Below the original old town of Kefalos on the south-west coast of the Greek island of Kos, a modern resort has been built in traditional style as a holiday haven, the hotels fronting a sandy beach. The setting makes this one of Greece’s most scenic resorts, offering views over the bay to the islet ofmore
I love Kefalos but steer clear of Captain Harris Watersports at Lagada Beach - Olu . Date of travel: Sep 2011
My family and I spent a week at Kos and drove down to Kefalos for a day. We hired two Jet Skis and my girls (4 of them) took out the Skis and were late back. While we were trying to estabish how much we need to pay for the extra time a disagreement broke out. The owner (the old guy)got angry and snacthed my wife's bag and open it to take out her purse! When I protested he took out a knife and was going to attack me in front of other beach goers and my family! We quickly dialed their equivalent of 999 but the Police picked up the phone and said "No English" and dropped the phone! Was shocked that this could happen in Europe.
Returning to Kefalos - Michael. Date of travel: Jun 2011
Just spent a glorious week in Kefalos, returning after a 20 year gap. the resort has not changed apart from a few more tavernas and bars. We met up with friends at Kokqlqkis hotel, Demitri, Felitsa and nitsa and stayed at Roses Studios and spent every night at the dolphin rock cafe with manolis and Sanja, both wonderful people. we promise to return and much sooner than the previous gap! we would recommend Kefalos to anyone from 18 to 80 who is looking for a quiet and truly relaxing experience mixed with the best of Greek hospitality. Michael and Josanne Xxx
Returning to Kefalos - Michael. Date of travel: Jun 2011
Just spent a glorious week in Kefalos, returning after a 20 year gap. the resort has not changed apart from a few more tavernas and bars. We met up with friends at Kokqlqkis hotel, Demitri, Felitsa and nitsa and stayed at Roses Studios and spent every night at the dolphin rock cafe with manolis and Sanja, both wonderful people. we promise to return and much sooner than the previous gap! we would recommend Kefalos to anyone from 18 to 80 who is looking for a quiet and truly relaxing experience mixed with the best of Greek hospitality. Michael and Josanne
Kefalos is what you make it to be - Rob and Jan Penny . Date of travel: Sep 2010
I have spent the last few days reading reviews on Kefalos and am at a loss to understand the negatives. My wife Jan and myself have been to Kefalos on 5 different occasions and are returning again in September. It is a delightful place full of wonderful people who bend over backwards to make your holiday a memorable one.There are many restaurants to choose from all of which serve a varied menu of both Greek and European style food. For those people who don't like English breakfasts etc. choose somewhere else to eat. The only reason places sell English food is because it is popular with the Brits. Kefalos has a wealth of things to do if you are prepared to make an effort. If you want a refined and organised holiday read the geniune reports on the resort and you should realize it is not for you. Meals are inexpensive and good quality.The bars serve a great variety of drinks at a good price (if you look around)and hiring a vehicle to explore the island is very easy with a good choice of hire firms.I am not into naming or promoting bars or restaurants. We have our favourites but they may not suit everbody. Enjoy Kefalos for what it is and what it offers. As a summary it is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sun food booze and hospitality of the friendliest people in Europe. If this does not suit your requirements GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Kefalos a Great Holiday - Keith and Denise. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Went to Kefalos in September 2010 and we had a very enjoyable holiday. We stayed in the Haralambos Studios. Due to a 6 hour delay at Manchester Airport we arrived at our accommadation at 11.15pm. We were made very welcome, bought our provisions from their supermarket which was situated directly under our room. When we asked Yanni if Harrys bar was open he said yes and directed us across the road where we met his dad Harry.He is a top bloke we had a right laugh and although we were a bit weary ended up staying there until 3am. That first evening set the tone for the rest of our stay. We had most of our meals in Harrys Bar, fantastic food cooked by Harrys wife Sevestine. The resort is very laid back and picturesque, the village of Kefalos is quite charming, nestling on a steep escarpment overlooking Kamari Bay, the views from the village are spectacular. If you go to Kefalos try the rabbit stifado in Sebastions...wonderful. Some great bars, one of our favourites was Acropol, but they were all good and very reasonably priced. In one bar we were drinking Alpha beer at 1 euro.50 a bottle. We went on the 3 island cruise, great fun and when we go back next year we plan to pop over to the volcano of Nisyros. Cant wait to get back there.
