Lima has a fun and varied nightlife, and its locals are known to love a good party. Generally speaking, they're very welcoming of foreigners. Miraflores is the best party district, and has some fantastic bars and salsa clubs. Visitors must be well-dressed to gain entrance to most seaside establishments. The capital is easily the most progressive city in an otherwise conservative country. Many of its nightclubs welcome gay and lesbian patrons, especially in Miraflores. Barranco's after-dark spots are also worth visiting, some of which can be found on the coast, near the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs). Bars tend to open at 8pm or 9pm, but many nightclubs and live music venues only open at 10pm or later. Popular spots usually stay open until about 4am. Drinks are generally cheap in Lima, especially if patrons choose local varieties. Casinos are popular in Peru and many of the larger, upmarket hotels have casinos attached. For those who want a more sophisticated cultural experience, Lima has some good ballet, theatre and opera. The wonderful Teatro Municipal is a great option, and the Museo de la Nacion and Teatro Segura offer wonderful cultural experiences too.