Shanghai Climate and Weather

Shanghai has a humid, subtropical climate with four distinct seasons, and the range in temperature between the hottest part of summer (June to August) and the depths of winter (December to February) is extreme. In summer, temperatures can reach 95F (35C) and the hottest months are July and August, with about 80 percent humidity. Most of Shanghai's rainfall occurs during this period but Shanghai is a rainy city year round, due to its location on an estuary, and it rains for about a third of the year. Despite the heat, and the high chance of rain, summer is still a popular time for tourists to visit Shanghai. In winter, temperatures can drop below zero and conditions tend to be grey and dull, though snowfall rarely occurs. Springtime (March to May) has more moderate conditions than summer and is perhaps the best time to travel to Shanghai, though weather can vary at this time of year. Autumn (September to November) also tends to be moderate, with sunny, dry weather, though the odd typhoon can occur between September and October; typhoons and cyclones can cause considerable damage in the city and it is worth checking for storm warnings before travelling.