The resort of Sidari epitomizes everything that has made the island of Corfu off of the west coast of Greece so immensely popular as a holiday destination. A holiday in Sidari offers long sandy beaches washed by warm, shallow waters, a plethora of restaurants serving English cuisine, traditional tavernas, watersports aplenty, and rollicking all-night clubs.more
Tumbleweed - Woodruff. Date of travel: Oct 2010
Just got back, and it was not as we expected. Only one street with the same old same old shops. Looks like it is running down fast. Best bit was Mikeys Inn. Thinks he is a comedian. overall the best host in the town.
sidari - lisa penfold. Date of travel: May 2010
Just returned back from Sidari two weeks ago. had a great holiday. We stayed at sidari waterpark hotel, very clean and friendly. Entertainment along the strip at night was great. Best bar to go is maddisons,great people run this bar. Went on 4 diferent trips while there, plenty to do. Would recomend Sidari to anyone. Just getting ready to book next years holiday there again, cant wait.
Sidari was fantastic - rose quirke. Date of travel: Aug 2009
Sidari is a beautiful place to go to on holiday. Its very clean both on the beach and in the streets. Its a really good family resort and very kid friendly. I would recommend that if you are a all female party or a woman travelling alone not to stay at Korousus apartments as the staff are very very over friendly. And I personally had problems. It was only the apartments and not Sidari as a whole. We've already booked up for next year at different apartments
Pleasant enough but expensive - David Kline. Date of travel: Aug 2008
The beach was pleasant enough but we were amazed at just how costly everything was. Food and drink were on a par with London prices, not helped by a poor exchange rate (1.25 Euros to the pound).
Sidari was beautiful! - Williams. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Sidari has it all, beautiful scenery, great nightlife and lovely bars and restaurants! Best holiday ever!
Sidari, very nice - Sumaya. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Sidari, very nice
One week in Sidari is not long enough, two weeks too long, 10 days would have been just right. The weather was excellent and no humidity. As a single mum with 3 kids, we stayed in the Leka Apartments, they were clean and right by the sea, but mainly used by older people, the pool area very safe, in fact the whole of Sidari was extremely safe and I had no worries if they wanted to go to one of the Internet cafes or to look round the shops on their own. The Hydropolis water park all inclusive days are a must with kids, free drinks and the food was just excellent with a wide variety, we had such fun and no arguments. Also Sidari has a hotel with a small water park, very good value for money, if your going on a boat trip don't forget your sea sick pills, as the water can be a bit choppy as the day goes on, we had ours but many didn't and it was a bit off-putting. We ate in many places, we would thoroughly recommend The Three Little Pigs which is a Greek taverna, with a good atmosphere, excellent service and entertainment in the form of belly dancing, fire dancing and plate smashing and very reasonable. Memories is a very good taverna, with good Greek entertainment, Madisons bar and restaurant very good for copy cats, such as George Michael, Madonna, Bob Marley and not to be missed The Blues Brothers, all good for kids, adults and you can even take your grannys! But do check your bill at the end as this was the only place where I feel we paid for things we ordered but didn't get. The real Greek kebabs are fantastic, my kids wouldn't eat another one in this country again. But by far the best taverna for food and a bit of Greek dancing has to be The Olympic, which the photo is of, as most tavernas the waiters do the fire dancing, value for money, excellent staff, no hassles and a calm environment, we gave it 10 out of 10. Please be warned of the touting for business outside of the bars and restaurants, it's a real pain, leaflets for this, that and the other being thrust in your hands. And if it's the first time on a package holiday, check out the prices of the trips locally first as they can be an awful lot cheaper, with a lot more choice of times, days and places to go, and don't be fooled with the fake copies eg: handbags and purses still very expensive, for a little bit more you can buy the real thing on ebay to take with you! Don't forget your mosquito sprays and plug ins, lots of them and your hats, if you are thinking of going it is lovely, sunny, friendly and very relaxing, so have a nice time, we did. would I go back? Yes, but not with kids, another adult I think. x
The Chippy - Mr and Mrs Jones. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Sidari is one place not to be missed! Can't beat English fish and chips. Even better than our local chip shop. Open from 12 till 6 in the morning. Run by to beautiful blonde girls.....