Haralambos Studios - Sarah. Date of travel: Aug 2010
We stayed from the 1st August until 15th August at Harrys Studios. On arrival, we were very pleased with our room. There were three of us in there, including our daughter. We ate in Harry's taverna every evening apart from two. The service was faultless, the food delicious and only a short hop back to the room afterwards if we didnt fancy going for a walk. There is nothing wrong with the beach, a bit shingly but typically Greek and hardly anyone on there, really. The shop attached to the studios is reasonably priced and sells everything you would need. We went up to the village a couple of times - caught the bus there and walked back as quite a steep hill!! All in all a lovely holiday and we would recommend it to any family to enjoy a quiet, peaceful time with very friendly people. Nothing to worry about at all - the only thing to maybe be wary of is taking out the pedalos with the slide. We did this a couple of times. The first time was fine as we went to the island with the church on top on a very calm day and our daughter had a great time sliding into the water. The second time, we did not realise it was windy a little out to sea when we hired the pedalo from the other end. The wind really started to get up and the waves became quite big, so we had to call a halt to the whole thing as the pedalo was starting to drift off and made it difficult for our daughter, although a very good swimmer, to get back on easily. If you have children, this would really be the perfect holiday and the family in the taverna really do make a big effort to make it their best holiday. We will definitely go back.
We loved Kefalos - Paul and Claire Fisher. Date of travel: Aug 2010
We have just returned from Kefalos, and loved it so much, that we have just booked to return next year. It is a very relaxing resort, we stayed at the zeus which was lovely, but spent our days at the pool of the dolphin rock bar, as well as some evenings, Manolis and his girlfriend were so welcoming, and they do a wicked greek salad, we also enjoyed eating at Hubs, owner is so friendly. Sure, there are a number of partially built houses etc, but it doesnt take away from the beauty of the mountains, we just loved the small island with the church, we went into Kos town which was stunning, just dont eat in macdonalds, instead, turn right, the smell will pull you, you will find a kebab house, can recommend the chicken gyros.
Kefalos july 10 - Paul & wilma. Date of travel: Jul 2010
We've just come back from Kefalos yesterday 4th visit getting quieter I think. We stayed at Kamari bay hotel. Not good on breakfast unless you're obsessed with bread-rolls and toast, and the owner blows hot and cold depending what mood he's in. Can be extremely rude and totally obsessed with money, unlike most of the other people we met in Kefalos. Acropolis snack bar: Maria is very nice she also has a car hire place couldn't have been more helpful. I for one will not be returning to Greece until they stop people smoking in the restaurants when other people are eating and the Brits really abuse this I even saw one women smoking next to children eating. Its disgusting and they don't get away with it here but the Greeks are so laid back and the Brits as usual take advantage.
Kefalos - Monaghan party . Date of travel: Jul 2010
Loved every minute we where they stayed at jacks apartments where basic perfect for us as we were never in. Only down side is that there is no lighting or street lamps on the way back to the apartments at night and is very eerie and scary walking up a dirt road, we had to buy a torch.

Loved the resort perfect for relaxing for 2 weeks on the beech, We done the trip to the volcano it was good but a tad boring as afterwords you are left in the village for a few hours and there wasnt a lot open or anything to do.

All locals are very friendly and had a great time. Booked to go back this year and we will be staying down the front of the resort this year with a local we met last year at there apartments. Over all great for couple and family that are looking for a relaxing and chill out holiday.
