Formerly capital of the island of Rhodes, the original medieval town of Lindos with its landmark ancient Acropolis and pretty white tiered buildings has become the focus of a modern holiday resort. Opulent villas spread out around the town, and hot bodies bask on the sands of the seafront which is lined by touristy tavernas.more
Lindos is a home from home....... - Iain Wishart. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Lindos is a home from home.......
Lindos is a World Heritage Site - often over-run with daytrippers but quietens down after 4pm when the boats and coaches leave. There is no traffic allowed in the village - only donkeys. The village is very well preserved. The people could not be nicer. Lindos is not as over-run as it used to be owing to poor returns on the UK Pound versus the Euro. Those holidaymakers that would sneak a week in there in May or June or September or October have moved on - probably to Turkey or Croatia where the people are ruder but it is a bit 'cheaper'. I recommend the book Dancing on the Tables by Willard Manus that cover post war Lindos through to about 1998 when I first discovered the place for myself. Lindos is a cure all for life's ills - go there and enjoy! Food at Maria's Kitchen , Mavrikos and Ahontika as good as you will get anywhere. 3 beaches too - what's keeping you? I think I will have my ashes scattered there - with those of my friend Andy Barnett! The nightlife is very lively especially in August and September - there is an American called Tom who sometimes comes out of retirement to do his thing!
Lindos... - Rebecca and Nick. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Lindos was a great holiday, except from the huge walk up to our room which was near to the acropolis, very tiring in the heat. Enjoyed eating in every restaurant that was visited during the week, everyone was pleasant and things were relatively cheap. visiting in July again, cant wait :)
Lindos is a perfect destination for a relaxing break - T & M Gordon. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Lindos is the perfect location, easy to understand why people return year after year. Excellent weather, friendly restaurants with no hard sell, beautiful beaches though access is steep. Couldn't visit all the restaurants in two weeks but our favourite was Oasis up from the square on the main beach road, also Stephany's. Cheap chicken at Miki's, couldn't fault any we ate in. Bars we enjoyed were 60s and Socrates. First sight of the Acropolis with the village and shoreline below is breathtaking!
Dias Studios Rhodes - James. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Dias Studios Rhodes
The island of Rhodes is a beautiful place , lots to see and do. I would recommend the old town and Lindos as two of the more popular highlights.
Home from Home - Andy Barnett. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Lindos is very much a part of me. I love it for its friendliness and hospitality. For its people, those who visit and return year after year and the relaxed, warm atmosphere it portrays. It is first and foremost very pretty. The village beneath the Acropolis overlooking the bay. Sugarcube houses, laid back atmosphere and a feeling of laid back calm and safety. Good food in the restaurants particularly Skala on the Beach, Dionyssus, Marias, Stefanys, Casa Della Pizza to name but a few. Drink is unfortunately expensive but that is a product of the Euro predominantly. Good bars, again Skala on the Beach, Yanni's, 404, Pals, Lindos by Night, Georgio's and Antika. Good clubs in Arches, Amphitheatre on the hill and Qupi. I love Lindos mostly late afternoon early evening. As the sun goes down and the beach clears and unwinds. Skala on Pallas, glass of ice cold beer or rose, good food and good company. Yammas!
Lindos - Julia. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Lindos is the most beautiful and interesting of the Greek towns I have ever been to in my life. Everyone is very friendly, some over friendly! Go to Yannis bar... theres a waiter there called Marco and hes the most amazing person in the world...thats all iv got to say...i'lll be going back :P
I love Lindos - M Cartwright. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Lindos is a sight to behold. White sugar cube houses nestled in the hillside. The Beautiful St Pauls Bay, as well as several other stretches of beach, & of course The Acropalis a magnificent site illuminated at night. I have been to Lindos 3 times & am returning again in October CAN'T WAIT! People are lovely & friendly & there are numerous roof top restaurants to eat out. Love it. Note that Lindos not suitable for anyone with walking difficultes or the elderly (unless very fit) due to numerous steps & steep hills.