Sidari is terrible! - Shelia. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Sidari is ok... if you are looking to party and not see any actual culture, Sidari might be your place. If you are looking for any kind of culture, forget it! Didn't like it at all, almost all British people, hardly any Greek. I felt like I was in England.
Hooked on Sidari - Perry. Date of travel: Jul 2008
We got back from Sidari on July 7th 2008. I wasn't impressed when we landed at Corfu airport, it was a nightmare and I had it in my head that the rest of the holiday would be just as bad. How wrong I was, the accommodation was excellent, we stayed at the Legends Apartments in Sidari. Very clean, maid service excellent. Pool was lovely and clean with luke warm water. Restaurant/Bar was fine, staff very friendly and helpful, the family that owned it, the Takis family were lovely people. I really enjoyed Sidari itself, there were plenty of bars and restaurants on the strip and I didn't find the PRs troublesome. They weren't in your face, just no thank you. The beaches were fine, the sea was clear and warm. I found the people of Sidari very friendly and helpful. We are waiting to book for next year. It was a relaxing 2 weeks and I find a holiday is what you make it. Goodfellows bar/restaurant is a good place to eat, friendly staff, the Magic Wok Chinese restaurant very good and Panchos Villa Mexican restaurant was really good and great value. We only went on a couple of excursions, one was to Corfu town which I didn't really like, we found the restaurants quite expensive, €8 for egg, bacon, juice and the staff were quite rude and pushy trying to get you into their restaurants. We also went to Aqualand for the day €22 for return coach, full day in Aqualand and all you can eat and drink, great value for money and a fun day out. If you wish to go excursions don't book through the your reps, they are expensive, there are loads of little travel agents along the strip, a lot cheaper. All in all we loved Sidari and hope you do too. PS. The weather was glorious, in the 40s!
We loved the Legends Apartments - Paula Bland. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Sidari was lively at the daytime but loud at night. All hosts are waiting at the doors to greet you in. Children are welcome the locals are lovely and friendly. There is even an english hairdresser in Sidari. What more could we want?
For a holiday to remember - go to Sidari - Jo and Dave. Date of travel: Sep 2007
We've just got back from Sidari this morning and are having serious withdrawal symptoms already. It's a fantastic place with lots of other scenic hotspots close enough for a visit. Places to see: We hired a quad and a scooter and got to see a lot more of the island. A must to visit is Paleokastritsa with its absolutely crystal clear waters and stunnings views. The villages you pass through on the way there are the picture postcard type with the old ladies sitting in a chair outside all day and olive trees and kumquats growing (a lot of local produce is made from kumquats). Kassiope is a picturesque fishing village and worth a trip. (Most of the boat trips seem to go from here). The evening cruise to Corfu Town is lovely and coming back under a canopy of stars is amazing - I've never seen so many shooting stars. A short trip to the Peroulades to watch the sunset at sunset beach is worth it and is just as spectacular in the day. Watch out for the restaurant/bar at Sunset beach as they seem to charge a lot more than anywhere else and ripped us off to the tune of €5 just for 2 cans of coke! We also tried the Albanian experience (30 minutes by hydrofoil) - and what an experience that was! We know that the Greeks are reknowned for their laid back attitude but when they take your ticket for the boat and then actually leave you standing at the harbour and go without you - laid back turns into ridiculous. We ended up having to pay the captain of another boat €30 to get to Albania so we could catch up with the party and when you complain back at the agency they make out that it was our fault the boat went without us. All I can say is don't wait to be told where to go as it just wont happen. Albania itself is worth a visit (we did the Blue Eye Spring tour) and the English speaking guide was extremely knowledgable. It seems to be mid-development and there are a lot of unfinished buildings which give it