Why the buildings are unfinished - Liz . Date of travel: Jul 2010
My husband and I have been to Kefalos many times and have made friends with local families - we absolutely love it there and I felt the need to respond to some of the posts regarding the unfinished building projects. These haven't been left unfinished because the developers have run out of money but because ancient ruins have been discovered when the ground has been excavated - this means that the work has to stop immediately to preserve the site. That's also the reason why the beach hasn't been developed - if they get mechanical diggers in they will unearth more ancient ruins (like the ones you will see down at the 'Club Med' end of the beach) and work will have to stop. I think this just adds to the charm of the resort and leaves it totally unspoilt. If you don't like it then go to the other more developed resorts like Tingaki or Mastichari. Myself, I'm sticking with Kefalos, the most relaxing place I've ever visited.
We love kefalos - Tracey. Date of travel: Jun 2010
We have been to Kefalos for the past 4 years and we have loved it every time, we always seem to meet the same group of people although we have been all different times and its like having the same holiday every year... but in a very good way!! The airport is the only rubbish bit but once you've been to Kefalos you don't want to go anywhere else!!
Kefalos June 2010- recommendations - Bill and Karen. Date of travel: Jun 2010
We have just returned from Kefalos and had, as usual, a wonderful relaxing time. The resort was relatively quiet but that was not a problem for us 50 year olds!! Are you going? Then these are a few recommendations to help you along. Restaurant - it has to be Kastri's towards the north of the main road opposite
Kefalos recommendations (2nd Attempt) - Bill and karen. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Restaurant - Kastri's - meet Katerina and her family - consistently excellent. Car hire - Kastri car hire - no relation to the restaurant - Nick is extremely helpful, day or night, negotiate fully inclusive insurance with no excess before you go, his contact details are - Web: www.kefalos.com E- mail: kastri@hol.gr Tel: +30 22420 71755 Fax: +30 22420 71455 Mobil: +30 6944 536595 Avoid the supermarket with the large car park on the fron - towards the middle on the right as you head into the town - very pushy English Woman in there, not nice and very expensive. All in all - Kefalos is stil the same, traditional, laid back and genuinely friendly, love the place, not the most beautiful with the best beaches being out of the resort, relaxing? definitely.
The wobbly beach - Tracey & Bob. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Kefalos is very beautiful (and a bit hilly if you are going for a run)It is as quiet or lively as you wish to make it and the views are breath taking. The beach is clean and all the sunbeds have pillows, but getting into and out of the sea is not done gracefully, as the sand tends to move below your feet, but it's great fun.
kefalos is beautiful - A & J . Date of travel: May 2010
I loved kefalos as a whole, it was my first time visiting greece and i was very impressed with kefalos, so much that we going back in May and we just can't wait. I would recommend you to try different restaurants so you can find your favourite, we can't remember the name of our favourite but i will tell you the food was to die for. I would also recommend to explore every part of the island.
Resort is very quiet and vey pretty - Kevin. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Plenty of restaurants to pick from but wouldn,t recommend the Aussie barbecue as food was not good value or good to eat.
Kefalos is great - Tracey Manser. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Kefalos is great
The down side is that it seems to be getting quieter and quieter. So if you want a relaxing holiday with the wife and young family then this is the place for you. Its not the place for teenagers as there is no night life and young adults would get too bored. My parents found it a bit too basic and a bit too quiet as they like to people watch and there was not too many to watch. But if you want a holiday by a lovely blue sea, have young children who love making sand castles and someone who loves to read books and soak up the sun, then this is the place for you. We hired a car both times we were there and travelled over to Turkey for a few bargans and saw a lot of the island. We booked a boat trip which lasted all day and was fantastic value for money. The Greek food is great and tastes so much better than here in England is a Greek restaurant. The people themselves are warm and friendly. Our baby was poorly the second week we were there, we went to the local doctor who spoke excellent English, she prescribed medication for her and within 24 hours she was back to normal. (Our own GP was very happy with what had been prescribed when we saw him). I would recommend this as a relaxing, stress free holiday for: elderly people, young families and anyone who does not want to get drunk everynight and go clubbing.
