Those who come to Greece for a rollicking seaside getaway find everything they need if they holiday in Laganas, the swinging resort on the island of Zante. A unique feature is the fact that turtles lay their eggs on the east part of the long, luscious Laganas beach, so watersports are banned. The frenetic nightlifemore
Good nightlife - Liz. Date of travel: Jul 2010
Me and my friend were out drinking til 6am nearly every night, loads of good deals and fit bartenders and reps!
Laganas - lovin it, lovin it, lovin it!!! woop woop - Stacey. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Laganas - lovin it, lovin it, lovin it!!! woop woop
Laganas - Oh my god... amazing place. Best 2 weeks of my life! All bars and clubs are great! Best place is Cherry Bay but not until early morning as everyone tends to go there after. Rescue club was good, saw Dave Pearce there and although it's not my kind of music I still had a great night, and only cost 20euros to get in. Otherwise all clubs are free to get in. Bad Boys and Waikiki are other great clubs. Three Lions bar is a good bar if you like football, great atmosphere! Beach is quite nice, sunbeds you have to pay for but you can find certain spots outside bars and restaurants that you don't have to pay for, you just have to buy a drink. PRs can be annoying but if you just tell them you have eaten or going somewhere else they leave you to it and wish you a good night. Taxis anywhere in Laganas are about 5euros but you can haggle! Some of the best places to eat are on the beach! Horizon is nice and one of the PR guys is very tasty! :) They also have Greek dancing at night. Ooh, another tasty Greek guy works in the More club! He's very nice! If you can find it, Avanti is very good food, is by our hotel which isn't on the main strip but you can get a taxi easily enough. All the guys there are so lovely! Definitely recommend going on turtle trips, you can get a cheap boat trip for 10euros on the beach if you're running low on cash like we were! You see lots of turtles. Another great bar is at the far end of the beach next to Cherry Bay! Lovely people and the PR guy, think he was called James, was really funny. Aussie bar is another great place, they had 'old skool' garage and live MCs if you're into that! Go to Cameo Island, beautiful place and apparently they have party nights, it's right round the other side of the beach and you cross a bridge over the sea and walk up some steps. You have to pay entry but its not much and you get a free drink. Can't imagine if you went to one of the party nights it would be safe trying to get down those steps when you're drunk, if you go there one day you will know what I mean! All in all, absolute wicked place, definitely g there!! Just watch out for gypsies tho! :D
Laganas, I loved it - Loui. Date of travel: May 2009
Laganas is excellent, I'm going there again this year to see Muzza
Try my food! - Brian Kershaw. Date of travel: Sep 2008
Try my food!
It was a nice walk to town in Laganas in the evening, apart from every waiter trying to get you to eat! The bars are great... Cocktails very cheap! Two for 1 in many! Walk round there's nice Bars & Tavernas to try. Beach is rubbish, dirty, salad salad, glasses, CDs, everybody trying to sell crap! Must add I did buy salad & twenty bees helped eat it!!!!! Stayed by pool. Laganas is for the young but there are some nice quiet bars. One at end of road from Helen Studios with Fountain Super.
What a place! - Joanne-Hope. Date of travel: Jul 2008
It was amazing in the strip in the day with a variety of places to eat and shops to look at. The nightlife was another level to what I've experienced. No matter what bar or club you went into, it was amazing.
Laganas was boss! - Tina. Date of travel: Oct 2007
That about the clubs being empty and all that, they're all lying. If you're young you will love the clubs and pubs on the main strip in Zante, Laganas...I would advise people old not to go because it's very loud on a night and you wouldn't get much sleep. If you're going to go then I hope you have a good time.
We love Laganas so we will be there every year - Mr Liam Connolly. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Laganas was great and I have respect for the locals in the area as I've had 2 great holidays in August '06 then October 07. So massive respect to Bobby in Relax bar.
Perkes Hotel - Mick O'keeffe. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Stayed there from 2nd-15th Sept '07. Sixteen of us in total, mostly family. Brilliant accommodation, food and service was excellent nothing was too much trouble for them. A credit to Rachel, Nick and Margret. Thank you, hope to see you again soon!
Laganas was Vile - Miss Bamforth. Date of travel: Sep 2007
The brochure described the hotel as been "2km away from the main strip" All you had to do was come out of the hotel, turn right and there was pub after pub! The resort was dirty and the amount of drunks was appauling!
