Tingaki - Barbara. Date of travel: Jul 2009
If anyone takes a trip to Zia, go to the Mountain taverna run by Lakis who used to have a taverna in Tingaki. The food and service was excellent.
Tingaki fantastic - Jill and Charlie. Date of travel: May 2009
Tingaki is lovely, just 1 long street of small shops bars and tavernas.
Tingaki the best resort on Kos - Mr and Mrs M Thompson. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Tingaki the best resort on Kos
We have been going to Tingaki for over ten years now & have not got a bad word to say about it, we have had the most wonderful holidays here, the locals are so friendly towards old & new customer's. Lots of lovely tavernas to eat our favourite is the Dana on the sea front, the food is great and the service is second to none it is run by two brothers & we love them to bits. Also like the breakfast at Menni beach, again good food and service. The place to go to book any trips is Theokritos Travel this is run and owned by Louise & Nikos who will do anything to help, the enthusiasm & commitment they and their staff give to the customers is very welcoming. Thank you Louise. You cannot come to Kos without a visit or two to the margarita cafe bar run by Lefty & his wife they are both wonderful people so friendly welcoming & so very funny they do lovely breakfasts & snacks in the afternoon & evening the bar is open until the last customer leaves which can be three in the morning. Lefty gives his all to make sure his customers are happy new & old. We have had lots of happy times in this Bar made some good friends over the years. You can find Lefty on the road out of Tingaki just passed the big supermarket just up from the Sunset Hotel.
We loved Tingaki - Paul & Sue Holyoake. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Tangaki has the best Restaurants, lovely apartments, beautiful beaches lovely people!
Tingaki - Helen and Marc. Date of travel: Jun 2008
Tingaki is an absolutely brilliant place, best holiday I've had so far, the people, the bars, the food, all excellent. You must go to Seven Days bar on the main road next to Kaloudis Apartments and say hello to Irini, she is bonkers but brill! And head up past the main supermarket (away from beach) to a little bar on the right called Margarita Bar, this is a little jewel, hidden away from the usual tourist traps, and the owner Lefte is just so friendly and funny and will give you the warmest welcome.
I loved Tingaki - Lauren Blount. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Tingaki was a lovely little place where there are some great restaurants and bars. While there, you must go the Chopsticks chinese resaurant, it's the best!!!
Tingaki lovely - Jill and Charlie. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Tingaki is a lovely place with lovely beaches. Friendly people.
Tingaki is a great base on the island - John Fowler. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Tingaki is a great base on the island
Tingaki is well positioned on the Island, being close enough to Kos Town that it is only a short bus trip away. The beach seems to be much nicer than the beaches at Kos Town and it's quieter than Kos Town also. Being between Kos Town and the Airport, it is fairly central to all activities and destinations on the island compared to most other resort areas. There are lots of restaurants and I ate at several. The quality of the food was excellent and prices in the town for most things were very good.
Tingaki - Cheryl Clark and Andrew Pillinger. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Tingaki is a very nice and quiet place, not many shops mostly supermarkets bars and taverns. Plenty of bike hire and you can get around and visit places. I recommend the Greek Night in Zia. It's beautiful free wine all night and orange, and a 10 course meal, there is also Greek dancing and you can also get up and participate. Zia is beautiful and you can watch the sun set.
We love Tingaki - Paul & Sue Holyoake. Date of travel: May 2007
We like the resort very much and decided after finally touring the Island that Tingaki, in our opinion, was definitely the best. Best restaurants, best bars, best apartments and definitely the best beaches. Our favourite bar was the Margarita cafe bar at the top of the main drag, just past Constantinos Supermarket and hosted by Lefty and his wife - great company, big selection and prices were good, it was a nice place to finish the evening before turning-in. Our favourite restaurants were the Sagittarius (not far from the Margarita) and run by a lovely couple Manolis and Donna, the Souvilaki here was delicious, Donna who is English by the way, also serves a selection of delicious authentic curries. We also stayed here for two weeks in their apartments, I couldn't recommend them more highly. Another favourite restaurant was The Katras Taverna (face the beach by the fountain at the seafront and turn left, second restaurant along) run by Julie and our grecco/australian friend Louis (great guy) good food and reasonable prices but most of all, the friendly atmosphere here was superb and they'll even rent you sunbeds during the day. The Scala - Restaurant Bar in the town by the fountain was another (ask to see George) he will see you OK, friendly chap and likes to speak English. The Mediterranee was nice but a little more expensive. Ampelli's (The Vineyard) serves traditional home made food, is lovely but early in the year in May was very quiet. If you go here towards the end of the season they'll serve freshly picked grapes that grow right over your head while you're eating. This is a nice place for a romantic evening but a little difficult to get to, it's about a mile out of town along the seafront towards Kos town. You either need a car or get a cab (they're very reasonable). Plori is another great reastaurant (nice atmosphere) along the seafront to the left - especially if you like fresh fish, my favourite were the grilled sardines served with a Greek salad and 'Greek Potatoes' dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. uhmmmm!!!! Sadly a favourite restaurant that we've been to in previous years and run by a guy called Lakis has closed. Lakis was the 'Dancing Man' he served the tables, was a great practical joker and provided all the entertainment. We can recommend Alpha rent a car if you need transport, people friendly and prices fair. So that's it - bye to all our friends, see you next May 2008
Tingaki - The Barber Family. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Tingaki town was okay even though lots of places were closing as it was their last week of the season. Can strongly recommend the Grande Salle Greek Kitchen (on the main road in the town) excellent food, friendly helpful staff, very reasonable prices. Didn't think much of the beach. Lots of seaweed, fag ends and bottle tops in the sand so only went their once as kids prefered the pool. Hired a car from Alpha cars ( very cheap) and explored the island. Didn't think much of Kardemena but the ruins in Kos town are worth a visit as is the thermal springs (just watch you don't go off the end of the road as there is no warning that the road just stops). Would definately go back to this again as all the family enjoyed it.