I love Lindos - Marc. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Lindos is one the most beautiful places I seen in my life, I like the history so Lindos is perfect!! I founded many tourists in August but still beautiful. I suggest to everybody to go to eat in a very nice italian place name is:"casa della pizza",very good pizza in wood-oven, nice pasta ,and special athmosphere!!!!good reminder of Lindos by night..the restaurant is situated next to the donkeys station in the main square..bye joe81
Lindos - James, Aislene, Gemma and Conner. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Lindos was great, full of great bars and fantastic restaurants. We surprisingly ate really cheaply. the town itself is like a big maze but You get used to it really fast. Restaurants: We would recomend caesurs, we ate there 3 nights of the week. The staff are a right laugh but proffesional. service is fast and the food is quality."The Acropolis! is also a fantastic place to eat and has a stunning view over the acropolis from the roof terrace-most resteraunts have roof terraces in Lindos. Bars: We recomend Lindos by night- What a laugh. They serve lovely cocktails-Had a bit toomany though. The staff are great, they put brilliant effort in to it. Great atmosphere and suitable for the kids. At the end of the night there are lots of taxis available from down in Lindos in case you have a long walk back to your accomodation. They are only 4 euros! Tour Operator: First Choice
Liz, Dave. Date of travel: Jun 2006
What can I say, we LOVED the place. Everywhere very friendly, beautiful clean beach. Will be going to Lindos again next year and can't wait. Note: Not a place to visit if you have difficulty walking, some of the pathways are quite steep and a bit slippy. Tour Operator: Kosmar
Lindos - Emma Brown, Gary Billcliffe, Sandy Whiteford,Janet Whiteford. Date of travel: Jun 2006
The beaches are great and the views from the acropolis are outstanding. I would recommend a visit to the Swedco cafe on the way to St Pauls bay; the staff are very friendly and they sell the best crossants and jam for breakfast and fabulous ice cream. I did find Lindos more expensive thjan its neighbour Pefkos and if you take a taxi ride to Pefkos you must visit the Nostalgia restraunt: it serves the best food in Rhodes and has the most professional and friendly staff. Tour Operator: Kosmar
Scott Grant. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Lindos is without a doubt the jewel in the crown of Rhodes. With its spectacular old town architecture, fantastic restaurants, two wonderful beaches and its own ancient acropolis ā€“ who could wish for more? The beaches are clean, the sea is divinely clear and blue, and the people there are incredibly friendly and accommodating. An almost non-existent level of crime in the town helps to give an unusual feeling of safety, and makes this one of the most relaxing places I have ever visited. Children and locals mix with visitors come the evening in a harmonious manner, and the bars come to life, lighting up the narrow streets. Despite the often slippery stone streets ā€“ having been worn smooth by uncountable human traffic. And, the scorching heat in July and August ā€“(air conditioning is well worth the investment!) - Lindos is a spectacular place to stay in and a place that many visitors keep in their heart and will return to. Iā€™m looking forward to my next trip there!
I loved Lindos - Ian and Ann. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Comments on Lindos, well where do you start, it's just fab, what more can I say. Oh yes, the Courtyard Bar and Jack and Tassos, what a great bunch. Love them all.
You want to go to Greece? Go to Lindos - John Smith. Date of travel: Jul 2005
Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands of the aegean sea. It has nothing to be jealous of a big city, but at the same time keeps its character as a picturesque place to visit. And most representative place of natural beauty itself (to stay or visit) is Lindos Village. I have visited many other grrek islands and villages, but if you ever ask me to recall my memories of Greece, I will certainly bring up to my mind, my trip to Lindos.
Lindos is Paradise! - Jan McDonnell. Date of travel: Jun 2005
To me Lindos was paradise, one of my best ever holidays ever. I went back back the following year to the same apartments. Great!
Fiona. Date of travel: Sep 2004
I thought I loved the bustling, lively atmosphere in Lindos, but after this holiday I went off it a bit - it seemed a lot more commercial, and less friendly than it was a few years ago...maybe because it was end of the season nearly, and everyone working there was tired out? Only 3 from my flight were staying there, and we were dropped off around midnight, so I thought I would have a few hours sleep...WRONG - the rep who was supposed to meet us didn't turn up for hours, and then refused to take me to my accomodation (at 4am now) as he wanted to go to a nightclub!!...So at least I got a free drink, but I was so tired! To sum Lindos up - it's the prettiest place, with lovely craft shops and lively (rather than debauched) night-life...but I felt that tourists were wearily tolerated, rather than welcomed there - May/June is probably a good time to go - before it all gets tired. And apart from the lad at the beginning, the Olympic reps were very helpful and easy to contact. Tour Operator: Olympic
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