Lagana is OK - Summer. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Eating is ok, I didn't really like it. Salad is rank, pizza is very greasy, chips are ok and omelettes are nice and chicken is ok! Go to the Med bar, and one next to it beginning with 'V' I cant remember the name! Med bar is definitely the best and it's gorgeous there! Also Cafe del Mar :) The lady is so friendly, she really looked after us there! Nightlife isn't that great. All the same music and the clubs aren't even full up, in a few there's literally about 6 or 7 people in there max. Ignore the REPS advice by the way about booze cruise and the beach party, they spike your drink to get you drunk quicker. None of this advice is fake, it's all the truth.
Loved it - Kelly aka Kenny. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Laganas is for those who want to stay out til sunrise! The night spots come alive at about 2am, before this it is much quieter. Spent most nights in Pink Panthers the Karaoke bar!! Yogi yogi bear! After Pink Panther moved to Cocktails and Dreams and Cherry Bay! All great. Zeros and Rescue also great. We made a night of 1 drink per bar and went in almost all of them! We had a fab time in Laganas. Watch out for Gypsy children, however they can bust a dance move or two! Also watch out for the PRs on bikes selling party nights, not a good idea to go! Security in the clubs and pubs is brutal, do not get in trouble or you will get beaten! Loved Laganas had a fab time and met a fantastic group of friends!
Laganas - 6 Girls from the midlands. Date of travel: Aug 2007
This place is great! It has some really good bars and excellent clubs. There is always entertainment and the staff will do anything to make sure you have a great time!!! Also there is lots of places to eat and/or get a quick snack! There are planty of English places for you fussy eaters too!!!! Everyone around is fun, lively and up for a laugh! I really recommend it! Thanks xxx
Good holiday, but probably wouldn't go there again - Connor. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Laganas had a quality choice of bars n clubs but like someone else said I would have expected it to be busier for peak season. Even one of the PRs said it had gotten quieter. The bouncers and police out there have a bad attitude towards the english. All in all had a great holiday in Laganas but this probably more down to the simple fact I was away with ma mates gettin pissed up, rather than Laganas being that special.
Great holiday for partying - Steven. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Laganas is a great place for young people who want to get drunk every night. The main strip is crammed with what seems like hundreds of bars, clubs and places to eat. The atmosphere is lively with thousands of brits (mainly 18-30's) who have come to party!! Laganas is a place that comes alive at night, so don't expect much in the daytime. There is a slight danger element to laganas that not many people seem to mention... Security and the police hate british young lads, and will not think twice about beating you if you step out of line!! All security carry Kosh's (metal weapons) and the police carry guns at all times!! We heard fighting and gun shots outside our apartment on the 4th night. The roads are unsafe and you fear for your life when taking a taxi trip. Also beware of the gypsy children who try and pick pocket you along the strip. Aside from the negative things ive mentioned, we still had a great time there, and most of the memories are good and not bad.
Laganas - Nikki, Gemmy, Lauren, Kirsty, Cassie, Lousie. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Well, well, well!! Laganas was wicked! Not for people looking to have a quiet one! It's all about the nights! You've gotta start off at G-Spot and end up in cherry bay ! ready to walk home down the beach smashed! Obviously between G-Spot and Cheery Bay you have got to go in all the bars, BooZers, Cocktail & dreams, Wakkabout, Zeros and everywere else that they pull you in!! Recommend that you go on the booze cruise you have to get up at stupid o'clock after a heavy night out on the town, but it's worth it! Free bar banging music stop off, so you can jump off the top of the boats when you all trashed! Also the school night - that must be done! Get your uniform out and be prepard to get punished if you do something wrong! Full of the good old cheesy music, gotta love it!! Loved Zante. Load of us def going back next year!!
There's nothing to do but get drunk in Laganas - Sharon. Date of travel: Jul 2007
The range of products in the shops in Laganas is quite limited. For a better shopping spree there are buses to Zakynthos town or shopping trips available through tour operators for 5. The bars on the beach are fairly quiet and there is a variety of bars on the strip. Relax bar was the best with Bobby the talented cheeky sod of an entertainer who can be very insulting without really offending anyone. He also seemed like a genuinely nice lad. Cocktails and Dreams, also known as Cocktails and ****holes is exactly that. They sell cocktails and it's full of people falling about and behaving badly. We were advised that people have had their drinks spiked in here, so if you must go in buy bottles, watch it being opened and don't put it down. The night life is generally pretty rough, with fighting, broken glass everywhere and pervy blokes preying on girls who have become separated from their friends. If you walk home alone girls you can expect strange (minging) men to pull up and offer you a ride in their car, to get invited for a free drink in a restaurant that's closed for the night, or some old geezer to pull up in his motorbike and side car to look you up and down to see if he wants to take you for a ride. Aparently Kalamaki is much quieter, but without the many bars of Laganas there's even less to do.
