Climate in Scotland

Scotland has a temperate climate, like the rest of the United Kingdom, with extremely changeable weather, and generally the coolest, wettest and cloudiest weather in the UK. Despite this, Scotland is warmer than other places on similar northern latitudes because it is warmed by the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic. January, which is mid-winter, is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging between 31°F (-0.2°C) and 41°F (5°C). July, which is mid-summer, is the warmest month, with temperatures averaging between 49°F (9°C) and 62°F (17°C). Rainfall is plentiful in general but actually varies widely across Scotland, with the western highlands one of the wettest places in Europe, whereas the east of the country is comparatively dry. The wettest months are October through January, but rain is possible at any time of year. Snowfall is also common, especially on higher ground, with parts of the highlands getting up to a hundred snow days per year. The north and west of Scotland tend to be the windiest regions.

The best time to visit Scotland is in the summer months, between June and August, when the country is at its warmest and driest. May is also a pleasant month to visit, as it is the sunniest month.



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