Snobs, 42nd Street, then Atlantis which brings you to about 8 in the morning to see the sun rise while on the beach. And if your with a travel company do the excursions, we went on the booze cruise, which was hilarious, the bar crawl - i was gone after my head f*cker, and trinity nightclub!!
Amazing!! - Amy. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Kavos is totally amazing! I can't fault one part of my holiday... its totally mental and i'm going back out there in may the work for the whole summer i've just fallen in love with it... things to do if u go with 18 - 30s do the booze cruise definitely! Its a must do and the foam party! its out doors and just brilliant!! places to go... start off at TKD'S... ask for a watermelon they fill it with about 50 shots... you'll be out of ur nut after it!! buzz bar, rolling stones, 42nd street, crash bar, snobs and at then end of the night EVERYONE ends up at Atlantis. Its open till about 8am everyone sits on the beach and watches the sun come up its amazing... if u wanna ask any questions email me at amypetty@hotmail.co.uk ill be happy to give u some info coz i no how hard i found it to get some! But no doubt about it... you will love it. I cant fault one thing about it! Just amazing!
Best places in Kavos - Chloe, Kevin, Chris, Chris B, Jen, Amber, kim.. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Loved Terry's Taverna - food, hot waitress, gorgeous PR and cool Greek waiter. Best fajitas in town definitely looking forward to going back in July. Rolling Stones and Atlantis are the best for gettin smashed and do good strong drinks :)
Go to kavos - The maidstone 11. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Kavos is the best holiday i've ever had. I wish i had never left the music is quality and the best bars are by far Buzz and Atlantis. Buzz stays open until probably half 3 and 4 in the morn and Atlantis goes on until about 7 and then there's parties on the beach afterwards.
Good fun but nicknamed 'Chavos' - Livvy. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Kavos is a good place to party, loads of good bars, e.g. Fresh & Rolling Stones - where you can get the famous Headf*cker cocktail for 6 euros! Do not go out in Kavos if you are sober, you will have a terrible time! The town isn't top class, but it has everything you need, including good restaurants like Tex Mex! Everyone that works there is English and they are all really nice.
Kavos - Amazing holiday - Tom Green. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Went to Kavos of July 2010, me and 28 other lads, it was amazing to say the least. So many great bars and places to eat. Recommend the Buzz bar, Rolling Stone and Snobs as my favorite bars on the nights out, and Atlantis club is really good too, doesn't open till 3am! The Barn is a great place to eat after the night out, and they give you a free laptop to keep yourself busy while you wait for your food! Hopefully going to go again next year as I enjoyed it so much!
Great for a drunken holiday w/ friends, but its a horrible place to be sober in! - Elliot. Date of travel: Jul 2010
We arrived last at night, driving right down the strip where our bus was hit repeatably by every drunk person in the area! But you soon join in when you are out there with everyone & another bus comes along! The nights out are good, the PR's offer some good deals but can be very pushy & will annoy you no end! 42nd street is good, as is snots & the rolling stone. Although you will try most of them out & see which ones you prefer. Food can be bought for very low prices, great for breakfast & dinner.
Kavos is amazing - Birmingham Lads. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Absolutely amazing holiday, the best week of my life. Was a bit apprehensive before going as it was my first 'lads' holiday and I'd heard mixed reviews about Kavos but I can safely say none of the bad rumours were true. Never saw or heard of any trouble when we were there, and everyone seemed really friendly. Yes the PR's can become slightly irritating but when your drunk at night walking up the strip you really don't care and you end up bantering with them, as long as your not rude to them there fine with you and they'll accept it if you don't want to go into there club/bar/restauraunt etc. A trick I learnt for the daytime is to fake a phone call and they leave you alone. Would highly recommend Rolling Stones bar and Buzz bar, make sure you try a Headf*cker from Rolling Stones, they do exactly what they say on the tin, other places will offer you a cheaper Headf*cker but they are no where near as strong and your not getting the full experience of one. Wouldn't reccomend the Booze Cruise its a sweltering hot, packed boat, takes ages and is quite expensive to go on at around 70 euros. From personal experience the best way to approach a night out is to pre drink at your apartment till about 11-11:30 at night then hit the strip, it doesn't start getting lively till then. I would highly reccomend pre drinking before going out, one night we didn't bother and just went straight out and we felt like complete outsiders, being drunk is crucial for a night out in Kavos, you will not enjoy it if you aren't drinking/don't drink. Just maximise your time there, if your going for a week like we did, it goes in no time and before you know it your coming home, go out every night, get drunk, get to know other people in your apartment blocks on the first day/night, it makes the whole holiday 100 times better. Just praying I can afford to go back again next year! I took 300 euros spending money and spent all of it, but I didn't need any more and if it hadn't of been for the booze cruise I would've only needed 230 euros.
Place to be - 4 happy ladies :). Date of travel: Jul 2010
Loved, loved, loved Kavos! The strip is amazing! Great street parties! Pole's in every single bar great laugh ! If you want a fun party place wif no families like all the other resorts get ur ass 2 Kavos!!
Kavos Rocks! - Rick and Emily. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Kavos is a place for youngsters although there are some places that they are good for everyone. Aqualand definitely worth a visit as well as Blue Lagoon. Top restaurants Of Kavos are by far Terry's Taverna, Steak House and TKD'S. June, July and August are the high season of the resort and if you would ever go avoid the three courses restaurants for cheap prices unless you wish to get food poisoning.
Great - Notts gang. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Nightlife is fantastic. P.R's trying to get you into clubs is annoying but u get used to it and when ur drunk u don't mind and have a laugh with them. Everywhere seems to offer 2 cocktails 2 shots 5 euro. Go out about 12pm until early then head to the beach.
