Fishermans Village Elounda - Jane. Date of travel: Jul 2008
A small village, but so much life in it!
Top place - Elounda Boy. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Elounda has all the quality food you could ever eat plus everything else to go with it.
Elounda 1996 and 2006 - A Shields. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Beautiful and unspoilt! Tour Operator: First Choice
Ann and Chris Gladding. Date of travel: Apr 2005
We visit Elounda a few times a year. it was our first island on our trips around the islands. We love it, we stay up in Elounda Hill Apartments, at the foot of mount Oxa. We have stayed in far more luxurious places but we love the spot Elounda Hill is in. Elounda Heights is further up the hill with the usual, pool,bar etc. that is too far up the hill for me, I have slight mobility problems. We have stayed there a couple of times and couldn't fault it but I must depend on others to ferry me around if I stay there. each day we start off in Friends Cafe Bar in the village centre for breakfast and never plan a day. In January we ended up picking horta near to Heraklion oneday, another,visiting an olive processing plant and an eight-thundred year old church in the centre of Zeros village (45 mins away)which displays the skulls of men of the village slaughtered by invaders who were aided by the village priest. When he went for his money, the enemy invited him to dinner, he accepted and was boiled to death. I think they may have objected to his disloyalty..I may be wrong. The tourist sites don't end at Knossos, the whole island is steeped in history you can feel it. I would love to do some of the walks, all within half an hour of Elounda but I can't. I can go over to Spinalonga, originally a fortress but it ended up a leper colony until the early 50's. The trip accross the bay is worth it even if you are not interested in the history of Spinalonga, or known now as Scabby Island, I re-named it one night after sniffing rakki, couldn't say Spinalonga, my mouth wouldn't work. We find Elounda big enough to be interesting and small enough to keep its identity. it is well worth a look see. The locals are great and treat us like one of their own. Mary from Elounda Hill feeds us up, we love the smells from her kitchen they are fantastic, just like my nan's house. We walk her dog Lucy,theres nothing like it, it's the most relaxing place we have ever stayed: mainly because we don't have to move off the balcony to get a view of the bay. It's on the edge of a country lane and you rarely see anyone. It can get a bit breezy but as they bake down in the village, we have god's own air conditioning. Sitting on the balcony, the sun beating down with a breeze gently fanning your face is ahhh..... Sunday mornings are great, the sounds from the church service drift up and it takes me back to the days when I was dragged to church, happy memories now. We do have our mad moments in FRienDS Cafe Bar, they have often waved us off at 4 in the morning, after sampling Dimitris Svendilakis ( A.K.A King of Cocktails) inventions and believe me they are all tail, (a bit like scorpians) how he makes a profit I don't know. After one of his nights we can't move off the balcony....they have to talk to us slowly. It's nice to know the young'ns enjoy our company. wise old woman/man of the hills thats us.at least they know there is life after forty. We used to go all over the island, looking for another resort we think we would like but there's something about Elounda. There are really up market places, but we could only go back once a year if we stayed in them and to be honest, I can't be bothered with the effort you must put in to dine. We have our posh spot (Thea )if we want a dressy night, the food is great. Plaka (a village close to Elounda) has some really good fish restaurants,right next to the sea,informal, but top class food. Paragalia being superb. Theres lots of activities diving schools, fishing. and beach activities, the sunsets are glorious especially from Michalis,Hope taverna in Mavrakiana, this is a real Greek taverna, no one knows how old Michalis is, the local ex pats. always go up there for the sunsets. The beach is small but vey clean and never crowded when I have visited Apr, May, June and Sep and Oct ...July and August must be. We pay less(pp) per night for a one bedroomed apartment than my son does to stay in 4-6 bed hostel accomodation when he travels here. so we get true value for money with the accomodation. There is a site www.elounda77.net it has loads of information on it if anyone is thinking of taking a trip to Elounda. If you do we hope you find it as good a stay as we do. The village square is where the tourist area is, centred. Some of the accomadation can be quite away from the square, especially the posh places but the views are stunning and there is no real need to go into the village, they are self contained but they are not for me. I stay a few minutes (300metres) away from the village and love it. Tour Operator: Phillia Fogg
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