Getting Around

A wide variety of transport is available in Goa. Most tourist sights can be accessed by road and there are buses, rental cars, taxis and scooters available for travellers to use. The best (and the most fun) way to get around Goa is to hire a motorcycle, but travellers should be sure to carry the necessary paperwork (licence, registration and insurance) because checks on foreigners are a lucrative source of 'baksheesh' for the Indian police force. Roads and attractions are not well sign-posted, so travellers shouldn't hesitate to ask for directions. Accident and fatality rates on Goan roads have been high in the past, so it pays to be cautious. Local buses stop at the main beaches.

Auto-rickshaws are also a popular transportation option, and are available in town and from the airport, railway station and bus terminus. When taking taxis or rickshaws, visitors should be sure to negotiate a fare before setting out to avoid being overcharged or having an argument. Goa is generally easy to get around and public transport is not expensive. As most visitors choose to stay near or on the beach front, limited transport is needed on a daily basis because restaurants, shops and attractions tend to be in walking distance.


Dabolim Airport

The airport is located 18 miles (about 29km) southwest of Panaji.

Dabolim Airport (GOI)


The airport is located 18 miles (about 29km) southwest of Panaji.

Getting to the city

The airport has a train station 1km from the terminals. The Indian Rail line goes to Margoa, about 45 minutes away, as well as to Vasco da Gama, about 2 miles (4km) from the airport. Public buses leave from just outside the airport terminal; pre-paid taxis are available outside the terminal building.


Local time is GMT +5.5.

Car rental

Travellers who hire a car at the airport should also hire a driver, as local driving conditions can be challenging.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are available outside the arrivals area.

Transfer between terminals

There are two terminals adjacent to each other, which travellers can get between on foot.


Currency exchange services are available, though travellers might find better rates elsewhere. Complimentary luggage trolleys are present throughout the airport and a baggage-wrapping machine is located in international departures. There is a first aid centre, as well as an information desk with details on local tourism and transport options. Shopping and dining choices are very limited.


Parking is available at the airport.