Kefalos - Ghost Town - Anon. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Kefalos - We went for the windsurfing and to relax. Married couple. To be honest, it was disappointing compared to other Greek islands we have visited. Cyclades etc. No cultural interest whatsoever. The town is purpose built but at high season in August the restaurants only had on average 3 tables each full at night. Looks like this place is really struggling. Club Med alongside in next bay abandoned - derelict. Resort built on a strip along which cars and motorbikes pass you at 70 mph. No other path/route/street. Some businesses gone bust by looks of things. Plenty of new building projects abandoned some time ago. No place for walking with buggies like some poor families were! If you like tattooed Brits and English breakfasts when in foreign climes, this could be the place for you. If I haven't put you off, there is good news. Sea seems very clean, beautiful water, good visibility, although beach average. Kefalos has beautiful views out to nearby islands. Everyone is very friendly amongst locals. It's cheapish - they are desperate! Top eateries we experienced: Rainbow, the only restaurant which was full due to the personality waiter. Great place. Antonios/Sacallis, good food and higher quality place, very friendly. Syntagma for good food and view (cash only). Windsurfing very offshore wind, very patchy. But flat for beginners and good rescue service! Great windsurf centre. Good for speed/slalom but disappointing for those looking for quality and clean meltemi wind. It's OK for the freestylers perhaps but to stay on the plane you have to sail very overpowered through the holes, not to mention having to keep upwind. One is also not inclined to try new moves if you are out in deep water in dead offshore wind! This is not an ideal windsurf location. Naxos much better.
Kefalos - Terrible hotel, beach dirty - Dave and Judith. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Kefalos has become rather run down and reminds me of a cowboy town. There is an excellent choice of tavernas and a few bars but the beach is dirty and unkept. The sand and shingle shelves quickly into the sea and is unsafe for children. Jellyfish were a problem.
The best - Carol and Mitch. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Kefalos is a quiet laid back very friendly place to stay. If you want loud and lively, go on down to Kardamna! There are lots of great places to eat, and beautiful beaches. You do really need some form of transport to see the whole island though.
Kefalos is amazing! - Sinéad . Date of travel: Jul 2009
We found a bar called Player's, which is on the Kefalos strip. Everyone has to go here at least one during their stay. We found ourselves here every night! The owner, Dimitri, is great. And will talk to you like you've known each other for years. And the girls that work there have come from all over the world to spend their summer working and enjoying the sun. We made some great friends and spend a lot of girly days at the beach with some of the Player's girls. Anyone that says Kefalos is not amazing, has obviously no life or spirit about them!
Kefalos does it for me - Dusty Miller. Date of travel: May 2009
Kefalos - I have recently returned from my tenth visit to this beautiful place. I first went on a whim and have returned every year since, usually twice a year! This seems to be the norm for other tourists that I speak to in Kefalos. I travel alone, but I never feel alone in Kefalos. Everyone is very friendly and the local people are more than willing to chat at length in English or, if you wish, to patiently help you to learn Greek! I seem to go native within the first couple of days. The resort itself is really called Kamari Bay, as the charming Kefalos village is actually on top the hill that overlooks the bay. But it is all universally referred to as Kefalos. It is very picturesque, laid back and welcoming, and provides all that you need to have a great holiday. But, if you want more, then it is very easy to hire vehicles ranging from scooters to jeeps (you must produce your license and ensure that your travel insurance covers you) and see the rest of the island of Kos. To appreciate the whole island of Kos and everything that it has to offer, or to take short ferry trips to the local islands, transport is essential (with the exception of travel to Nissyros, another beautiful and volcanic island which can easily be reached by ferry from Kefalos harbour). For those who cannot or do not wish to drive, there is a cheap bus service which runs the length of the island and is very easy to use. The island of Kos is very easy to navigate as there is only one main road that runs the length of it, and any side roads that you may take will usually eventually lead you back on to the main road. To travel the length of Kos by car takes around forty-five minutes.
