On the north-west coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, just two miles from the island’s main city, the holiday resort of Ixia offers some of the Rhodes’ best hotels, set around a shingled beach. The resort is prone to some strong summer breezes which whip up the waves, making this a good spot formore
I loved Ixia. It was exciting! - Chloe. Date of travel: Jun 2008
In Ixia it was very exciting as there were loads of things to do. There were loads of decent shops and a beautiful beach. Also not far from Ixia in a place called Falarki there was a splendid waterpark with delightful rides, such as the circus tent were you had to climb a inflatable orange slippery tent with ropes and had to climb it but the water you fell in was quite deep. If I went on holiday abroad again this year instead of England I would definitely go to Ixia again!
Definitely worth a visit - Mena. Date of travel: Sep 2007
When you walk to the main road you can either go left into Iylassos or right into Ixia. Both of these are very nice with lots of bars restaurants and shops. It doesn't take too long to walk into either of the towns. The trip to Rhodes Town is only 20 mins away by public bus which come every 15 mins. If it's a trip round the island - shop around first before you book with the tour rep as cheaper deals are out there. Be prepared to pay for entrance fees into the Butterfly Park and the ruins of Kamieros and the Acropolis of Lindos. The island tour also has you paying for your own lunch. Rhodes is definitely worth the visit but the Hotel Lisa is not!!
Great place - Paul Wilson-Suffield. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I went on holiday to Ixia in Jul 07. I went out every night to a different local bar or restaurant not the tourist ones but the back street ones where the locals go. Each time I was received with a smile and got the best service ever.
Looks a little rough around the edges - John. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Looks a little rough around the edges
First impressions were not good, however there are some top eateries here, we booked this resort primarly for the windsurfing and when the wind blows and it often does, the waves and sea swell are fantastic. The beach is not great, stoney and corse sand. We can reconmend the Ideal cafe our regular lunch venue, walking further along (10-15 mins) more great resturants, friendly people. Watch out for things added to your bill if they put out bread you will most likley be charged even if you didn't order it, particuly in Rhodes (old town) Tour Operator: Cosmos
Rhodes and Ixia - Sandra and Iain Wilson. Date of travel: Jun 2006
My family and I had a wonderful holiday touring through Rhodes but enjoyed, especially, the relaxation afforded us by the wonderful people in Ixia. Food and drinks were average price but overall we spent less than we had imagined for the whole trip. Great for the family.
Hotels in Ixia User Rating
5-Star Hotels
Miramare Wonderland | * * * * * |
Hilton Rhodes Resort | * * * * * |
Rodian Amathus Beach Resort | * * * * * |
Rodos Palace | * * * * * |
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4-Star Hotels
Atlantica Princess | * * * * * |
Avra Beach Resort | * * * * * |
Cosmopolitan Hotel | * * * * * |
Dionysos Hotel | * * * * * |
Capsis Hotel Rhodes and Convention Centre | * * * * * |
Hotel Oceanis | * * * * * |
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3-Star Hotels
Solemar Hotel and Apartments | * * * * * |
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2-Star Hotels
Hotel Lisa | * * * * * |
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