The Cretan resort town of Malia on the north coast of the island has little to do with traditional Greece, but everything to do with young fun and sun. Hordes of young British revellers come on package holidays to Malia intent on soaking up sun during the daytime, and alcohol at night. The resort’s clubsmore
Loved Malia - Irish couple. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Malia was great, food was beautiful, nightlife was crazy but good, we ate in the petrino restaurant every night it was beautiful, staff was really friendly.
Best holiday in Malia ever! - Malia girls. Date of travel: Jul 2008
The nightlife in Malia was amazing, the clubs were fab and the drinks were cheap! Although the people trying to drag you into the clubs got annoying after a while, we found ourselves running away from them. The beach was gorgeous and the sea was lovely to swim in.
Anonymous - Malia 08. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Malia has an amazing night life and is for younger people, we we're 17 so it was mint, the clubs were good Zig Zag, and Apollo were amongst the best. Make sure you visit all the clubs and see them all for youself.
I Loved Malia - Danielle Little. Date of travel: Jul 2007
The strip, aka the Malia Mile, is exactly was it suggests: a mile long road going right through the middle of Malia with over 150 bars, clubs and pubs. Definite places to go would be London Bar, Cheeky 1/2, Club 69, Help Bar and The Venue. All the bars offer something different, and the promo staff will do anything to get you into their club, and will literally drag you in by your hands, so be warned about being hassled. There is nowhere like Malia, so make sure you hit as many of the clubs and pubs as you can and see if you can handle 'The Malia Mile'!!
Fantastic night life - Doran. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Malia has a fantastic night life and there is also something to do every day.
Crete's answer to Newquay - Jenny & Judith. Date of travel: Jul 2006
We went to Malia with Thomson, and had a fab time. The reps/tour operator were faboulous! Malia was a bit too noisy/lively/busy for our taste, but probably good if you want to get hammered. We managed to find great places just outside the main bit however. For example, the fab restaurant San Giorgio in the old town, serving fantastic Greek food and wine cheaply. Always worth asking for the cheapest wine they have if you're on a budget, although they say it's 'vinegar' it went down pretty well! The beach is overcrowded and full of touts, but about 10 minutes towards Stalis the beaches are much less busy and you can find beautiful secluded spots. Malia is not far away from Heraklion and Aghios Nikolaos, both great places to visit! And the local bus service was cheap, air conditioned, reliable and comfortable. The old palace in Malia is also on the way to Stalis (maybe 30 minutes walk). Finally, we went on a trip to one of the waterparks in Crete, Aqua Plus, and it was a great day! Some of the life guards were a bit narky, some were great though.
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