Kefalos does it for me - Dusty Miller. Date of travel: May 2009
In Kefalos I have found that the best place to hire a scooter, quad or push bike to get around is Katerinas motorbikes, run by Katerina and her husband Manolis. She has two hire places situated along the main road (close to the cash point) and provides a very useful (and free!) pamphlet containing local maps, information about the island and services, and also some handy Greek phrases. I have tried the others in the past and I definitely get the fairest prices and best service - and the best welcome - at Katerinas. If you want to hear a Greek speak fluent English with a strong Australian accent then this is a must! (She also often provides a lovely piece of home baked cake or sometimes cheese pie with a cup of coffee for customers if you have the time to sit and chat! Many frequent visitors do).
Kefalos does it for me - Dusty Miller. Date of travel: May 2009
There is a large selection of wonderful, friendly bars and tavernas in Kefalos which seem to be open from early morning to midnight and serve almost anything you could wish for. Some also provide free live entertainment (often English acts - try Sidneys). For meals I recommend Marias, near the cheekily named 'better than Asda's' shop at the harbour end of of the bay - good food, good prices but almost any of the others are good too, you can be spoilt for choice. If you prefer to eat English food prepared in the English fashion, then quaintly named 'Riverside Café' (there is no river nearby), run by a friendly English ex-pat lady, staffed by her friends and frequented by English ex-pats and tourists (and also some local Greeks), is the place to go. It is situated on the main road and near to the 'Oasis' shop (which sells just about anything you might need while on holiday) and the Kordistos Hotel. A little bit of England in Greece. Kefalos is not a bustling, lively or noisy resort, but is certainly the place to go for those who are looking for a relaxing, unforgettable holiday living by GMT (Greek Maybe Time). For those who prefer a more lively atmosphere, perhaps with a lot of drink and loud music involved, then I would suggest Kardamena or Kos Town. Both have their own attractions and also worth a visit. Finally, within a short distance (10 minutes by motor transport) of Kefalos there is a choice of tavernas where you can eat and drink beside the sea, in a very friendly atmosphere, while watching a stunning sunset over the Aegean. If this all sounds good to you, then I recommend that you give it a try, I think you will enjoy it. I, and others, obviously do!
About Kefalos - J. Date of travel: Oct 2008
About Kefalos
There is a lot to do and see in Kefalos. You have the village which is on top of the hill and the bay area which as it means it is on the bottom of the hill. Places to go: B52 (Bar) serves a great hot chocolate!! Baywatch watersports I and II. If you want watersports action these are the people and place to be with, very safe and the crazy sofa is brill! Eating: Captain John's. Car Hire: Manolis or Trust Boat Hire: Trust Any further information ask JiLan42@msn.com
What has happened to the dog? - Olivia. Date of travel: Oct 2008
I went with my mother and son during the final holiday week.. staying at Crysoulis . I found the experience with one darling dog horrendous. She was a little light brown bassett or labrador cross on heat...when we left she was running round and round the coach.. Ive been unable to find anyone to help bring her to the UK ... the whole place is past its sell buy date.
Kefalos is ok - Brett and Carolyn. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Kefalos is ok but very spread out not as much to do for families as other locations. The beach is ok varies by where you are the beach at the harbour end is non existent but going out of Kefalos gets better this is about a 1-2 mile walk unless you are stopping at that end like us. Food is quite expensive but the portions are normally big shops all sell the same things with set prices on cigarettes.
We love kefalos - Kathy & Richard. Date of travel: Sep 2008
kefalos is friendly, hot and our very special place. After going on lots of other holidays, we love kefalos best, it's relaxing very friendly and you always feel safe. It's our gem of a holiday.
Kefalos - a place never to forget - Jacki. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Kefalos is so laid back... you will forget you have to go back to work! Lots of lovely tavernas, beaches, bars and friends!
Kos and Kefalos - Trevie. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Kos and Kefalos
I have been going to Kos and Kefalos for over 12 years now and always enjoy my time whilst there. September is probably the best time (as I will be there:) ) Favorite Bar is Sydneybar and favorite water sports location is Baywatch. Plenty of bars to crawl to and from when needing a change of scenery. Weather is normally 25-28 degrees around September but feels cooler with a breeze which is normal for Kos.
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