Durban Climate and Weather

Durban has a humid subtropical climate, with very hot, humid summers and mild to warm winters. Rain is frequent during the summer months, but comes in the form of thunderstorms in the afternoons, so the sunny holiday weather is not badly affected. In fact, the storms come as a relief from the humidity and the chain lightening over the ocean is a special sight. Winter temperatures are more comfortable but still warm enough for the beach, as the sea remains pleasantly warm all year.

The average high temperature in summer, between December and February, peaks around 82F (28C), while in winter, between June and August, temperatures rarely drop below 50F (10C) and frost is almost unheard of. Spring and autumn blend gradually into summer and winter and are both pleasant seasons to travel in. The Easter holidays, over April, are a lovely time to visit. The beaches become extremely crowded in the peak summer months and accommodation must be booked far in advance for this period. Durban is essentially a year-round destination and many people prefer to visit in the off-season to avoid the crowds.