a bit of a run-down feel. Oh I almost forgot, you get your passport stamped too. Shopping: The shops in Sidari were a bit disappointing - like being in Blackpool, but after talking to the locals it seems they have these type of shops because "it's what the tourists want". They mostly sell tat but you still cant help wandering in and out of them anyway and who doesn't go home without at least buying a magnet or 2. Food: We must have tried almost every Greek dish on offer throughout the 2 weeks of our stay and they are all so delicious its difficult to pick a favourite. There are plenty of other cuisines to try including Chinese, Indian and Mexican as well as Gyros - you simply cannot go home without trying a gyros pitta - sooooo tasty. One of places we would highly recommend is The Sailors Taverna (going away from the main strip towards the Peroulades). The food is so amazing - its all home cooked and just when you think you are about to burst, the chef brings over a complimentary pudding that he makes himself and its impossible not to stuff yourself silly because it tastes so good. Spiros (the chef) also bakes his own bread and I swear its the best you'll ever taste! They are also quite happy to give you a recipe for a dish if you ask. The Kavadias Taverna (on the beach front by the lagoon) is great fun and the food is good. They have Greek dancing, fire dancing and plate smashing almost every night. Party night is on a Saturday and it gets really busy so you can reserve a table. The Greeks totally know how to party and it gets you in the mood to go on to the bars to dance the night away. Bars: Our ultimate favourite has to be the BED Bar. We did try a different place most nights but ended up back at the Bed Bar. The staff are so friendly and the atmosphere is brilliant. We were really looked after by George, Vasilious and Spiros and had plenty of free drinks. The cocktails are lovely, its actually quite difficult to ask for a screaming orgasm without blushing and I would highly recommend "Take me to Bed" which is a secret recipe. Once you've been in Bed Bar you wont want to go anywhere else as the atmosphere is like some kind of addictive drug (I'm usually an in-bed-by-midnight-kind-of-girl but I simply couldnt drag myself out of there before 4am.) The DJ was great and played something to suit everyone, moving on to the more dancy stuff later on. I thought I was a bit past it at 34 but I felt like I was 18 years old again I enjoyed it that much. Watch out for a Greek Night on a Saturday night (not the traditional Zorba dancing) when nothing but Greek Music is played by a Greek DJ. The place is packed to the rafters with Greek people (which is what going to Greece is all about after all) and believe me they know how to have a good time. That had to be the best night in there and my latest night when I crawled into bed around 6am. The beach in Sidari isnt the best I've ever seen and there is a lot of seaweed in certain places but if you walk along the beach you're sure to find a cleaner stretch. I would definitely go back to Sidari and give it the thumbs up for anyone of any age to go as there is something to suit everyone - you just have to look for it. The only thing I wasnt too keen on was Coronation Street and Eastenders staring at me from a big screen and the fact that the Greeks seem to think we all want a full English breakfast and go to a pub called the Red Lion and drink John Smiths. I'm in Greece so I want to sample the Greek culture. Whatever you want from Sidari you can certainly get it. I've read a few bad reviews about the place but after all a holiday is only what you make it. So what are you waiting for.... get booking!
Great time in Sidari - Serafin. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Great time in Sidari
Really enjoyed our holiday to Sidari, beaches were lovely and clean. Canal D'amour area was stunning. Walked to Peroulades (Sunset Beach) took about an hour and 1/2, no shops on the way so take some water if it's hot. There is a taverna, and then a restaurant at Sunset beach, but that is all. Lovely - well worth a visit. Nightlife there is excellent even in September - recommend the BED bar for Beverages, Entertainment and Dining. Staff lovely and friendly. If we had stayed for 2 weeks, would probably have gone on an excursion or hired a car, but if all you want is a beach holiday, the beaches are lovely.
