Kos Town
Surrounded by holiday apartment blocks and hotels, the main town on the Greek Island of Kos still retains its historic core, the bustling centre of activity for a variety of ancient colonists, from the Egyptians through to the crusading Knights of St John. As a result there is plenty to see and experience on holidaymore
Kos so good we booked again this year - Chris and Jem. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Kos Town is such a lovely place in September. It was hot enough in the daytime for plenty of sunbathing and cool enough in the evening to not need air con. Lovely harbour with lots of boat trips (book then at the harbour) food in the restaurants was good not too lively in Sept but just right if you want to stroll about and have a nice drink overlooking the harbour lots of history in the old town. Everything is within easy reach and the main bus station is at the top of the town which has a good timetable to take you to other locations on the island. We have been to many Greek islands big and small and like Kos so much we are going back in Sept 2010.
Kos Town - Jones. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Lovely place to visit, however the hotel was so great that we only went out into the town once.
Kos Town - Emma & Martin. Date of travel: Oct 2007
You can see everything in Kos Town 2 days, it's worth going on the train to the hospital ruins, look around the castle, see the tree, lots of bars and resturants and a few clothes shops.
Kos Towm - Mark Lucas. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Kos Towm
A great place to stay whatever your age and taste, plenty of places to eat & drink and good access by the local bus service to explore the rest of the island. Some great beaches in Tigaki and Kefalos. This fantastic island is well worth a visit and so are the surrounding islands if you fancy a day out. Would recommend Nyseros, Leros, Pserimos and Kalymnos.
Perfect Setting - Peddiepuffkins. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Kos Town is where I've had the best holidays - this was my third trip to Kos Town and it is great! There are plenty of things to do - the harbour and marina are beautiful, the hippocratic tree, the agora and ruins. There are plenty of Roman sites and good mixture of market and up market shops. The food is wonderful - the harbour provides a great setting but further back in the hills and towards the newer marina are better places to eat. The weather was also just right - not too hot at this time of year but hotter than the UK to be sure!
Kos Town - Holly Jeffery. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Kos Town
Kos Town was good, it had a lot of historical sites which were easy to find and walking distance from each other. It had loads of bars and restaurants which were quite nice. The port was very nice and was easy to get to Turkey from, even though the trip I went on to turkey took 2 hours of waiting on the boat while everyone went through customs. Overall very pretty town and worth a visit.
Kos town is ok - Karen. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Kos town is but 8 in a taxi from the Aegean View which becomes a bit expensive. It is like any other Greek resort lots of tourisy shops and bars, etc, howerver the food is of a poor standard to other Greek islands that I have visited. Very unsophisticated.
Bar Street - Ellie. Date of travel: May 2007
Kos has a good nightlife! Bar street baby!
Kos town - Jan Joke Kay. Date of travel: May 2006
Loved Kos town, that's why we are returning again on 31st of May 2006. So much to do for young and old. Bar street is a must for all you trendies, also try the nite club called Fashion, it is near the Dolphin water feature in the heart of town. Great places to eat; all types of places from Greek to Italian, French and so on. Papas sunbeds are value for money, you can lounge all day and the waiters run to you hand and foot. Tour Operator: Airtours
Kos and Kos Town - M. Day. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Kos offers something for everyone and I cannot understand the earlier comment about being "bored' and had "to read in our rooms" for entertainment. Kos Town offers something for everyone of all age groups. Good restaurants for all budgets, bars for both young and older visitors, day trips to Turkey, Nissyros and other islands, a good bus service to get around the island independently, famous achaelogical sites (Askepelion for instance), nice villages (Pylli and Zia), good sandy beaches (Tigiaki, Marmari and Tagiaki). Kos is really a destination for all age groups. Shopping is good: jewellery, leather goods, designer clothes, souvenirs for all tastes and budgets.
Kos town - Deb and Leanne. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Me and my sister went to Kos town June 2005 and what a boring holiday we had. Yes there was plenty of shops and restaurants but all providing the same things; once you've been in one you've been in them all! We were unable to find any decent entertainment and found ourselves reading in our room most of the holiday. Best part of our holiday was going on an excursion trip on a lovely boat to 3 different islands. Over all I personally would not recommend young people for this holiday as there is just nothing to do. Tour Operator: Thompson
Jeff Sharon. Date of travel: May 2004
Great place: the owner George and his son Steve were great people. Steve made us welcome when we went to see him the following year while staying at Kool pool but if you are thinking of going to Kos then we recommend you stop in Kos town. Tour Operator: First Choice
sonia harries. Date of travel: Sep 2003
Kos Town is a picturesque liitle harbour town, and has an intriguing mixture of ancient and modern, there is a wonerful choice of restaurants and menus to suit everyone. Kos Town does become rather lively in the main months so its best if families avoid this particular time Tour Operator: jmc
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Iberostar Kipriotis Maris (Psalidi) | * * * * * |
Ramira Beach Hotel | * * * * * |
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Achileas Beach | * * * * * |
Aegean Village | * * * * * |
Iberostar Hippokrates | * * * * * |
Iberostar Kos Bay View | * * * * * |
Kipriotis Village Resort | * * * * * |
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