Climate in South Africa

South Africa is a large country and has diverse climactic regions, so travellers should check the climate for the region they'll be visiting. In general the weather is sunny and hot in the summer months (November to February), and fairly mild during winter (June to August). The weather in autumn (March to May) and spring (September to October) is less predictable and more changeable.

The Cape has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters, and hot, dry, sunny summers. The average temperatures in Cape Town in the summer range between 61F (16C) and 79F (26C), and in winter average between 47F (8C) and 64F (18C). Some snow does fall on the mountain ranges during the winter.

Gauteng and the northern regions have a subtropical highland climate with plenty of sunshine during hot summers, when thunderstorms regularly occur in the late afternoon and evening. Winters are dry and sunny with cold nights. Temperatures occasionally drop below freezing at night in the north. The average temperatures in Johannesburg (Gauteng) in the summer range between 58F (15C) and 78F (25C), and in winter range between 39F (4C) and 80F (16C).

The best time to visit South Africa differs hugely depending on region and desired activities but summer is the peak tourist season for coastal regions. Spring and autumn tend to be mild and pleasant seasons for travel.


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