Didn't like Sidari - Daniel. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The best breakfast in Sidari was at Blondy's. No oil on your plate just good food. Staff great - if you're reading this, Duncan, Kim, Sharon, we said we would tell everyone where we stayed. The food was not very good so we ate out when half board. So it cost us more. We found it boring. Nothing to do but go out on trips and that's all I can say about the place. Would not go back.
Sidari is lively, good beach, plenty of places to eat and drink - Shirl and Pearse. Date of travel: Sep 2007
We found the Memories restaurant very good - pleasant staff, very good value for money and access to the beach. There are lots of good restaurants and bars in Sidari - ranging from English food to traditional Greek menus - but you do have to watch out for some places as they tend to bring bread/butter, salads and extra bits that are not included in the advertised prices on the boards. The local lager, called Mythos is very good value for money and tastes fine, other brands you get in England will cost you one or two euros more. Plenty of travel agents along the main street will offer good trips out to other parts of Corfu - the Glass Bottom boat trips are particularly good.
Sidari does ok - Charlie. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Mostly pub quizzes and chuffing karaoke. Bog standard clubby nightlife but beautiful scenery to look at. Found the best bar in the world out there called the Smugglers Inn. The owner and staff were fantastic, great live music, excellent food and really friendly atmosphere. I miss them.
Just another resort - Richard Edgley. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Sidari has a thriving nightlife for those that want it. It also has some quieter bars and eateries so can cater for all sorts. It has a decent enough beach.
Avoid like the plague - Richard. Date of travel: Jul 2007
If you are looking for a typical Greek village avoid Sidari like the plague. The beach is probably the worst in Corfu and has a river running into it at one point that smells like an open drain. Sidari town consists of one main road running all the way to the canal de more. Described so lovely in the holiday brochures but actually falling to bits and covered with scaffolding. Nightlife in Sidari consists of one long street with cockney and Scouse reps trying to get you into bars. In fact you could forget that you are in Greece, Sidari is advertised as a family resort but seems to be heading for the title of new Kavos. One good thing about Sidari is it's only a coach ride away from truly beautiful Kassiopi and Paliokastritsa.
Sidari's an excellent resort! - Anon. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Sidari's an excellent resort!
I've just got back from my holiday in Sidari with 2 friends and I had the best time ever! We were looking for a relaxing holiday after our exams, and in the day that's what we got. Sidari and our hotel were quiet during the day, but the bars and clubs just outside the hotel provided good nights out for us later on! I wouldn't recommend this resort to families as there's not many places to go that seem family orientated. However for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday as well as a good night life, Sidari is the place for you. The beach wasn't the most pleasant, with a greyish colour to it. Although sunsets on the beach looked amazing! I would definitely go back to Sidari, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good nightlife but also a place to relax in the daytime.
Excellent apartments. - Mark. Date of travel: Jul 2007
One thing to say to all the negative comments regarding Sidari: Ignore it - Sidari is great! Sure it's busy at times, maybe it's not the prettiest part of the Greek islands and yes, there are a lot of bars but what amazes me is people who go to basically the second busiest resort on the most popular Greek island for Britsh tourists and expect to find some hidden, mythical Greek village that has retained all aspects of the traditional Greek culture. Sidari itself does get some groups of English 17/18 year olds, but to be honest, these are few and far between. To compare the resort to a Kavos, Magalluf or Malia is very wide of the mark, I went with my girlfriend, we're both 24, and having both done the whole 18-30, Magalluf thing and whilst not ready for pipe and slippers just yet, on our first holiday together after much saving we didnt want to be surrounded by foam parties and fish bowls and girls being sick. Yet Sidari was perfect, the bars stayed open late, the beer was cheap and the choice to eat at was extensive. But forget the good bits. The resort itself is dominated by a strip I guess about a mile long, it has all types of bars, and restaurants and all the shops, etc you could need. Particularly recommended to eat would be BED bar, the Mexican opposite where you sit on the terrace, Fajitas here are fantastic, or to be honest any of the smaller bar/restaurants. Have heard lots of people recommend the 3 Little Pigs but to be honest it was not that great as was the Chinese in the town. For drinking, Calypso is the best bar, cheap, busy and fun, also BED bar and Palazzo early on for cocktails. Palazzo also does a great English breakfast. The beach at Sidari is long and not over crowded, the water is shallow, warm and water sports are plentiful. One thing though, hiring out sunbeds on the beach is €7.50 a day which adds up over the time, it's better to get in a bar on the beach where for the cost of buying a drink you get the beds free. We stayed in the Olga Apartments in the Canal d'Amour area, they were excellent, quiet, clean, the rooms were huge for an apartment of this cost and the pool bar is great. Thoroughly recommend these apartments. We booked them on the holiday hypermarket website and seemed to have paid a bit less than some people there. All in all Sidari is great, ignore the bad press and trust me you will have a great time!
