Ljubljana Travel Guide

Ljubljana is the quintessential fusion of old-world charm and modern sophistication, where magnificent Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau architecture speaks to 5,000 years of fascinating history, and a lively cultural scene leaves no doubt that it is in tune with the times. The destination is also one of Europe's most environmentally friendly capitals and was awarded the coveted Green Capital of Europe title in 2016.

A devoted centre of culture, Ljubljana has thousands of art and music events gracing its calendar each year, including the Summer Festival, Jazz Festival, and the Druga Godba Festival, a celebration of world music. Indeed, music is the lifeblood of the city, which boasts one of the oldest established philharmonic orchestras in the world, not to mention some very accomplished street musicians.

Classical culture is not all that's on offer, however. With its large student population, Ljubljana knows how to party and after nightfall, visitors are just as likely to hear the throbbing beat of club music or rock and roll as they are the strains of violins.

Ljubljana is also home to an expanding culinary scene, where all the best of Eastern European cuisine seems to have merged into a of delights, from delicate Viennese-style pastries to hearty Hungarian goulash.