Climate in Chile

The territory of Chile extends from the tropics down almost to Antarctica, and from sea level up to breath-taking altitudes, meaning the country has a wide variety of climate zones. In the north there is hardly any rainfall and conditions are very hot and arid. The climate in central Chile is Mediterranean, with cool, wet winters between April and September. Average annual rainfall increases, and temperatures decrease as travellers move further south. In Santiago average temperatures vary between 68ºF (20ºC) in January, the height of summer, and 46ºF (8ºC) in July, midwinter. In the extreme south the weather is cold and wet most of the year, with snow covering the mountains and the sky cloudy. Because the weather in Chile varies so much there is no ideal time to visit the country as a whole; depending on the desired area and activities, the best time to visit Chile will change. However, in every season the country has something to offer that makes it a year-round travel destination.

San Pedro de Atacama