Situated twelve miles (19km) from Corfu Town, Moraitika boasts a long beach and cosmopolitan culture. A good mix between families and young holidaymakers, Moraitika is nothing like Kavos but does have a nice mixture of English and Greek restaurants and bars. The original village of Ano Moraitika sill sits on the hill.more
Moraitika - JD. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Moraitika itself has a fab beach, you can walk out in waist high, warm, water a long way, it was just throughly enjoyable. Also went to Kontokoli Beach but this wasn't nearly as nice.
I love Moraitika & Messonghi! - Alexandra. Date of travel: Jul 2007
My dad's side of the family are from a small village near Moraitika so I am probably biased as I have grown up here and know everyone! If you are looking for a very quiet & relaxed/chilled time then Moraitika & Messonghi are perfect. Nightlife does exist but you will find it is the locals who make the most of the bars and few clubs here and they dont start warming up till 1am!! If you get a car or bike then you get a lot more from Corfu as there are some of the best beaches, etc within 30 mins from Moraitika. Moraitika beach is fine though and great for children as very calm, warm and clean!
Moraitika - Ryan B, Kev B and Powey. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Moraitika was an alright little village, we found a boss kebab bar which we visited every nite but apart from that wasnt that much 2 do there, when we got the car we spent most of the remaining nites in either Kavos or Corfu Town. Moraikika is ideal for middleaged germans who want to get away on a relaxing holiday, not much goin on for the young folk such as myself.
Moraitika is great - Peter Davies. Date of travel: Apr 2006
The Corfu holiday we had dreamed of with beautiful beaches that felt much like our own and lovely resaturants in town with excellent food. The people in Moraitika are as friendly as they are everywhere in Greece.
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