Things to do in Canada

Canada has an abundance of things to see and do within its vast borders. After all, few countries are blessed with such a rich endowment of natural beauty and astounding physical attractions. Complementing these are world-class cities such as the west coast gem of Vancouver, the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, and elegant Montreal. Alberta and British Columbia attract the most tourists, and the majority of travellers choose to develop their itineraries around one of the major cities.

Canada is certainly a year-round destination: the warm summer months (June to August) are perfect for sightseeing and overland travel, while the admittedly icy winters (December to February) provide for some incredible skiing and beautiful snow-covered vistas. Visitors to Canada generally choose to focus on one particular region, as there are major distances to travel if you want to see everything. Canada is vast enough to fill a lifetime of holidays.

Canada's attractions are as diverse as the travellers they appeal to. Sporting enthusiasts flock here for the skiing and back-country hiking, while families arrive for the laidback charm and warm welcome of the urban centres.

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