A holiday in Molivos, the quaint tiered stone hillside town on the north of Lesvos Island, is the most authentic Greek experience it is possible to find in the 21st Century. There is no hint of tourist tat or decadence in this delightful town, where bazoukis play, the pace is slow and the atmosphere sublime,more
Molivos - Pamela. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Molivos (officially Mithimna), 61 Km from Mytilini, is arguably the most beautiful village on Lesvos. Tiers of sturdy, red-tiled houses mount the slopes between the picturesque harbour and the castle, some standing defensively with their rear walls to the sea.
Molivos (Mithymna) is the most beautiful village on Lesvos - George Chatzitheologou. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Molivos (Mithymna) is the most beautiful village on Lesvos. Our Rental property is situated at the top of the market of Molyvos a few meters above the church of Agios Panteleimon.
Great vacation spot - Tom Utterback. Date of travel: Sep 2004
Molivos is at the North end of Lesvos, and thus a long taxi ride from the airport at Mytilini. I think it's worth it. But most towns along the way are also nice. I like Molivos the best for charm and reasonable cost.
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