Quiet resort - Debbie. Date of travel: May 2006
Set on a sweeping bay, the Tingaki is a quieter holiday resort than nearby Kefalos, Kardamena or Kos Town. The nightlife in Tingaki is low key with just a few music bars and restaurants. Tingaki consists of two roads one which runs off the main Kos to Kefalos road down to a very pretty roundabout with a fountain and along the beach front, most of the tavernas, restaurants and gift shops are on the main road to the roundabount, along the beach road are a few tavernas and supermarkets, at the top of the main high street is a very large supermarket called Constantinos this is a bit like Asda but on a slightly smaller scale alot of english brands sold here but I found the smaller supermarkets cheaper, there are plenty of vehicle rental places in tingaki who rent cars, scooters quad bikes and bicycles (the bicycles are approx 3 euro's a day and have padlock security with them by for the safer way to travel), there are plenty of sunbeds on the beach to rent per day approx 3-4 euros.I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Tingaki, and as for the food it was great anyone visiting must have a meal at the Meni Restaurant (this is on the main road itself not far from the roundabout) the chef is very good and the staff are so friendly, a lady called Sia will escort you in off the street and Andy the Manager is very pleasent with his colourful shirts, I eat most nights here as the food was so good and not expensive, another good restaurant is the Scala this is on the corner by the roundabout, any one going must try the seafood at either restaurant as it is excellant. A bus service operates daily along the seafront and up the main street every hour to Kos Town, from where I stayed at the far end of Tingaki the bus left at 20 past the hour starting at 09.20am and cost 1 euro and 40 cent and takes approx 20 mins, buses from Kos Town are on the hour but don't run at 12 noon or at 2pm so beware but they run till late I think last bus from Kos Town to Tingaki is 11pm, you can also catch buses on the main road from Kos to most other resorts. Hope you have good holiday in Tingaki.
My best holiday - Izzie. Date of travel: Jul 2005
Tingaki in Kos - Transfer time aprox 60mins, parts of the beach are quite shinglie. Laid back nightlife with cafe bars and taverners, best to hire a car or scooters, as the island has plenty to offer and see, kos town is only a 20 min drive. A must is to visit Bubble Beach. You can also go on a day trip to Turkey, personally this was one of the best holidays I've had. I met some great people and saw most the island. Tour Operator: Mytravel
Tingaki, Kos - Sally & Carolyn. Date of travel: Jan 1970
We had a great holiday in Tingaki staying at the Zorbas Hotel. Very friendly people overall with the exception of the Theokritos Travel coach driver Nicos, who was a pest! He seemed to think if we were travelling on his coach he had the right to sexually harass us... would not recommend getting on a coach with him if you are an attractive female! That was the only bad bit. Nice island & would recommend a visit to Kos Town and the harbour. Paradise beach is exactly that & not to be missed. Tingaki is a relaxing beach resort within a 15 min drive of the more cosmopolitan Kos Town.
Tingaki - Beware of Theokritos Travel - Kate. Date of travel: Jan 1970
Loved Tingaki but wouldn't book any days out through Theokritos because the bus driver was drooling and repulsive. Think his name was Nick and he followed me and my friends around Zia (village) and wouldn't take no for an answer. Some good eating places (Mediterranee/Ambelli) and good beach. A laid back place, great if you want a relaxed holiday. Car hire expensive generally but we got a good deal with Tingaki Express who are on the main road, you can't miss them.
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