Wicked time, shame bout the rep - Jess, Gem, Nikki and Ginge. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Stayed in Laganas July 2007. Had such a wicked time, can't wait to go back next year. 4 gals went, amazing time! Be careful of one of the freestyle thomson reps if you go out though. His name's Leigh and he tries it on with all the gals. He's like a shadow and followed us everywhere. Other than that though had an amazing time!
Awesome place! - The Girlies. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Laganas has LOTS of places to eat, whether you want a nice meal in the evening or a McDonalds at 4am! Plenty of bars to go to for a drink, like Kamikaze and Cocktails and Dreams, then the clubs like Rescues, Zeros, Medousa and Cherry Bay.
Zante is great - Jay, Rob, Lee and Jonny. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Laganas is the place to be. I went here with a group of friends on the 20th June for 2 week and we loved it. We stopped in the Aprodite Hotel, the rooms are basic but we didn't stop in them much anyway as we was out drinkin most of the day and definitely night, Nikos is a great pub to go into to get the drinks flowin, and also recommend Pink Panther. Me and my mates went in there and had a right laugh but then as it got later went into clubs like Zeros, Cherry Bomb, and many more which I can't remember as we were that drunk, the only downfall is little kids on streets sellin things but really they are trying to nick your wallet so be careful. There ar loads of nice places 2 eat like Chavys. We used to go in there all the time for drinks and whatever takes your fancy to eat, all locals are friendly. Zante is a really lively place but I wouldn't recommend it to children. This is definatly one for the teenagers and older people, we loved it and are wanting to go back soon.
Excellent! It's your choice: In or out of the action? - Ian. Date of travel: Jun 2007
A busy holiday resort, near to new Airport, plenty & varied things to do, main beach is good, but busy, especially on a Sunday. Good base if you wish to tour this island. Fantastic selection of tavernas etc to suit all tastes. Be careful when booking as there are TWO Helen Studios on the website, the one you are looking for has only 12 Apartments + a pool - The other studios have NO POOL!
Laganas is wicked - Mel, Fran, Chani, Katie. Date of travel: Jun 2007
4 of us whent to Laganas in June '07, it was brill. The beach is gorgeous, you gotta go for a swim in the clear waters. Plus and Zeros also Cherry bay for a bit of cheese are good to drink in. The Chindian restaurants are good to eat at. On a night when you're out you gotta watch out for all the little kids. They surround you for money selling bracelets and hats some look about 2 or 3 years old it's well sad.
Laganas! - C and K. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Was quite quiet but had many magic pubs, eg The Summertime. We spent most nights there, the staff were very welcoming and had Sky TV. Our rep was absolutely fab, she told us where to go and where not to. Restaurants were great value for money and tasted awesome. Stray dogs followed us about every day, yuk. Beach was lovely and clean.
I Loved Laganas - Lynsey Henshaw. Date of travel: Sep 2006
Laganas is great for everyone, if you want to relax you have the gorgous beach, if you want watersports then it is a short walk to Kalamaki for as much as you can handle, if you are like me and love shopping then you can either get the bus or a taxi to Zante Town where you can shop till you drop. Car hire is also cheap there and exploring the island is easy enough (it is impossible to get lost) and coming from me that is good as i can get lost anywhere. There is so much available I am unable to mention them all, I would recommend going and checking it out for yourselves. If you go on holiday to Laganas I can safely say that you wont be disaapointed.