Food - Gemma. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Eating out in Kavos is a must but be careful where you eat. Pavlos Taverna steak out was worst meal we had, lovely pr outside but food was tough and just generally not nice. Tkds was one of our favourite places as well as Desperados, Terrys taverna and Tex Mex. The best place for a night out would have to be Rollingstones or Buzz.
Kavos - Maria Peverley. Date of travel: May 2010
Absolutely enjoyed everything about Kavos - the daytime, night-life, people and apartments. Would definitely tell anyone to go. Stayed at Chandris apartments, drank every night in SOS bar and Maria bar and going next year for my birthday. Found nothing I disliked. Food was excellent in Eve's Garden and the Village - loved it!
Kavos - Not really for the over 30's - Julia. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Kavos is a place for youngsters!!! Too many PR's outside all the bars and clubs, wouldn't want to walk down the Strip on my own but it definitely has plenty of atmosphere if that's what you're looking for
Kavos - what a dump - David. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Are there any good points about Kavos? I think not.
never again - karen ,james. Date of travel: Sep 2009
The place in general is ok, if u want no sleep then go to kavos cos u dont get any. The first thing you hear in the morning and this isnt quiet music its pure bangin, and the last thing u hear at nyt or mornin woteva way u put it is music! It does ur head in after a few days! The bars and clubs are ok but the ppl who try to get u to go in are terrible they pounce on u, itz horrible after a couple o days i just told them to f off!! seriously they dnt get the hint
Great - Neil. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Kavos was ok. Night life was good and there are some nice restaurants. Blue Lagoon boat trip was good
Kavos <3 - Gillie-Claire. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Kavos - excursions are value for money, they do trips to Aqualand which is a great day out. There is a boat trip to Blue Lagoon and there are trips to Corfu town. If you want to tour around a bit I recommend hiring a quad bike or a scooter. Nightlife is very good, the P.Rs can get annoying but once you become friends with them they tend to be less irritating. You can get good deals for food and drinks, just be careful as a lot of bars water down their drinks! But over all it was the best holiday I'v ever had! And I'm going back for the whole summer in July! :) I highly recommend it.
Kavos is AWESOME! - Carly. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Kavos is awesome though. The nightlife is amazing and everything is really close together. There are loads of places to eat, if you're hungry the Tex Mex near the Macdonalds serves the biggest portions of delicious food ever! The Drunken Squid is really nice too! Drinks are around 5 euros but you can get cheaper deals. For a full clubbing experience and feel for Kavos I would definitely recommend Club 18-30s all the way as they organise everything and take you to the best bars in Kavos. You can eat out for anything from 7.50 - 15 euros.
Kavos Rocks! - On Tour. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Just back from Kavos, best holiday ever! So you get the occasional waft of sewage and there's no pavements, those are the only negatives! Nightlife is amazing - try Eidelweiss to start off, they light the bar on fire, Rolling Stone and Buzz are amazing - although Buzz position their tables so your drinks fly off and you have to buy more! Also around 2am the party moves out onto the street. Maria's karaoke bar also good fun, she gives you free drinks, she's the best! Tex Mex, Desperados, Pavlos good places to eat. Also Johns, Oven Pub and Uncle Harrys good for breakfast and snacks. There's plenty water sports and boat trips through the day, beach isn't exactly the Bahamas but its clean enough. Do NOT go to the Sex club foam party unless you want to have sex in it. There's more girls than guys & they're all up for slaggin about. Don't be freaked out about the ethanol and meth, we drank in every single pub and were fine. Most places 4 euros for 2 cocktails & shot! Ahhh .... want to go back :(
Kavos is amazing!!!! - Michael W. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Kavos is a great place for night life! The clubs are amazing, with atlantis located right on the beach, its open till 8 in the morning where you can watch the sunrise as you party on!!! Although the PR's for some bars are a pain in arse. All in all tho Kavos is a great place to go way with your mates!
Kavos - loved it! - Juliet, Cliona, Smelly and Louise. Date of travel: Jul 2009
PRs in Kavos are a bit annoying but that's their job, loved it overall!
Kavos- it stinks but we love it! - Cassie. Date of travel: Jul 2009
I just got back from Kavos yesterday and it was honestly the best 2 weeks of my life! I'd recommend going there if you're aged 18-22. My favourite place to go was definitely Buzz Bar. If you go there try and get the 'all you can drink' offers, they are well worth it, and the street outside it is like 1 big party! When going out stay clear of Fire and Memphis because their drinks are dodgy, they use ethanol so you don't get drunk, it just destroys your liver and you pay for the alcohol you don't get! I would also recommend Rolling Stones and the clubs on the beach are good to go to around 5am. But don't go to Club Sex foam party unless you want to get raped! And if you want to get smashed off spending hardly any money, drink headf***ers! They have fruit juice and 8 different spirits and the ones in Rolling Stones contain absinthe! For places to go out to eat, you have to go to TKD, the food is lovely and the watermelons are a big tourist attraction. You pay 30 euros for a whole watermelon of alcohol, I shared one with 5 other girls and we were off it! The Drunken Squid was also a good place to eat. And if you want a kebab you have to go to Fastfood John, best kebab I've ever tasted! Before we went we heard that the beaches were disgusting but they are honestly fine, nice cafes are on the beach at reasonable prices and it is nice to pay 4 euros for a peddleo. Kavos is not very clean though, at about 6 in the morning we saw rats running around, but you don't see them often and Kavos generally does smell but its not that bad. There were quite a few people getting injured because of glass on the floor, and toilets in clubs are quite disgusting. But overall I had an amazing holiday, didn't want to leave. 2 weeks was not long enough!
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