North-west of Sicily lie the Aeolian islands, an archipelago of about 17 islets, of which only seven are inhabited. The largest of these, Lipari, is fast increasing in popularity as a holiday haven, although being volcanic its beaches have black sand. Lipariís town is filled with tourist facilities, hotels, restaurants and bars, and a quaintmore
Volcanic islands - Alex Dick. Date of travel: Feb 2008
I went on holiday to Lipari with my girlfriend a few years ago, you can get there by boat from Sicily and it's incredibly relaxing once you get there. There's a few charming hotels, the weather is fantastic and you can take a boat to the neighbouring islands for lunch. The sea is unbelievably clear and you do spend hours snorkeling in the warm waters. There are not many beaches to speak of and they have black sand from the volcanic rock. Go to the nearby island of Stromboli, the volcano there erupts every half an hour or so and glows red at night.