Sidari! - Sara, Matt, Claire, Maddie, Ben, Sarah & Jason. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Sidari is a great place to stay!! Good nightlife, good shops and very close drive to corfu town!! Beaches are nice and theres plenty to do! :D
We enjoyed eating and drikning out in Sidari - Cheri & Gary. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We enjoyed eating and drikning out in Sidari
We felt that there was not much to do in Sidari but eat and drink. You could sunbathe obviously but no major landmarks worth a visit except the Canal D'Lamour. Of course you could pay for excursions elsewhere but I still felt there was less to do here than any previous holiday we have been on. However if your ideal holiday involves sunbathing and nightlife then this would be a good place to come. Eating out is very cheap and we tried a different restaurant every night. We would highly recommend Mythos which was the most enjoyable meal and the waiters are very friendly. We also tried different bars for drinking and found the Bar Bolero to be the most enjoyable night out. We staggered out of this bar 3 times during our week long stay and built up "a good relationship with the manager and staff here."
Sidari was ace! - Sara, Matt, Claire, Maddie, Ben, Sarah & Jason. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Sidari was ace!
Sidari itself is a lovely place to go but don't forget to visit the rest of the island!! You can do watersports on the beach and party at night time, I honestly don't think there's much there for families but it's not as party central as Kavos is!! Oh and you have to go and see lady Jane at Mikey's Inn!! She's excellent!!
Sidari - Amanda Chinery. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Went to Sidari with husband and 3 children. Enjoyed holiday, lovely 2 week break. Was worried about going to Sidari with comments saying like Blackpool. It is commercialised at one end of the strip but I would hardly call it Blackpool (no tower). There are Greek restaurants and tavernas but there are also the usual egg and chips places (some people still like that type of thing) Not me! The beach is not brilliant, bit dirty coloured sand and the sea can be quite rough so gets a lot of seaweed and stuff washed up. If going to Sidari for more than a week would definitely recommend a car, you would go round twist otherwise.
Sidari - Kyle Goodall. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Stayed at Sidari during July 2007, thoroughly enjoyed the stay, there is a range of great stuff to do. If clubbing is your thing there are great nightclubs in Sidari, such as Ceasers and Ice (both of which are free entry), and lots of small bars such as Sos bar and Mikey's Bar again both definitely worth checking out. If chilling out on the beach is your thing, there are fantastic beaches surrounding Sidari, with a full range of watersports. Sidari also offers great food, having eaten at most restaurants in Sidari, my favourite by far was Cactus Jacks, simply amazing food brought to you on huge chopping boards, must be seen to be believed. Also The Three Little Pigs restaurant is good with great food and entertainment, see enclosed picture for the 7 foot flames during the Greek dancing. Sidari is a lively, friendly town definitely worth considering.
We loved it - Polly. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We loved it
Excellent nightlife although there are far too many karaoke bars, but on the whole something for all ages in a safe area. Canal de Amour is lovely and well worth walking round...
