Agios Nikolaos
Situated east of Heraklion, capital of the Greek island of Crete, Agios Nikolaos is a tasteful, somewhat upmarket resort which has worked hard to successfully overcome a reputation for disruptive “lager louts”. Along with all the facilities anyone on holiday would expect and need, Agios Nikolaos has a unique natural attraction in the form ofmore
Great place - Alan & Chris. Date of travel: Oct 2009
Lovely harbour town , plenty of good quiet bars where you can relax with a drink and watch the world go by, many good eating places, but shop around.
Agios Nikolas - RDB RAB. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Agios Nikolaos is a cute town, one very good restaurant in town (Pelagos) but far too touristy for my taste.
Agios Nikolaos-the friendly town - Rosemary Bridge. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Plenty of shops for every type of pocket!!! Lakeside restaurants supplied something for everyone and were not pushy. The pavements in places leave alot to be desired, a definate health and safety issue. Everywhere was clean and tidy. Can't recall the name but just to the left of Hermes Hotel is an internet cafe and cocktail bar that also do's wonderful "toasties" of various types, super for a snack. the furniture is colourfully painted, and the owner is extremely nice, you must visit you can't miss it. Do not expect cars to stop if you go to cross at a zebra crossing, because they are invisible to Cretans, and remember traffic is on the other side of the road. In summary though, I'd holiday in Agios Nikolaos again.
Agios Nikolaos - Liza Bikley. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Agios Nikolaos has nice beaches, small town, many cafes and tavernas, interesting surroundings.
Ag. Nik and Sorrento - Wow - Scott Rushton. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Where shall I start, the town is naturally beautiful and reminds me of an unspoilt Cannes or Montpellier but without the South of France prices!!! People are friendly and still so charming, even though Agios Nikolaos has been a hub for tourists since the 1960s. My first visit was back in 92 and I used to stroll around the lake, stopping for an ice cold beer and an ice cream - usually ending up at Sorrento Bar which was packed, lively and buzzing with a party vibe. Lots of the other bars mentioned on this site are now long gone but fortunately for the holidaymakers, this one just keeps on going and getting better. I keep on going back, never expecting my fave person from the last time I visited to be there but lo' and behold, I end up becoming just as friendly with the present people who work there and boy do they work hard to entertain you. As a software engineer, I keep on nagging them to get their site up and running, so people like me can have a look every now and again and see how they are doing and how on earth they keep this winning formula going year after year. The owner tells me it is on the cards for Winter 2007 - lets hope so. Do try the other bars out as well as they are all friendly places. So, my advice is don't miss the lake for a view to die for, the Sorrento to lift your spirits and kickstart your holiday, the Hermes for a great hotel, Spinalonga island for a great boat ride and very interesting tour and lets hope and pray that this beautiful place does not turn into a town like Mallia.
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! - Sarah Blain. Date of travel: Aug 2006
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm only 15 but I lived in Agios Nikolaos for the first 8 years of my life and I go back every year to visit family and friends. The best bar for me is Aquarius pub. I am really friendly with all of the staff there. Will is the doorman and he is the nicest and most caring lad you'll ever meet. He's like my big brother and I keep in regular contact with him as he's from Wales and is out there for about 7 months each year for the holiday season. I miss him soooo much!!! Aris, Scott, Mumu and Dave are all lovely lads too and make you feel comfortable. I miss them too but don't really keep in contact, although they are out there every year and Mumu and Aris live there, so I can look forward to seeing them each year. Sophie and Agga are the waitresses and are easy to talk to and make you feel at home there. I love them all more than they know!!! I spent every night of my holiday there and Kelly (who works there in the afternoon) is like a second mother to me and is my best friend's (Sofia) mum. The language is quite easy to pick up I think (although I was educated in the language but other tourists have done well speaking it when I've visited each year). I highly recommend Agios Nikolaos. It is my home town and for me my favourite place in the world and I will definately be moving out there to be with my friends as soon as possible. Love to all there. Kali nichta xxxxxxxxxxx
Excellent Place - Natalie Chisholm. Date of travel: Jul 2006
The people in the town were really nice and helpful. The locals could not have been more welcoming and nicer. Alexandros, Aquarius and Hellas are three good places to go. Alexandros is for dancing as is Aqaurius but Hellas was a chillout place for light snakcks ice creams and cocktails it even looked over the harbour. Aquarius was an upbeat, fun and lively bar the waiters and waitresses were excellent!!! The beaches aren't so good there is a couple of shingly beaches and others sand. The water couldn't be any nicer. Tour Operator: Fly Globespan
Kevin Marshall. Date of travel: Feb 2006
Go to Ag Nikolaos. It is not full of club 18-30 people. It has changed into a vibrant resort to suit all ages. The people are fantastic. The shopping is great. The nightlife caters for ages 0-100! Try it. It is safer than the UK!! Good bars include Aquarius, Sorrento, Santa Maria, Sports Bar, Yiannis Rock Bar, Alexandros, Z3, Puerto, Kri Kri, and more. For a quieter beer try Jollies or Fluffy Duck...if open! Give it a try. It is a really great resort.
Mo Cooke. Date of travel: Dec 2005
We have never been away for Christmas before, but because of personal reasons decided to give it a go. Some friends of ours recomended Mantraki Apartments to us. They had been there in the summer, and really enjoyed it. So, we booked on line directly with Steve, and he gave us lots of help finding the cheepest flights to Heraklion. Because it was winter, we had to change at Athens, but the wait for our conection was only one hour, just enough time to have a coffee and a bit of a stretch! Steve and Vicky, the managers, picked us up at the airport and we felt like good friends by the time we arrived att the apartments. The apartments themselves were beautiful, much better than we expected, and the views across the sea and mountains were out of this world. We were suprised at how warm the weather was and it was a wonderful thing to wander around on Christmas Eve, last minuite gift shopping in a T shirt and light jacket. The holiday got even better when our hosts invited us to share their Xmas meal with them and family and friends. What a wonderful time we had. Agios Nikolaos is a beautiful and charming town, and we feel we could not have chosen a better place to stay. We have already booked for late June because ,although the weather was very mild, we just MUST have a swim in that amazing clear blue sea. Looking forward to our return, a great holiday in every way. Tour Operator: Independent
Mike Brinton. Date of travel: Sep 2005
I have just read the review of this town and I had to make comment. Firstly, I would like to register my congratulations to the people at Mantraki Apartments, who made my stay in the town so pleasant. Incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to help and advise. I would recommend it to anyone. The description on the overview must have been written a very long time ago. Half of the bars mentioned, don't even exist anymore and the "relaxing" rooftop garden is now one of the noisiest places in the town. There are not "crowds" of package tourists and all the bars in Soho street (known by its Greek name 25 Martiou now) are mainly used by local Greek people. The 18-30 crowd were there about 20 years ago but that was the last time the description might have fitted. This place is perfect for couples of all ages and there are still some lively tourist bars if you want them. Tour Operator: Independent
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