Laganas is amazing!!! - Jellybean. Date of travel: Aug 2006
The night life in Laganas is the best!!! Rescue, Cherry Bay, and la bamba are theeee best places to go!!! I also went to the island party which was fun although crossing the rickety bridge was scary! lol. Food is pretty much the same everywhere but what annoyed me were all the people that stop you in the street and practically beg you to come inside by offering free shots and 10% discounts! Also watch out for the gypsy kids that ask you to buy glow sticks in the street! Their parents would carry a baby and stop and beg you to buy some, and while your not looking the kids would pick-pocket you! All in all i defo recommend everyone to go to Laganas!!! Oh yeh, try out the water village that's good! Do not, do not, do not go on the boat trip around the the island! It's incredibly boring - basically 8hrs of sea sickness and staring at rocks! A bit of advice though, dont book it with your rep because its a lot cheaper if you book it at the information place along the strip! Some may be dodgy though so watch it! Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Laganas is the best - Aimee. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Cherry bay all the way, hire a quad and drive wherever you want. Nightlife is mint and food is amazing, locals really friendly, and good for shopping, especially if you're self catering.
Laganas - Lee & Kenny. Date of travel: Jul 2006
The resort as a whole was okay, for 2 guys in their 30's looking for some fun, with others was a bit too heavy. The beach was dirty, you had to walk a mile eastwards to find nice golden sands, the beach near the main strip was full of fag butts and used condoms. The eating on the back streets was good -some really genuine nice locals. We forund it was a bit too young for us however a good time was had. Tour Operator: Olympic
The island of dreams - Lucy Sarah and Lauren. Date of travel: Jun 2006
First holiday on ma own with da m8s and wat a time! We had the time of our lives we get there first thing we do is buy sum cheap vodka and fags but of cause da bar crawls the first night would definately recommend that you get to go to every bar and see which ones u like and a free bar 4 2 hours who's complainin!!! Best places wud be G-spot cocktail bar to start the night off bcoz fit barmen and gud r'n'b then Rescues with wicked fire shows and jus a wicked atmosphere, den probably Zeros -girls on the bars dancin 4 free drinks!!! Den movin on to Cherry bay for all the classics wat a laugh in there!!!! Den endin the night inWwaikiki the r'n'b club for a chilled drink and Mad Murphys irish bar definatly!! Ask 4 a baby guiness Baileys and Tiamaira beautiful!!! On the strip watch the scroungin kids heres ma m8 finkin there cute avin pictures taken wit them while der robbin her bracelets lol!!! Dont feel sorry for them theyve got parents w8in in sum car jus down da road!!Der as young as 4 so its easy to feel bad!!! The beach is wickd dnt fall for the baywatch scam tho its terrible!!! Nor the turtle boat, we saw none!!! I cant believe how clean it was considering its a 18-30s area!!! I felt really safe in Zante I even walked back on ma own once. Everyone is so friendly an up 4 it so youre guarenteed a wicked tym!!!! Id definately go back even to live an Id do another club 18-30 there too so ignore da slaters its wicked and we jus cudnt get enuf!!!! Also definately hotel Olympia is da place to stay! Time of your life guarenteed!
Laganas is great - Rachelle. Date of travel: May 2006
If I have an advice to give, dont go to Baywatch parties, its a rip off!!! Zeros is excellent however. Tour Operator: Thomson
Laganas was Brilliant - Faye. Date of travel: May 2006
Zante was fantastic! Best Holiday I have been on and I've been around. Went with 3 mates in May 2006 for 1 week. We were with first choice. They were great and we had a ball the whole time. Bad Boys and Rescues are the best places to go! Zero's too! If you are looking for drinks and all night partying definitely the place to go. If you're looking for a more peaceful time try different part of the Island because this is not for you. Im going Aug 19th '07. Can't wait. It's going to be a ball!! Cheap too! 3 for bottle of vodka!
Zante 2006 - scott. Date of travel: Jul 2005
Went out with 18 lads. We always started our nights out at Pink Panthers which is a karaokee bar. Drink is dirt cheap and the fish bowls are the best ever especially if you get the extra big one which costs 65 Euros but has about 5 bottles of vodka in! A top place to have a sing and to get trollied. The clubs out there were class, many a night would i get in at 7 in the morning when the sun came up. Only disapointment was the food was a bit scabby, no-one out there knows how to cook like the English and Greek food was no where to be seen, so youre stuck with under cooked sausages bacon ect. I'd definitely reccommend getting a quad or a scooter, really good fun and gives you something to do during the day rather than sitting on a beach for 14 days or 7 which ever you choose. Although we had the best holiday ever they have closed some clubs down since summer 2005 for sex scandal but doesnt matter, there's plently more so anyone going have a wicked time. iIknow I did. Tour Operator: Sky tours
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