Sidari - Eddie Quinn. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Sidari isn't the most modern place I have visited on holiday, but the people were very friendly and the restaurants were very good value for money. There are plenty of bars to visit and the beach was not very big but nice enough.
One to watch - Audrey and Shaun Bellas. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Beware of the fire acts in Sidari.... they are boss to watch but one of the restaurants does it while you sit and have your meal. It's dangerous at times and really hot on the legs. Just don't get too close.
Sidari twinned with Blackpool - Justin & Sarah. Date of travel: Jun 2007
It would be easy to be totally scathing about Sidari, but I think your opinion/satisfaction of it really depends on what you are looking for. Before we hired a car and saw some of the surrounding resorts, we didn't think it was as bad as some people make out on here. Sidari itself is a long road with bar after bar which are pretty much carbon copies of each other, vying for your karaoke/bingo/quiz business! Food is mainly of the 'point at the picture on the menu's variety. The food at 3 Little Pigs was quite nice, and there is a nice Mexican bar called Cactus Joe's that did fantastic fajitas. If you are looking for a more traditional Greek resort, head to the west coast near San Stefanos, or the east, near Kassiope, much nicer. My main memories of Sidari can be summed up in 3 words. British - Chav - Dirty. Won't ever be returning to Sidari, and possibly not Corfu, there are much nicer Greek islands than this (Zante springs to mind).
We loved Sidari - Karen Malcolm and Max Howell. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Many people have been extremely rude about Sidari, but we really enjoyed it. Yes there are many bars and shops in the main street, but if you don't like that kind of thing, dont go there!! We have been for 2 weeks, and the first 8 days, we ate somewhere different every night. Lots of people mention the 3 Little Pigs, but in our opinion, this was our only poor meal!! There is a new taverna opened up called Dimitris, this was lovely, thoroughly recommend this, and also the 3 Sailors was wonderful, and the owner very friendly. There is also the Roof Top Garden, this was fabulous, and the Chinese on the roof top was fantastic, overlooks the sea, and you can see the sunset!! There is also a lovely Italian restaurant just off the main street, you can get to it 2 ways, but the easiest to describe would be through the park area on the main street, the owner looks like the tubby one in cold feet!! We also visited Aqualand, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, and caught the local bus to Corfu town, this has changed a fair bit in the last 16 years (our last visit), and do not consider having a drink in the cafe at the bus station, we had two milkshakes which we worked out cost us Ŗ10!! If you have not been to Corfu town before, be sure to vist the old Corfu town, this is great, real atmosphere! No designer shops!! A trip to Paleocastritsa is lovely, and so was the boat trip to Ericousa island. The main beach is ok, but we really preferred the far end, it was wonderfully shallow you could possibly need to take your passport, as you walk out so far, and it is still up to your knees, great for the kids!! There is also a footpath which takes you on a beautiful walk through canal d'amour, through the cliffs etc, beautiful views!! The shallow beach has sunbeds, but these are €8 for 2 beds, and the guy there is called Pete, good bloke! As for the resort resembling Blackpool, your holiday is what you make it, and for us it was perfect!!
I loved Sidari - Chelle and Dave. Date of travel: May 2007
This was mine and my boyfriend's first holiday together. We weren't sure what to expect when we drove through Sidari at 7.30am - we did wonder what on earth we had booked but after walking round the town for a bit we found it quite pleasant. The beach was a bit muddy but luckily enough we aren't beachy people, we went for walks across the cliffs and did a tour of the island. The people we met were really friendly, our reps Sam and Carley were really nice too (first choice reps). The best places to eat were either The Three Little Pigs or Memories. We definitely would like to go back - the only downside was the airport...we waited outside for ages and then when we finally got through to the departure lounge you could hardly hear the annoucements as the place was packed with tired grumpy people all talking. You really had to strain your ears to catch your flight gate. Apart from that it was a really good holiday and we would definitely, definitely go back!
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