Climate in Denmark

Despite being situated in northern Europe, the weather in Denmark isn't extreme. However, its maritime location and influence of the Gulf Air Stream can make the climate unstable. Winter weather is usually cold and overcast, with potential snowfall between January and March.

Summers (June to August) are relatively warm and sunny. Average temperatures in Copenhagen range from 27°F (-3°C) in midwinter to 72°F (22°C) in midsummer. Rainy days are common all year round but the wettest months in Denmark are August, September, and October. It is worth noting that it can be wet and windy at any time of year.

There is not a great variation in temperatures between night and day in Denmark. But winter days get far fewer daylight hours than long summer days. Early summer is the best time to visit Denmark. The month of June is particularly lovely because that is when the days are longest and the weather at its most pleasant.