Away from the maddening crowds, Haraki is a quaint fishing village, ideal for holidaymakers looking for a low-key lifestyle. Situated in a quiet bay south of Rhodes, Haraki boasts attractive beaches, the Feraklos castle - one of the first on Rhodes to be held by the Crusaders and loads of spectacular seafood. Watch the fishingmore
Fabulous Haraki - Baz & Jill. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Fabulous Haraki
On the main road from Rhodes to Lindos you turn left towards Haraki. The first thing you see is a load of greenhouses wrecked by the winter storms and you think what have I let myself in for. A couple of miles down the road you come to the square at the back of the seafront property and it doesn't look very inspiring but when you walk the few yards to the front and see the view. 'WOW'.It opens up to the med. Most apartments and Haraki's only hotel are spaced in a crescent shape around the bay overlooking the sea and the view first thing in the morning is out of this world. There are many fine restaurants and the quality of food is excellent. The service is first class as you would expect from the Greeks and they are a very friendly and sincere people. My favourite bar is Jack's 'cos it's the only bar which serves John Smith's draught bitter 'cos I'm not a lager drinker and contrary to a previous report Jack's bar has always got music playing at a reasonable level. This place is fine for people without kids as there isn't much to keep kids occupied except for the sea, same as for teenagers. If it's raucous nightlife you're after Haraki definitely ain't the place for you but there's plenty of socialising at night in the many fine restaurants and bars and the place is generally oh so peaceful.
Haraki - Karen Hasenber. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Haraki is a beautiful place. There are not clubs and neither crazy bars. There are different restaurants and different bars. Haraki dreams is for the people that don't have money and they don't mind drinking low quality alcohol. Jack's heaven is more like a family, no music just for a couple of drinks. The luckiest are those that stay in Alia because they can get as drunk as they want in the pool bar since their rooms are exactly next to it. We are going back to Haraki defo to meet Pavlos and his family, George and Anthi.
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