Kalamaki - Mouldy and Tracy. Date of travel: Oct 2010
We visited Kalimaki in the last week of October 2010. We knew that this was the end of season, but hadnít really realised that the season was really over before we arrived. Approximately 1 in every ten shops was open and ours was one of a handful of hotels that was still open. The weather was very poor, mostly cloudy and raining, though we did have two beautifully sunny days at the end of the week. Some people were booked into our 5* hotel until the Monday (1st Nov) but the hotel closed on the Sunday and they were transferred to a 3* hotel in a different resort. Though there are advantages to visiting Zante (AKA Zaykinthos) out of season, with clear roads and cheap car hire. If you are driving, try out the brakes; only one wheel on our hire car was braking effectively which we did not find out until we had a very close shave! Zaykinthos roads are very slippery in the dry and even worse in the wet, also watch out for the potholes and ditches at the side of the roads. There seems to be a large number of feral cats and dogs all over the island. I donít know if there is rabies on the island, but it is very likely as there is a rabies problem on the main land. One little girl was petting one of a bunch of feral cats, when one cat turned on her and bit her. I really do hope that cat was not rabid because infection can be fatal! Building rubble has been fly-tipped by road sides all over the island. Iím guessing from most of the buildings that I saw, a Greek builderís tool box does not contain a spirit level, plumb-line, or a straight edge. Also, a large proportion of the inhabited buildings have never been completed, even though theyíre clearly many years old; Iím told that they are built like this intentionally because the owners only have to pay tax on completed buildings. Many properties are encompassed by fences made up of any old materials at hand and most seem to have at least one rusting wreck in the garden. The island has many beautiful beaches, though they are very littered; this could have been washed up by the recent storms, though I doubt it. The sea water around the island is beautifully clear and the bottom can be clearly seen from some great depths. The locals really appreciate it if you at least make the effort to say at least please and thank you in their language. Give it a go, the Greeks love to teach you more words, youíll soon be picking up the words to greet people at the relevant time of day and a whole lot more. Kalimaki is not as commercialised as Laganos the next resort along the coast, (30 minutes walk along the beach or coast road). Kalimaki has a large sandy beach. I didnít see any other Zante resort that I would prefer to Kalimaki, itís quiet and it has most of the amenities that you would want and if you want the banging night life, Laganos is a short walk or quick taxi ride away. If youíre going to Zante, I think Kalimaki is the best resort and if youíre going to Kalimaki, I donít think that youíll find a better hotel than the Bitzaro Grande.
That Greek feeling - Samantha Medlam. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Kalamaki is down the beach from the lively resort of Laganas but the difference being you dont get hounded to death to use their restaurants/bars and it has an abundance of good quality restaurants on offer. This was my second visit to Kalamaki. The Olive Tree restaurant and Tesouros offer excellent cuisine. We went to the Italian Bouon Amici which is situated upstairs, the only restaurant where a cockney guy hounded you every night you passed him, and this was by far the worst restaurant, over priced and poor quality. The Italian, Spaghetti Mania restaurant at the other end of Kalamaki is far superior where you actually get pasta that tastes of something. For an excellent English breakfast, try the Time Out snackbar on main Kalamaki road just past the turning for the airport. This is only a small cafe type establisment but for Ä4.50 you get a full breakfast, toast and jam with tea/coffee and proper orange juice. These also do excellent snacks at lunchtime and evenings plus they have very clean toilets. Also if you ask at your hotel reception to book you to go to Sarakini, you will definitely not be disappointed. This is a restaurant in the mountains about 2 mins up in Laganas where they have traditional Greek dancing and music and excellent food on offer. They come to your hotel to pick you up, take you to Sarakini where you have your meal, watch the dancing and then when you are ready to go, they take you home and this is free, the only thing you pay for is your meal which is no more expensive than the rest of the restaurants, there really isn't a catch, you are just guaranteed to have a truly authentic Greek night. For trips, Cavos Groco is the cheapest as they have their own boats. There are several of these situated along the main Kalamaki road. We went on a full day boat trip which was good but no room for sunbathing and only had 20 mins at Smugglers Cove but still enjoyed the day and also went on a 2 day trip to Greece to Athens. This was Ä90 which is about £60 and this included an overnight stay in Athens. This was an experience and good value for money as was a full 2 day trip. The only problem I could see with Kalamaki is that they are trying to cater too much for football fans and all the bars were showing any football match, this is okay if you love football!!! Otherwise a well recommended resort.
Kalamaki is a wonderful hotel - Janette and Ken. Date of travel: May 2007
Kalamaki is a wonderful hotel. The staff were brilliant, sea views and a bus stop on the door step, what more do you want...
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